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Kim Richards Has A Savage and Awkward Exchange With Lisa Rinna During Part 2 Of The RHOBH Reunion!

A moment 11 years in the making…

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may have just delivered the most awkward and savage reunion exchange ever.

In part two of the RHOBH season 7 reunion, Kim Richards joins the drama to address her continued beef with Lisa Rinna and newbie Eden Sassoon.

You might remember that Lisa and Kim’s drama this season began when Rinna said she feared Kim was near death then claimed she forgot that the conversation ever happened. In the end, Rinna’s comments got back to Kim and her sister Kyle Richards causing the drama between the three to explode.

When Kim arrives at the reunion – she’s not alone and has brought the stuffed bunny Rinna gave her for her newborn grandson.

“I brought the bunny,” Kim reveals, “because I never gave it to my grandson. Cause it didn’t feel like it had good energy.”

The moment shocks the entire RHOBH cast and looks on everybody’s faces says it all.

“I’m sorry,” Kim tells a teary-eyed Lisa. “So, I think what I should do is give it to you, and when you are in a better place, maybe you can give it back to me because right now I don’t feel like it was given to me with the right energy.”

Throughout the exchange, Kyle nervously bites her nails as Rinna is stunned by Kim’s words.

Eden then interjects asking Kim, “Would you like one of my crystals? Maybe it’ll help heal you?”

“Nope, I’m healed,” Kim quickly shoots back. “I’m good,” Kim adds as the behind the scenes crew bursts out in laughter.

Kim’s actions obviously have hurt Rinna as a tear falls from her face.

“You don’t have to cry over it,” Kim tells Rinna.

Then Lisa Vanderpump chimes in to try and show everyone the hope and positivity in Kim’s words. Kim admits she could have regifted the bunny but instead gave it back to Rinna.

“Rinna, she’s still saying there’s hope for the future between the two of you,” LVP explains.

However, Eileen Davidson sees it differently telling LVP, “What do you think returning the bunny at the reunion means? Send it in the mail.”

To wrap up, reunion host Andy Cohen asks a crying and hurt Rinna what she thinks of this.

Watch the clip below to see the drama unfold and find out what Rinna has to say!

I’m calling one of the season 8 storylines now – Kim and Rinna reconcile, and Rinna gives Kim back the bunny. Kim, Rinna, and Eden’s showdown at the reunion will be epic especially considering all they have to hash out.

Thoughts on the reunion preview? Can you believe Kim gave Rinna back the bunny? Do you think Kim and Rinna will reconcile eventually? Did Rinna’s bunny gift have bad intentions/energy attached to it? Why do you think Eden feels Kim isn’t healed?

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  • While I think Lisa Rinna is a twit , I’ve always found Kim Richards to have a cruel streak . She is a mean girl- sober or drunk

  • Hallelujah!! I think I finally have come to the point where I just am done with ALL the housewives shows. It has been building up and the bunny swap just took me over the top. Why Andy Cohen still pushes Kim Richards on the viewers is beyond me. The shows are all boring and manufactured drama and fighting. Good to see money really doesnt buy you class and sad to see people so desperate for fame and money to appear on these “un”scripted shows.

    • I totally agree. I’m sick of these story lines, I actually had to fast forward most of this reunion. The panty gate is so over the top. I like Erica a lot but she has got to lighten up. And then this bunny crap, I literally was pissed they built up that moment like it was something and it was over a bunny. It was awkward and pointless. This season was odd, the chick Eden who was so desperate for everyone’s friendship was so weird, the ongoing/never ending fight between Erica and Dorit, the off the wall accusations LR threw out…weird.

  • Kim, as usual, is disgusting. Seriously? Getting petty and juvenile over a gift for her grandson? If it had such ‘bad energy’, why did she accept it? Kim got what she deserved at game night after she stuck her nose into business that had nothing to do w/her for the SOLE PURPOSE of attacking Rinna. Then, when Rinna comes back at her, Kim clutches her pearls and plays the victim. Now, she turns around and mocks Rinna’s tears? Pick a lane, Kim. Either you’re in a good place and all about good energy, or you’re a nasty infantile mean girl snickering at someone’s tears. Can’t be both.

  • Kim–what a jerky thing to do. She is mean, spoiled and rude. Takes no responsibility for her actions. Perhaps damaged to do anything constructive with her life.

  • This is so sad that Kim has to resort to re-hashing drama that was buried with Lisa V and bringing a stuffed animal to the reunion just to try and get back on the show full-time.

  • Good for Kim! It’s time someone shut Rinna up once and for all. And I’m not buying those fake tears for one second! End scene for the actress!

  • I don’t know who is more pathetic, Kim for her nasty and vindictive move or Vanderpump for trying to use the moment to keep her vendetta against Rinna going. Both women are past their expiration date and should be expelled from the show.

  • This is a douchey move on Kim’s part ! And it’s a manipulative stunt
    I don’t know which step she’s on but I’m sure ‘vindictive bitch’ isn’t one of the of the steps

    Throw in the trash and move on !

  • Of course Kim returned the bunny. Kim’s not a fake, disingenuous person like Rinna. I feel no sympathy for Rinna at this point. Her tears don’t faze me in the least. She’s made her bed. Kim absolutely nailed it in the finale. Rinna has gone after EVERYONE: Kim, Brandi, LVP, Eden…..When it’s this many people, the blame can’t be put on the other lady. It has to be placed on Rinna. She has an established behavioral pattern.

    I’m glad Kim has the courage of her convictions to continue to call out Rinna on her fake behavior. Someone needs to since Eileen only enables it.

  • Kim is just trying to grab attention and be mean herself. Kim wants to be back on real housewives for she nothing else going on in her life except her grandchild. Kim’s not even a wife she is washed up and has nothing going for her, except drama she creates to get people’s attention in hopes bravo asks her to come back. You would think Kim’s grandchild would soften her heart and want to move forward in life. It’s a stupid bunny and she brings it to the show? Kim talks about positive energy, well what she just did is negative energy, so whatever Kim. Yes Lisa Rinna has done her fair share of being mean but it was provoked by Kim and her disease, so Kim needs to step up and take her responsibility for it as well. When they had the party at kyles house with Carnie Wilson she put everything in perspective and at that time Kim made peace with rinna. Or was Kim acting there in front of Carnie? How many times does Rinna have to say sorry and own it, before Kim let’s it go?! Bravo, I love this show and it’s the only one I watch, if you keep bringing Kim Richards back I am done with this show. Kim Richards has no business being on there she isn’t married or a housewife, and has no money to speak of, please quite bringing Kim back! Quit giving her air time! Let Kim go and be with her precious grandson.

  • Kim should have handed LisaV a Thank You card for the graduation gift while she was at it! hahaha!!!

  • Lisa Rinna can shed all the tears she wants, I don’t feel bad for her. I think Kim did well returning that gift. She was threatened and mockef at by Lisa Rinna. By Eileen aa well. Kyle more than likely knew her sister was going to do that.
    She’s another drams queen who likes to act like she is a saint.
    Eden is jealous of Kim, Eden is probably still on drugs. Lias Rinna definitely is.
    They both are deflecting. They are horrible people.

    • Renna and Eileen have been so horrible to Kim I can’t feel sorry for them no matter what. Eileen had Dorits drive many miles to have a talk with her instead of meeting her someplace half way. Then no one could figure out what she was talking about.Dorjt said it in a way that you could understand. Renna and Eileen have egos over the top.

      • Let’s face facts : 90% of cast over the years has been dismissive and rude to and about Kim to include her sister along with high % of commenters . Now because peeps feel some type of way about soapy and sudsy , some of you try to act brand new about same old crap . Crazy Lips was the one to bluntly and directly give it to Kim on silver platter . Kim now has some kind of revenge granny balls but only to Lippy. Friggan weird !

            • yup, LR will feel like the slag she is – should it ever happen, the “falling off the wagon”..I will clearly blame her – she attacked and lied and challenged Kim to stay sober! If LR is determined to be hate filled to KimR she is going about it in the correct manner, attacking sobriety compels one to believe LR is a POS! How much can she hate LR to know that her lie’s could create a “trigger” for Kim..wow

              Happy easter bud!

              • You can’t really blame anyone one for someone falling off the wagon. In reality Rinna is a very very small part of Kim’s life. Kim was only filmed a couple of times and the rest of her life goes on without Rinna anywhere near her. Returning the bunny was meant for effect and all it really did was make Kim look pathetic.

                • Exactly@ just , and if we are playing blame game then look no further then season one sister ( which I thought Kim had herself to blame ? ) Sheesh …

          • Hey Sam! Not sure what is meant by castrating? Lippy should have said ” in her opinion” because repeating what Kyle has said only gets her in trouble . There is no clear winner between Kim and Lippy . I used to have hope for Kim and I have defended Kim for seasons and tried to be positive about her ; this bunny thing only shows she hasn’t changed for the better or matured, at 50 something years old . I also don’t feel too much of a certain way about Lippy as much as I do about the rest of cast and Kyle using Kim for several seasons ; that door was opened years back and she simply walked through it .

  • Sorry, Kim is wrong. If she wants to maintain her sobriety she needs to look at her part, pray for LR and live her life in the sunlight of the spirit.
    She is still trying to have everyone see what a bad person LR is and she really would do so much better to just recognize how sick LR is and let go of this resentment before it eats up her sobriety.
    RHOB is a real slippery place for her recovery.
    I do not know if she can do that on this show.JMO

  • She had every right to do so.I agree with items having bad energy.She got caught talking shit lies about her sobriety.So she felt she had to make up for it.To kim it did not come in a good place.Fuck she could have gave it to her with a knife in it, but did not.I think she did it with grace & respect.She left an open invitation when and if they get in a good place again, she can gift it with better energy.
    Lisa just playing the victim.I really cant stand her for the last 2 season.Really hope she dont get asked back.Honestly, RHBH needs a new revamp with a fresh new cast

  • This bunny thing has gone beyond stupid. It’s a cheap one anyway. You can tell by the wrap and the looks of it.

    • Thinking, this is what Bones is going to do. She’s going to sob and say, that was the kind of bunny that she gave her kids. And she meant it with good intentions ( sure, several eye rolls).

      To quote her bestie The Showgirl, Rinna “get the fuck out of here.” You meant it for camera time…look at me, look at me. Eh

    • Yeah when I heard the way the wrap crackled and crinkled I could tell it was that thick cheap ass wrap lol so probably cheap bunny too unless Rinna bought the cheap crap and did it herself which I doubt.

    • LOL hey glimmer ! I’m no fan but Kim is wrong here especially after nearly a year . Why did she initially and graciously accept it during filming and agree again to move forward ? I’m sick of it .

      • Kim felt the negative energy. LR is so Fake! She pretends to be a Kabbalist wearing the red string….shameful!

          • “The Red String is used for protection against what the Zohar terms: evil eye”

            Bones Rinna should be wearing a whole spool of red string around her left wrist.

      • Renna put Kim on the spot and caught her off guard. I can’t react quickly with that sort of thing either. Renna was trying to make herself look good. Chicken s it move.I think in public was a good way to do it. What goes around comes around. I say get rid of Eileen and Renna. Those two are the source of the problems.

        • It’s not chicken shit to extend olive branch in celebrating birth of a child . What’s chicken shit , is a so called sobered up person holding grudge so long with gift with intent to hurt and humiliate .

          • P.S. I’m also not too happy that Kim is doing things to which I need to speak on Pysho’s behalf

      • Hey Mich! ??? I guess Kim accepted it at first thinking that maybe they had moved forward but then after seeing all the crap Rinna said about her –didn’t she also say something like I dont care what Kim does with the bunny she can burn it for all I care—Kim then knew that it was all totally fake. Believe me I am no Kim fan at all but she was just sick of Rinna’s bullshit and wanted to do something mean and damn if she didn’t score didn’t she lol. I just cannot stand Rinna and her fatlipped rude ass so yeah it was mean but I must admit I love seeing her get as good or better than she gives for once.

        • I thinkRinna was only party to stick to the deal of shutting up , where Kim hasn’t , even going as far to get attention at Pumps garden wine party with Fauxrito. She can’t quit Lippy just as Lippy will lash back at her in re to her sobriety if she keeps acting a bitter Betty .

        • She’s in recovery and she’s trying. That’s all u can expect from someone. It isn’t just a matter of stopping. Sometimes a person can’t stop on their own, they need help. Walk a mile in an addicts shoes.

            • I think she is selfish now . Others said for seasons she was nasty , rude , selfish among other adjectives even mocked her arrest/ praying at trash can but I didn’ t see any major personality issues until this season when she was supposed to be this new , strong , refreshed Kim. Don’t see it and if anything , she has taken many steps back IMO , based on what I am seeing .

      • I totally “get it” but it was a ridiculous, immature, attention seeking gesture to give it back at the reunion, on camera. She could have had it taken to Rinna back stage, away from the cameras if she was being sincere. Kim is a dry drunk and that is the worst.

  • Kim and LR don’t like each other. LR has lied,threatened and more on and off camera. She didn’t give the bunny in good faith, she tried to make herself look good.Kim sees it and I think I understand why she did what she did.LR has tried to act like she is all truth but admits she says outrageous things to get attention. The tear she shed was to make people think oh poor pitiful me.Maybe close those lips and she can be a better person.Eileen needs to stop backing the craziness.
    I don’t get why Kyle just sits by and watches,continues to be LRs friend. She has lied about Kim and about Kyle.

  • This is going to happen again next season, when/if Kim returns, whether it is full time/foh/guest.

    Kim has to control her own reality to make sure she doesn’t create another trigger via LR. LR is a stinky ‘gina , she lies about why she threatens and attacks Kim. LR acts as if there is an existing reason to attack a newly “sober” human. Wonder if she would be this understanding if someone started attacking pimp husband about his sobriety.

    its Kim’s responsibility to address this and LR is a pure 100% bitch https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b141a9897e445f1c9a70fcf3d3b290910a1be2741c3abb78af631847a2aec8be.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c03d0929bcc40fd68f618408628a092a9c0ebe18462e38ae5c9579af52ed30c6.gif

    • Bones sheds a tear or two while making sure she knows where the camera’s are. Phony soap actress bad acting.

      Bones deserves to get her feeling hurt, after what she did to Kim, and some others. The whole bunny gift was just an attention/camera time grabber for Rinna.

      Eden Buffoon needs to #STFU on the #subject. Take her #healing crystals and shove them up her own #tight ass.

      Eileen, why should Kim return by mail? Kim would have to wrap and box the bunny, and go to the P.O. or call for a pick up. Waste of time, when Kim could hand deliver said bunny, and make her point loud and clear. Kim deserves to make THAT point. Rinna deserves to be kicked to the curb.

  • Kim is just being a bitter bitch. Who gives a gift back that wasn’t even intended for them and then on to do it on TV. She is making a complete ass out herself. Please keep her off the show.
    And WTF is LVP talking about that there is hope?? Makes absolutely no sense and once again she has to butt her nose in and give her 2 cents, which we all know is her way of jabbing at LR.

    • Whew, talk about wanting camera time. Kim’s acting desperate and what a lousy example of leading a “good” happy like. There was no reason to give the gift back. Drunk or sober, Kim is flat out mean and her actions show it.

    • Kim has very few brain cells left- Rinna is no angel either , but so hope Kim is gone for good, Kyle and Pumpy just recently joined the save Kim , we Love Kim band wagon- They are all guilty of this crap- Sick of Kim and Pump ( Liars and Hypocrites )–

      • Exactly Dindi! And in case I forget : I hope you all have a beautiful Easter weekend , for those who celebrate ! We can eat our meat again!!!! ( shouts out to me Catholic peeps lol)

        • @Mich-Ham, Turkey-Taters -Homemade Chicken & Noodles etc ( my family are big eaters) – cant wait —

        • Yeah, we can! I also get to eat potato chips! (My kids made me. They are my go snack reading the postings, which is often more entertaining than what’s on TV.) HUGS TO ALL!!!

    • Hanky agree ; the thing is they hashed this all out again on the show and when given to her , the supposedly forgiving sober woman should have addressed the bunny THEN! Who holds a friggan gift for a year and brings to reunion ?? Don’t get me wrong , Lippy is no victim ! But this? This was wrong and also a psycho move and this comes from one who has always wished the best for Granny Kim! ( me) – this bs cannot keep getting recycled and I’m not cheering Kim on in this calculated move just because Lippy was recipient. Grow the hell up

      • That’s rather funny since nowhere did I mention Eileen nor did I defend LR’s actions..but nice try..lol