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Eden Sassoon Says Kim Richards Was “Mean and Calculated” at the RHOBH Reunion; Claims Kim Wanted To Hurt Lisa Rinna!

Calculated move?

Eden Sassoon sees right through Kim Richards motives and calling her out for bringing the bunny to the reunion.

#Bunnygate turned into a hot topic at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion which shocked everyone.

Following the reunion, Eden took to her Bravo blog and took Kim to task for her “mean and calculated” actions.

Adding that Kim wanted to hurt Lisa Rinna during the reunion.

Find out what else Eden had to say below!

I’m finally on the couch, guys! It was definitely a stressful situation, getting ready for the reunion. I was a little nervous and anxious to talk to the women about the season, because after you have to re-watch what happened in your life for months—some things that hurt me very much—I knew it was going to be hard to explain that to these women. #Anxious

Of course the way I am introduced is by my love of awkwardly long hugs and love in the form of a male suitor I have never met before, LOL. I am not oblivious. I realize when you put it like that I sound weird hahaha, BUT I am just nice and love human connection. We are all connected, and I guess I just put more emphasis on that in my life than the other women. #HugsNotDrugs

Andy starts off by asking me why I was saying Kyle was being mean to me on Twitter. When I was watching the episodes back, I did feel Kyle was being mean to me. Every other confessional was about me being annoying as f— or weird or that I needed therapy. That is really hard to watch. You don’t have to like me, but you don’t have to be rude every week. OR just tell me you’re feeling that way, and I will tell you more about myself to help you understand where I am coming from! #LetsTalkThisOut

I did think Kyle was being cold to me at Game Night, but maybe I just misread us not communicating much that night (because we didn’t know each other) as her being cold. I also tried to help Kim and Rinna actually hear each other when they started to fight, and I was genuinely trying to help Kim be heard, and I think I may have expected Kyle to appreciate that more than she did. I mean god, Kim said I was attacking her in that moment, which is a flat out lie… so I think we all have some communication issues to work on.

I truly do think Kim is in the wrong when she places all of her anger on me for repeating to Vanderpump what Rinna said. RINNA ALREADY SAID IT ON CAMERA! I had no one in this group who would listen to me beside Vanderpump and Rinna, and I wasn’t going to talk to Rinna who was constantly using me to create drama. #ThisIsntMyfault


I think it was calculated and mean, and she wanted to hurt Rinna by doing that on TV. Honestly, Kyle’s reaction said it all. Kyle was #Mortified Kim just did that. The whole thing was weird.

We will all have to wait until next week to see what happens… God this is exhausting, I need a #Nap.

 I have to agree –  I thought Kim bringing that bunny was definitely calculated. I didn’t actually see the point in bringing the bunny to the reunion. It was just so weird.  

Thoughts on Eden’s blog? Do you think Kim was trying to hurt Lisa? Was Kim being “mean and calculated” at the reunion? Was Kyle cold or mean to Eden?

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  • michers

    Yes she was being mean and calculated and showing she is no better then others who have initially done wrong . IMO, this was worst , bitchiest and most hypocritical Kim I have seen since season 1 . I feel like Eden actually did alright last night . Nutter Butter or not, she was dead on about Kimmy . Or as others used to say , Dim Kim…

  • donna

    Girl, leave Kim alone!

  • Lea

    “The Bunny” might be one of the weirdest reunion moments ever. So, it was behind the couch the whole time? Kyle was weirded out for sure, editors kept going to her biting her pinky. The hour was too much of Kim, I get she needed to say her piece. But she wasn’t full-time. And too much of PK. It was a hard hour to sit through. The long hug stuff was hilarious, I loved Kyle impersonating Eden on that.

    • DindiSue

      I just have to ask where have all the men gone- I am sick of the men inserting themselves in HW business- They so wanna have a pussy -go get a sex change- pansy Azz’s The Bunny was BS- I would have stuck the bunny up Drunk/Druggie’s Azz-shame is she would have enjoyed it- I thought same way to much Kim and her dead eyes Kim needs to go and hawk her soul some where else for a buck- Rinna is no angel , but Kim is lucky to have a brain cell left- JMO

      • michers

        Preach it

      • Lea

        “I would have stuck the bunny up Drunk/Druggie’s Azz” LOL!!! Now that would have been some truly golden TV to watch, Andy would have loved it too 😉

    • michers

      Some say good for giving back – YES if it was a year ago when given to her . Damn , that’s crazy to hold so long after the fact!!! I would agree to what they are saying above had it not been psycho strategy . She’s on Pump grudge level now lol. Yay , go Kim… EYEROLL

      • Lea

        Yes, yes, that is a good comparison, she is at Pump’s grudge level and that is a very negative thing to say about someone. ha Kim kinda went to that level with Brandi too, glad she got over it.

  • samael

    hey shipp and everyone else!!

    they will put up another post so we can blab about the reunion – in about 20 min!

    • Shipp

      YAY!!! Thanks Sammy. I’ll be back………..

      • samael

        me too bud!!

  • September24

    Team Kim! She hates confrontation but finally stood up for herself.

  • DindiSue

    Kim is a drunk/druggie- her eyes show it all- Eden is a bit odd- but Kim is a hollow soulless person- I hope she stays sober but I don’t buy it- and her sister and Pump are the ones that made her drunk/druggie behavior a topic- over and over . Till now and its all love – JMO

    • michers

      I always tried to be pite in re to her over the seasons but now she done annoyed me . I didn’tsee back then what others here judged her harshly for , that I am now . I think this is her worst attitude that I have seen . She , to me, is not conducting herself as sober -forgiving -changed -positive -vibe -person .

  • Jeanie

    Eden why should Kim not hurt Rinna??? Get out of Rinnas behind, and think for yourself for a change! In fact Kim should not have gone after Rinna to the back room as it was all Rinna drama! Ugly lips needs to be put in her skinny ass place! Does Eden not see how much Rinna hurt Kim with her loose talk and repeated deflection instead of apologizing? Kim is made to look bad on the show as she had issues with alcohol and substance abuse! She is doing so well! Why is no one beaming her up!? Glad she was called to the show as the whole season was about her!! Eden grow up as you are a puppy dog on Rinnas leash! Do you both bed together or smoke pot together!? What is Rinnas hold on you Eden??

  • Shipp

    Of course Kim was “mean and calculated at the reunion”. And why not? Skinny Rinny deserved to get her bony ass dragged. She used Kim this season AGAIN, for a story line. Boo hoo, a tear fell for the camera Skinny was tracking. Then of course got up and walk out..minion Dulleen in tow. Oh the drama, LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME I’M SO HURT, from that lying sack of crap. Eh. I hope Bones gets pounded some more at next weeks reunion. She’s got a BIG MOUTH and LYING LIPS, and needs to STFU.


    • samael

      completely shipp!

      and lying lips never walked off – until kim said – honestly “she (lr) should feel bad for a minute – cuz she hurt me”

      which is true, after the bunny LR decides to lie about KimR’s sobriety. LR should thank her lucky lips that KimR
      didn’t go hard on LR. Kim could easily have said

      – you never had anything to do with me since last reunion
      – which of your friends is lying to you about me being “sometimes sober”
      – why do you believe that Kyle and I are unfixable
      – here’s the dictionary, acquaint yourself with the actual def. of enabler
      – when you are a grandma you will understand how protective a grandma is to
      the innocent grandchild.

      but all Kim said was ‘you hurt me’

      Did KimR demand ( in Eileen davidsons screech) an apology? nope

    • HelenWheels68

      As horrifying as it is to look at, I have to say the above pic absolutely captures the essence of that shrike! Great find!

    • Sadie

      Absolutely correct Shipp, Kim had every right to do what she did because that Bunny was a freaking joke from the start. Rinna had no good intentions or gives a rats ass about that baby. It’s all for show and trying to make herself look like she has a heart. The crying to me was hilarious, I said to my Husband “don’t forget she’s USED TO BE and actress” those tears can come and go in seconds flat. It was an even bigger joke to see her soldier Boreleen follow her out and go on and on about how mean it was of Kim. Oh OK Boreleen did you suddenly forget all the shit your backstabbing loser friend said about Kim all Season, OMG these two really need to go. One is the devil while the other is the definition of an enabler by letting Rinna consistently do what she does and let’s her get away with it over and over. Kyle is no enabler but Boreleen sure as hell is and so is Erika, the three of them deserve each other and need to leave the show. I can’t believe People Magazine just named Boreleen One of America’s most beautiful people. She’s pretty but damn she isn’t all that, they must be running out of people to nominate. Unless it was really a pole for America’s top ten most boring people, now that I could see. Anyway Rinna is scum and BTW you all know how she preaches how she gives “0” effs about what we think of her, well that’s BS because she blocked me on instagram when I told her she could have single handedly destroyed an Family with her coke accusation if CPS got involved,so I guess she does care now doesn’t she, truth hurts Rinna truth hurts!!

    • Sheba

      I think she was embarrassed. She had her butt handed to her by Kim. Kim looked silly too but it was great because Rinna deserved it. She also cried in Mexico when caught lying. In Hong Kong she was even worse and never felt embarrassed. Same thing as Erika. I would have been so humiliated to have myself filmed acting like that.Where they drinking whiskey? Neither could remember half of what was said the next day and both seemed like mean drunk u agree with just to keep them calm till they pass out. Eden came on after watching Eileen n Rinna use Kim for a storyline and tagged in. She should have known better and given Kim and Kyle a fair start. She was so pushy and invasive. Asking questions you would only ask if someone was telling their story openly to u. Eden is different. Maybe we didn’t see enough of her home life to get to understand and like her. I wonder if we will next season?

    • anne0

      omg that pic! lololol. Rinna’s walk off followed by Eilleen was a well rehearsed soap scene.

  • Vita40

    I personally didn’t feel the bunny thing was that awkward. I belive in good energy as well. I wouldn’t want that bunny near my hchild or grandchild, or even in my home. However, I would’ve just threw it away. But, this IS reality tv afterall, and a statement needed to be made, and it was.

    • Shipp

      Agree Vita, ‘cept I wouldn’t have thrown it away. I’d have done just what Kim did. Hand deliver that bunny right back to the bunny boiler.

    • Jeanie

      Amen to that!

    • HelenWheels68

      I love it when I’m not the only one who gets it.

    • Bonnie Akers

      Kim must not have been that upset about the bunny’s “bad energy.” She hung on to it for eight months.

      • michers

        Exactly- I dont care if it’s against Rinna- that’s weird , out of line and shows she’s not a healed woman

  • samael

    ha ha ha..Sassloon, never stop hugging, and shame on you for not acknowledging your disgusting behavior

    – AA rules – it is your story to tell so it may help – not “heal” people
    – AA rules – it is your story to tel – you told Kim’s story by blabbing about
    your sister’s “start” of addiction
    – AA rules – it is your story to tell – what the hell is your story? you
    told Kim’s story and your sister’s story
    – you gossiped about another sober person, what if your disgusting behavior created
    a trigger for KimR

    – demanding to know the history of the Richards – F-you! none of your business
    you are not a therapyst and a therapyst would never demand info – they would ask KimR

    – Kyle knows to protect herself – you met 5 minutes and judged her as cold..cuz she
    didn’t kiss your ass?

    Sassloon deserved every word headed her way by both Kyle and KimR – using KimR
    as a storyline sucks shit for you…now I know what type of “sober” you are.

    • Shipp

      Sammy, I actually think that Sassoon Buffoon actually has a screw loose…several.


      • samael

        Hey Shipp

        at this point- due to the healer not sharing her “sober” story – we don’t even know what she experienced
        and what she overcame,which sux. She is an odd duck for sure, I really think she presumed that the
        cast of RHBH would nuzzle her butt the second she arrived – as apparently her world of sycophants
        usually do.

        She sure doesn’t like being caught trying to hide her “kyle hate”..she is nuts and a coward..hopefully
        this fizz will tend to her own healing and never return to RHBH

    • Shipp

      Sammy, I’m really surprised this site has only one new Beverly Hills blog. I’m posting on yesterdays blog about PK and Dorit about the reunion.

      • Shipp

        to add..has only one new Beverly Hills blog, and nothing more on the reunion.

        • samael

          Actually, I was thinking of this last night, while watching #RHBH – this site stopped “reviewing” the episode, so we could all post.

          • Shipp

            Sammy, I’m very disappointed. I think most of us waited all season to vent our feelings about/after the reunion interactions. I’m going to post about it anyway.

            Is it Off Topic to post anything about Beverly Hills, besides Buffoon? I think not.

            • samael

              especially this reunion, Liarlips has alot to answer for – and precious that she decides “I don’t have to answer for this”…yeah, I wish we had even a blank story so we could post about it.

    • Sadie

      OMG you are sooooo right!!!! You DO NOT talk about someone elses story when working the program. And yes Samuel great point, what exactly is Eden’s story, she never really told us anything specific about her past at all. Funny how one can get in someone elses business but they never talk about their own destructive past. As for the hugging I would have a fit if she did that to me, I don’t like to be touched by strangers as it is so for her to hug as long as she does it would drive me insane. I also find it EXTREMELY weird that she does that in the first place. Eden also doesn’t seem to be all there if you ask me, there’s just something almost creepy about her but I can’t put my finger on it. I wonder if she’ll be back next Season, she really didn’t bring much to the table.

      • samael

        thanks Sadie

        Yeah, at times I questioned Eden’s weird talking and her eyeballs were all red…sux..really hope she doesn’t return next season.

      • michers

        Did we ever find out if Kim entered a program?



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