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Scheana Marie & Stassi Schroeder’s Feud Explodes On Twitter After Epic VPR Reunion

Friendship ending fight?

Stassi Schroeder and Scheana Marie’s feud took a turn for the worse following the third part of the Vanderpump Rules reunion!

The dra-ma started when Scheana, Ariana Madix, and Lala Kent dissed Stassi on Scheana’s new “digital talk show” Scheananigans; calling her a “bully” among other nasty names.

Stassi, who is traveling in Europe with her VPR co-stars Katie Maloney, Kristen Doute, and Rachael O’Brien, got wind of the nasty insults and took to Twitter to tell her side of the story.

“I put my job in jeopardy to cover for u & protect u for a whole year, yet u use ur first IG live to shit on me. YOU are the bully. @scheana,” Stassi tweeted.

Stassi who is fed up with them labeling her a “bully” quickly began throwing insults back at Scheana, Lala, and Ariana.

“When you don’t have any original thoughts & lack the ability to listen to anyone who isn’t complimenting your contouring. Basic,” Stassi said.

Then Ariana’s brother Jeremy Madix jumped in and defended Scheana, Lala, and his sister which set Stassi off even more.

I’m so OVER Scheana, Lala, and Ariana’s holier than thou routine! Done with it. Scheana wanted nothing more than to be BFF’s with Stassi then she does nothing but bash her. I like Scheana, but I’m sick of her playing the victim and putting the blame on everyone else – take accountability. I’ll take the Weho Witches any day over Lala, Scheana, and Ariana – at least they can be real.

Are you Team Stassi or Team Scheana? Is Scheana and Stassi’s friendship done? Does Scheana always play the victim?

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  • This is cray cray! I think Scheana probably isn’t the nicest person in the world and is very needy and insecure. HOWEVER, let us be really clear, Stassi IS a bully, a mean girl, and a basic biotch. No one who has ever said that has lied. She was a mean girl when we met her and she remains a mean girl. Kristen is insignificant to all things but particularly this show. And, Katie is so boring that they had to marry her off in order for folk to even be interested – smart move by the producers by the way.
    I still don’t get why Stassi even came back. It’s not like the other two weren’t keeping up enough drama without her being there. They definitely held their own in that department. Stassi is a horrible person who shouldn’t even be allowed a social media platform and certainly no a spot on VPR. In fact they can take them all off and leave Ariana for all I care. I’d much rather watch the dudes and let them be “friends of”…..

  • Lara you are delusional if you think being a Nasty Bitch on camera for repeated seasons with no growth, accountability or self awareness is ‘Being Real.’

    Secondly for Stassi to toss Arianna’s brothers domestic violence accusations into the convo which she wasn’t present for because he defended his sister with a simple tweet just confirms what type of Nasty Low Blowing Bully she really is.

    Friends don’t shame, harass or bulldoze others into thinking how they thinking. Anyone over the age of 18 whom still agrees with that type of ideology has a child like mindset.

  • I have to say in this feud, I’m Stassi and jeremy needs to stfu with his mug shot girl beating ass . Why the hell are they using Stassi for ratings so long after season ? Scheana whined about Ariana being up Tom’s ass to then now whines cause they called her out to mistress LaLa and stick up ass Ariana . Scheana , you suck and for love of God people STOP with using bully as go to ! #homewreckersunite!

  • Stassi, Katie and Kristen called repeatedly to try and get LaLa fired from all the jobs she was trying to get. Telling potential employers she was a horrible person and dating a married man. That whole group is disgusting

  • I have nothing positive to say about Stassi. Sheana has been bullied by Stassi. Stassi is jealous of Sheanas new show

  • I am not the biggest fan of Scheana however those three did bully her and others the entire season. They are mean mean mean girls 100%. Scheana unfortunately is the type of person who will mesh to whoever in order to gain friends and those three knew she was vulnerable and totally used that against. This show really needs to be over.

    • At any give time the one who spited her hubby for storyline could have removed her adult ass from whatever situation she now cries about . This is ridiculous at their ages

      • No she couldn’t because she’s contractually obligated to hang out with these people. The three mean girls were clearly looking for problems with everything Scheana did. And now it’s been revealed that they threatened her to expose Shay’s cheating on the show? A new low even for the three chubby she-beasts!

        • I disagree because she didn’t hang with them prior season . They had issue because she’s fence riding , whining, wants to be included but not have fun, hypocrite, and so on and so forth. She’s no victim . She wants it all both ways and goes back and forth among those she whines about them back again to be a so called friend . What she needs , is to grow up. I could give 2 craps about exposing alleged cheating when she used his addiction out of spite!!! I don’t have tolerance for those who act like her either so I don’t blame the cast for not putting up with her

  • I am team mean girls on this one. Sheana has not one authentic bone in her body. She will use whoever to get were she thinks she needs to be. Not a true friend to anyone and was a horrible wife. Just my opinion, of course. Ariana and Brittany need to ditch the rest.

  • The thing is, they had all made up! Fans told Stassi about it and Lala got on Twitter taunting her. It shouldn’t have happened.They complain about the 3 girls but this is the stuff they do that makes S , K and K not like them. Sneaky!

  • Scheana is an opportunist. She saw an opportunity for her to be Katie’s new BFF and a bridesmaid when Katie and Stassi were having problems. Then when Katie and Stassi became friends again and it no longer benefited Scheana, she ran back to Ariana, who she just previously cast aside. She did the same thing with Shay. It didn’t benefit her to have Shay’s sexting scandal with this other woman come out, so she saw an opportunity to air Shay’s dirty laundry instead.

    • I agree, I like Arianna but Scheanna is an opportunist. she wanted to make sure she was a bridesmaid or she wouldn’t get enough screen time. Now when Katie, Stassi, and Kristen are getting backlash for being mean she wants to switch sides so that she is still on the side liked by most of the public. I’m sorry but Scheanna is so fake. Now to find out what she did to Shay is despicable. Katie, Stassi, and Kristen can be mean girls for sure, but Scheanna is no better. She is not a real friend to anyone she is only looking out for herself and her image.

  • LOL! Stassi is hilarious! Love the comeback; give them tips on how to be interesting! Good one!! hahaha!!!

  • Wow – I can’t believe believe anyone would pick the mean girls over the other 3. Stassi has gone out of her way to ruin, belittle and Bully the other 3 with really no explanation.
    And I love how Ariana calls her out on her shit and how stassi cries and says how mean Ariana is – karma is a bitch Stassi.

    • Disagree completely. How did Stassi bully any of them? Everything Stassi said about Lala was hearsay that Scheana started and other than calling Lala typical names like bitch, whore, etc. Stassi never actually did or say anything to or about Lala that wasn’t already put out there. Lala also gave as much as she took when it came to being mean and a bully.

      No one, except maybe Katie, bullied Scheana. Did they talk shit? Yes, but it was far from bullying. The problem they all had with Scheana was how she’s fake, two-faced, and has no backbone. She talks out of both sides of her mouth and always always always plays thenperpetual victim.

      As for Ariana, again, Stassi never did anything to her and Ariana decided to not like her (even though they got along fine in season 2 and even 3) when Stassi was pissed at Scheana for showing her sextape to everyone at Sur. Ariana is so boring and no one cares about her that she literally causes drama with the other girls for the sake of screen time.

      • Katie or Kristen alone weren’t too bad, Stassi in the mix and the mean girl mentality became extreme along with the ganging up on Scheana and Lala. Hell Stassi made it a point to be a total bitch all by herself. She brings the worst out in that group.
        And, you’re right Stassi never did anything to Ariana, but Arian witnessed enough Stassi antics to make an educated decision about not liking her, especially with the way she treated Scheana and others.
        How exactly does Arian cause drama? By the bitches asking her questions and not liking her answers? Or maybe because she is honest about not liking or trusting Stassi.

      • Everything you just said ! Lets not all forget Sandavols latest podcast rant where he made fun of Stassi little brothers speech impairment and saying he would drop kick him off the earth for talking about his girl, Ariana. He even said he was way beyond wiser than Nicolai! Tom and Ariana are two competitive babies who fight over attention! Scheana is a user! I like Stassi, Kristen is okay. I can’t excuse Katies behavior but wasn’t in her place so don’t know why she did the things she did other than wanting her fiance to not let his friends put her down.

      • I agree but I gave to say can any of these 30 year olds act like it? They can’t face the person and confront whatever issue? This labeling everyone bully is reckless . IMO. You can’t cry bully everytime someone isn’t up your ass or shares same view

      • Plus, wasn’t Sheana in on that whole trying to expose James cheating and wrecking his new DJ gig with Kristin? She is no saint.

    • I totally agree Hanky!! Stassi is a mean girl and has always been one. She has acted like a princess since season 1, and acted as though she is better than all her friends and they are lucky to be in her presence! Then she leaves bc she was too good for them, came crawling back bc she realized the show would go on without her, and now she feels comfortable in her roll as mean girl again. Katie and Kristen are the flip floppers without a backbone. K&K loved Scheana when they had no one else, as soon as the mean girl trifecta reunited they dropped Scheana, and Arianna at least keeps it real.