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Let’s Chat About Part 2 of the RHOBH Reunion!

Last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion was intense and full of over the top drama!

And I’m sure we ALL have a lot to say about all the shenanigans that went down.

Highlights from the reunion include…

Lisa Rinna needing a minute

Kim Richards giving Lisa Rinna a gift #bunnygate

However, let’s not forget…

Erika Girardi telling PK to GTFOH

And Kyle Richards getting snippy with Lisa Vanderpump

So let’s chat about it!

What did you think of part 2 of the RHOBH reunion?

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  • and there she goes…………pretty much knew it was coming. Lisa Rinna loves that dramatic stage move of getting up off the couch & walking away. Rinna…….time for a new move. Producers are going to have to come up with something better than “pantygate”. How boring & only makes Erika G/J look like a mean & angry bitch. Lisa R. & Eileen are beyond boring. Sorry, but I love PK & Dorit.

  • I thought it was strange that Erika waited until the end of filming to tell her husband about “Panty Gate.” I tell my husband little details of my day (like the kind of wine I bought at the store). My husband would have killed me if I waited that long to tell him that I didn’t wear my panties, flashed a married man, and became the whole topic of Season 7 of the RHOBH (by the way, talk about beating a storyline to death). Something tells me that PK is right about her marriage…or perhaps her storyline was non-existent, so they had to create one…

  • The whole thing about Erika I get it. Yes she wears a necklace that says “see you next Tuesday” and revealing cat suits. But those are all things she is in control up. The pantygate issue was not something she was in control or she was aware of. Im sure we have all been there being the butt end of a joke that went on for too long, and putting on a happy face when you wish it would end.

    • Exactly – you get IT. The man was a pig but shame the woman . His wife was an ass who used this as storyline but shame Erika again. Such one sided bullshit . And again for umpteenth time- wearing her entertainment clothes or necklace doesn’t mean she should be humiliated and or shamed . That type of thinking is reckless .

  • This reunion was especially frustrating. Erika claimed all season that she was “over” pantygate and yet here we are at the reunion and she’s still saying how her feelings were hurt. Dorit has apologized numerous times. It’s time for Erika to get over it. Also couldn’t believe the crocodile tears coming from Rinna over the bunny! How ridiculous. As soon as Rinna and Eileen sneaked off to their dressing room the tears stopped. That was all for show to make Rinna try to seem like the victim, when all she did was bully people all season!

  • I was disgusted by all of these ladies for one reason or another but Erika is truly a creep and a low class person. Her behavior was beyond crass and she has only herself to blame for not wearing underwear and wondering why someone might stare if she became exposed. Rinna and Eileen are ridiculous and boring and I am sick to death of both of them. Rinna is so fake and comes across just the way that Kim described her and Eileen… Soap actresses. I doubt that they know the difference between real and acting. The reunion was awful and the way that Erika spoke to PK was terrible. Andy should have put a stop to it.

  • WWHL- was hilarious last night , shade thrown Pump’s way and Brain Dead Kimmy- hilarious-
    gotta feeling Pumpy will be crying over that and Kimmy as well- its a gotta watch LOL

  • While I agree PK’s comments were inappropriate & in poor taste, Erika’s taken this whole “panty-gate” to an insane level. Dorit has apologize profusely. Multiple times. Enough already. It’s not like Dorit & PK ran over Erika’s dog. A little proportion needs to be had. I’ve never seen such a mountain made out of a molehill. This may have been the most boring RH storyline EVER yet it’s dominated the entire season. Erika seems to think she’s entitled to an apology from the Queen. And Eileen & Rinna, bc they’re shoved so far up her backside, will simply parrot whatever Empress Erika says. Frankly I don’t get it. This chick ain’t that interesting.

  • Kim needs to go. She’s a resentful alcoholic who can’t take responsibility for her behavior. I don’t like Dorit but I’m willing to put up with her as long as Vanderpump goes.


  • Erika has become tiresome and plays the victim card constantly. Wear underwear or at least close your legs. Problem solved. Lisa Rina and Eileen just wanted screen time. SO Kim gave the bunny, wrapped in LOUD cellophane, back. So what? Toss it behind the couch. QUIT crying! Dorit and PK came across well. Good for them.

  • I’m sure I’ll make enemies but I personally thought what Kim did was priceless. Rinna deserves every bit of dirt that gets thrown in her lying, crying, denying face – good one Kim. I wouldn’t let my Grandchild touch anything from this twisted whitch and
    that gift was not from the heart people, that was to make herself look
    good and some fell for it just like some fell for her crocodile tears
    but nope not me. We all must remember she was an actress and those BS
    tears can come in the drop of a hat. She hits so low below the belt it’s incredible, from bringing up Kim’s arrest to Dorit’s coke party just makes her the most disgusting housewife of all time. She has absolutely no story line of her own and tries her very best to keep her secrets and most likely not so great marriage hidden, all she does is take people down Season after Season. First Kim, then Yolanda, then LVP and now Dorit and Kim again. Eileen just sits there like drying paint and boring as hell, she calls others out but lets Rinna get away with murder and now her head and Rinna have their heads so far up Erika’s ass they don’t have a thought of their own. All Rinna did was fight Erika’s battle for her which is odd seems that Erika tries to be such a hard ass. Erika you need to move on from panty gate, you brought it on yourself. You are so shocked and bewildered by this but yet you slither your snatch all over a stage, wear a necklace that say’s C_-_-y on it which is disgusting but God forbid if someone takes a peak at your hooha, yeah OK honey, you asked for it and because of your alternative lifestyle choices you really don’t warrant the respect you are so begging for. This entire Reunion so far is ridiculous and Andy needs to start calling out Rinna allot more than he does. I actually like PK and I Love Dorit, and for Eileen and Rinna to think for a second that their Husbands wouldn’t sneak a peek they are delusional at best, a man is a man is a man so stop acting like your man is perfect and would never look. Erika was downright nasty to PK and Dorit and yes they shouldn’t have joked about it but he never called her a Whore so why does she keep saying that he said she is (did I miss it?). Anyway this is how I feel about it right now, maybe next week will change my mind but Rinna, Eileen and Erika are MEAN girls, Bullies and down right nasty people. One last thing, does anyone else notice how jealous Rinna gets about how much money the other Women have? I just observe her face when she hears and sees what some of the others have, just an observation.

    • I have to agree with you. As a parent of an addicted child I have watched people (family members wanting to know the “dirt” so they can spread gossip. None of us know addiction who have been through it. To use someone else’s addiction to further your storyline is repulsive. Kyle was right to be excited when Kim took her life back. Lisa has no story without someone else’s pain. I am on Kyle’s shoes. Lisa…Classless.

  • PK should have never been included , point blank . He makes Dorit really look like she’s in a whole new level of Twitdom. He is a pig , no excuse . He doesn’t really work and neither does she hell -she doesn’t even stay with her kids !
    Eden wasn’t bad. Kim looked totally nuts with sayd bunny and faces as did Kyle chewing her friggan fingers . Chuckled when Kyle broke away from Pump’s script lol!
    Fauxrito can go with her nasty hubs.
    I felt Erika’s tension but understood it. Lippy needs to just cut to chase with owning and getting point out . Eileen – I hope she finally blows her top lol . I feel it coming

    • @Mich- do you not think maybe the Bunny was seen / heard (wrapper) when Kim and the rest came in to sit down- I think we are seeing so much scripted stuff-
      I hope Kim doesn’t do her Community Service and finally has to pay for her actions- then maybe then she will truly get it- she is a washed up old woman hawking her childhood success and her drunken behavior for a pay check- Erika was stone cold- but I don’t blame her one bit- and as far as Tom- not their business cause Tom doesn’t insert himself in the Pussy Biz as it should be- Most Real Men aren’t interested in this women hoopla -JMO

      • I’m so disappointed that she makes me annoyed now , that Kimmy poo ! Yeah the bunny thing was weird ( and loony) like, it just sat behind couch way before Kim appeared or she put it there with everyone watching ? And I’m sure Kyle and Pump already knew that was going to happen . Kyle sure was chomping down on her fingers which was dirty and germy lol. And honey so right -MOST MEN….I cringe that people even think he is right in his behavior .

        • Yeah, forget the women…where do they find these men? Mario, Simon (not Barney, the whackadoodle Simon from NYC), Gorga, Peter, Ken, Drs. Paul & Terry, hell, even Mauricio getting into it with Brandi and a small slice of Tom Girardi last year. When are these men gonna make like Harry Hamlin (and Vinnie, TBH) and stay far, far away from the fray?

          • They are men that want to be women , that have nothing to do but sniff up womens Azz’s – go work-go build something-mow the yard -but up the ladys skirts is silly– I wish they read these blogs- JMO -LOL

          • As long as they are getting attention and publicity , who knows? It’s really low and makes the show worse .

        • @Mich- its the same with the panty BS- Pumpy was in on that also- I still wish when Pumpy put her hand on Erika- that Erika would have slapped her hand away so/ fast/hard that Pumpy would learn Personal Space- The Bunny was a set up Period- Karma bit Kimmy in court yesterday – Oh No that may mean an excuse to Drink/Drug- I know addiction is an illness, but with her resources she has no more excuses-they have run out-she is a self indulgent Twit living in Witch Mountain- JMO LOL

          • Awww! . She would have had her stans attack Erika even though defending self! It’s how it goes for some loons; idol does wrong but go after one on receiving end . Such is life with a Bravo show…

    • I don’t feel PK should have been included, the other husbands haven’t been on the show (as far as I know, this is only the second season I’ve been watching.
      He’s pretty pathetic.

  • Wow, last night was interesting to see everyone fighting for face time. LR being the worst. (As usual )
    EJG acted like a victim. Some needs to let her know if you put it out there, you have to “Owen It”
    Gee, I wear a necklace saying “C**t”, show the world my private parts and put music out that says “Pat the Pus ” and then I get upset when others make some crude remarks about my lady parts makes no sense at all.
    Kim was wrong to do the bunnygate thing at the reunion and this was not in the best interest of her sobriety.
    LR could not keep out of EJG business. Things may have gotten resolved if she would have not keep butting into what did not concern her.
    Although I really do not trust ED, she was more of the voice of reason this year.
    I do think DK earned her seat there this year. I am still in awe of how she handled Hong Kong.
    I may not care for PK’s mannerisms. I do appreciate the way he stood up for his wife.
    Fairly sure that Eden will not be back. I wish they could get Carney Wilson to come on board.
    I was a little uncomfortable with the way Kyle looked while they were all interacting. It was almost like Kyle and ED were observes and not apart of what was going on.

  • OT – The Dirty has an article about Heather McClean (sp) and her discussing how surprised she was when Theresa stopped emailing her while at camp. I hope they can clear it up and become friends again.

  • Dorit and PK took the panty thing too far. A super bad joke. And they might have had bad intentions. But Erika went WAAAAAY over the top with her reaction. Both parties seem at fault. Let. It. Go. Seriously. Cannot endure any more talk. Wear panties. Don’t wear panties. Flash your ladybits. Don’t flash your ladybits. I just don’t care.

    As for Rinna and Eileen, I’m sure people here will destroy me, but I like them. They are quite flawed. Eileen seems like a very regular person who can’t let things go, and Rinna has a real diarrhea of the mouth problem. But, to me, Kim is way worse. Who cares if Kim doesn’t want your bunny? Move on. Go back to being the silly drunk ladies at the party.

    The real snoozes of the season for me were Vanderpump and Kyle. They did essentially nothing other than flash their wealth (which is fun), show up, kissy kissy, say nothing. Then they make these stupid comments in their interviews, and no one calls them out on them. They really need to be replaced. Vanderpump is clearly over it, and has gamed the system. And Kyle is so calculating at this point that she knows how to get away with anything. She could run a cast member over while high on crack and figure out how to make it seem harmless. And people would buy it.

    The show is fun, but needs more fresh blood.

    • I agree with you about Erika. I think Dorit thought the panties were a joke, but her and PK went too far with it in their private conversations even if just joking. Then PK said some bad things about Erika in the heat of the moment because he was sticking up for his wife. However PK was very calm and apologized for it all at the reunion and so did Dorit. I used to like Erika but I think she just got too big for her own good and being a fan favorite went to her head. Let it go already, they both apologized profusely and she wouldn’ t have any of it. I think she wished they wouldn’t have apologized so that she could have continued to play the poor me victim card. I get why she was mad but after they gave what seemed like sincere apologies she should have stopped attacking them.

    • I agree with you. Dorky and PK took it too far. Erika couldn’t let it go. I also like Eileen and Rinna. I think Dorito is pretty an for entertaining, but PK needs to go. I could lose LVP and Eden. And the bunny stunt Kim pulled was nasty, especially since she did it right after she and Rinna kind of made up. It was clear she had that planned and did it even though the timing was awful. I’ve always supported Kim, but I think that showed her real character. She wants back FT next year and that was her pitch.

    • Good observations. Eileen and her “finger quotes” – tiresome. Lisa Rinna thinking that she has something important to say. Accuses Dorit of “not listening”, but kept interrupting PK with her constant talking. Soapy & Sudsy need to be replaced along with Erika. Time for new “fresh” faces.

  • Erika and LR and Yawnleen – clear losers in this reunion. they brought nothing to RHBH – just “you did too” crap. Interesting as hell that Yawnleen was all for demanding answers from someone else’s hubby, yet mention her whoredom she goes batshit crazy. This was a hilarious contribution, all three bitches trying the “victim” card..losers..again!

    This is what I said about an hour ago (copy/paste)

    Dorit and PK will def. be asked back – they were honest and stuck to the “subject” of Showgirls bare ass – even though Yawnleen and LR kept jumping in to get the heat off of Showgirl!

    Honest will always conquer – I LMAO when Andy made a joke about her bare ass as well, and Showgirls knee pads showed up immediately, cuz, she could have pouted and had another tantrum, maybe she will – 4 months from today!

    Glad Andy confirmed twice with Showgirl “is it over with” and “it’s over for sure?” ha ha ha what is Showgirl gonna do next season..these storylines never worked

    – I’m a gold digger
    – I’m a Kunt
    – I’m a whore
    – bare ass
    – 10 million yards of #glamsquad as her fluffer
    – Erikzilla loses on #DWTS and slams judges after
    – abandon’s 3 year old son for camera
    – slithering all over and disrespecting the police force, what’s next – the army uniform? she’s
    the type to consider it
    – “acting” vulnerable – even when her own mom calls her a climber

    what’s left?