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Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel Will Be “At Each Other’s Throats” This Season on RHONY

Hot in the city?

The dra-ma is heating up between Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel during season 9 of the Real Housewives of New York. As fans will see Bethenny and Ramona will get into such a big argument that things may never be the same again.

“I had the biggest altercation with Bethenny that I ever had with any woman in my life that it was very hard for me to handle,” Ramona revealed to the The Daily Dish. “It was almost; it was like torture. It wasn’t good.”

Bethenny says her drama with Ramona is something she never anticipated.“I get burned worse than I’ve ever been burned this season by one of the women,” she explained to The Daily Dish. “Worse than ever. I got blindsided in a way that I’ve never been [before]. Someone’s true feelings about me come out, and I can’t even believe it.”

Andy Cohen adds that once B and Ramona get into, they have to somehow find their way back from it; hinting that the drama kicks off during episode 3.

“[The season] starts off great, and by episode 3 Bethenny and Ramona are at each other’s throats,” Andy told The Daily Dish. “They splinter apart; they come back together — it’s a roller coaster.”

“Once you’ve opened Pandora’s box, it’s really hard to put things back in,” Bethenny adds. “So this season was extremely surprising.”

Episode 3 of RHONY airs tonight at 9 pm so expect to see some significant Ramona and Bethenny drama. Can’t wait!

I’m so curious about what the drama between B and Ramona could be – whatever it is, it sounds good.

Make sure you join me tonight for RHONY – I’ll be live tweeting as always!

Are you surprised Ramona and B get into it this season? What could the drama between B and Ramona be?

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  • Ramona has an agenda for everything she does, she’s hanging out with Lu and Dorinda only because she wants an invite to the wedding. She knows Dorinda is going , so now she’s going to kiss ass to get an invite, (haha to bad it didn’t work Ramona.) She knows there’s going to be plenty of men and press there and that’s what she lives for .

  • The only reason Ramona could possibly want to hang out with Lu and Dorinda is she was an invite to the wedding . She knows a lot of press and men will be there, her 2 favorite things. Funny when she basically told Bethanny to say she’s gorgeous, I laughed so hard, she’s not gorgeous , she’s ok but her attitude makes her ugly.

  • Each season a victim/fight/ make-up repeat- all HW shows are scripted to a point and we the viewers hate and believe its real- while the actors laugh at the blogs/twit/twat etc- and live great lifestyles for maybe an hour long coverage each season-hell I will bitch slap/yell/cry for those kinda bucks-where do I apply LOL

    • Haha! You are so right! We see this every seas , year in and year out. What else is New? We’re not seeing anything “real” about them, except how far they’ll go for money.

  • For someon who claims to be happy and loving life Ramona is coming across very bitter and evil. She has been instigating things with basically all the HW’s and being extremely rude (more than usual). Something is off with her lately.

    • I honestly think there is something “off” about Ramona. She doesn’t seem to understand social situation in an acceptable manner. She also seems to think that a simply apology should erase whatever evil she perpetrates. There’s probably a name for it, and she has it bad.

    • Ramona pulls a ‘Bethany’ and questions B on the naked video B did years ago. Ramona brings up the affects it could have on Bryn, or something like that. I like Bethany but I don’t like how she can get into everyone’s personal sh*t and calls it ‘keeping it real’ when she keeps so much of her personal stuff off camera, and no one is allowed to bring it up. B is a total hypocrite when it comes to things like that.

      • No, I think with regards to her child, she can’t speak about her or show her on the show. And we all know why.