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Scheana Shay Slams The Vanderpump Rules “Mean Girls” & Reveals The Real Reason Behind Their Explosive Feud!

Scheana Marie was quick to abandon her friends Ariana Madix and Lala Kent for the Vanderpump Rules, “mean girls,” but as we saw at the reunion, that didn’t last for long!

Scheana fired off a list of insults at accusations at Katie Maloney, Stassi Schroeder, and Kristen Doute, ultimately blaming them for any negative actions or feelings about Lala!

Now she’s setting the record straight on where exactly she stands with the group today, and revealed the explosive scenes cut from the VPR reunion!

We’re not as close right now. We don’t speak that much since the reunion,” Scheana told TVGuide.Com of Katie and Stassi; she didn’t mention anything (good or bad) about her friendship with Kristen. Teasing, “There were things that were edited out, but were thrown in my face on camera that I think were beyond inappropriate and were unforgivable.

According to Scheana, Stassi and Katie threatened to announce the secret she had been trying to hide about her failed marriage; Mike Shay was caught texting other women while they were still together! She recalled, “They’re like, ‘Well, we didn’t say what it was.’ I’m like, but you still threatened it, and real friends don’t threaten to tell a secret about someone, something I confided in you. That was something I couldn’t get over. I’ve forgiven them since, but it broke a lot of trust for me and ever since then I’ve really tried to stay close with them,” Scheana confirmed.

It may be premature, but Scheana also noted that she is fairly certain that those friendships are done forever. Although she did say, “I think they’re people I will always love and they’ll be a part of my life for however long, but I just don’t feel as close with them and I don’t know if I ever will.

Scheana continued, “They will say it’s me 100 percent, and that’s fine. I’ll take blame for it. I do distance myself because there was a disconnect and things did change. They’re in denial about it. They act like, oh, it’s all me and I’m the one who’s doing everything wrong and distancing myself. And I’m like, I do that to a certain extent because you guys changed,” she defended.

Scheana alleged that Katie and Stassi are not good for her mental health, which is a serious extreme to announce to the world against her former friends. “I don’t think your friends should make you nervous and give you anxiety. And they tend to do that. If I see a text message from one of them, the first thing that pops into my mind is, ‘What did I do?’ And the last time Katie texted me, I did something wrong and she sure let me know about it,” she asserted.

She isn’t lacking support in the wake of her split from the VPR “mean girls,” because as we know Scheana has become very close with Lala; and they are only getting closer!  “[Lala] and I have gotten really close over the past three, four months. We’re neighbors. We live across the street from each other. We got to the gym together. We get lunch all the time. I just have a lot of fun with her. I think her and I have a lot of things in common,” she elaborated.

So does this newfound friendship mean that Lala is returning to Vanderpump Rules? Unfortunately, it’s a possibility!

I’m trying to convince her, so I hope so. She’s been volunteering at Vanderpump Pets and she is back on the SUR schedule this month, so I hope so,” she wrapped.

Thoughts on Scheana’s interview? Are you surprised she’s not friends with Katie and Stassi? Do you believe that they threatened to expose Mike’s secret? Is there more to the story? Who do you believe? Was it too extreme of her to accuse them of causing her anxiety? Thoughts on her friendship with Lala? Should Lala come back to VPR?

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  • Hello Arianna had only been telling Scheana and everyone else about those miserable Heifers for the last 2 seasons! Glad to see Scheana is learning! Being nice to everyone and having your own opinion should never be treated as a bad thing amongst your friends and if it is then you need new friends!

  • Leave them in the rear view mirror gurl! they’re not mean girls, they’re mean women! In no way or shape are they real friends. You were their punching bag. Katie and Stassi and what’s her name are drunks…mean drunks. You’re divorced, so no matter what was said and done, the truth is yours only. So, hold your head high and move on. I’m kinda glad Lala is coming back. I think she got a raw deal and maybe this time, now that she has another friend we’ll get to see another side of her. I’d stay close to Ariana too though, she’s a voice of reason. See you later! Good luck!

  • I’m confused. In the previews for next week’s reunion doesn’t Scheana bring up the fact that Shay was texting another girl?

  • Oh, please. Scheana is always the perpetual victim and I’m shocked people still buy into her “I’m so innocent and being picked on by mean girls” BS. Stassi has always been a bitch and Scheana was completely fine with that and being her friend (and Katie’s) when it was convenient for her. She had no problem tossing Ariana aside to be best friends with Stassi and Katie, but the second Stassi’s and Katie became close again, Scheana cried about being left out and went crawling back to Ariana. Scheana has no backbone and sways whichever way the wind blows.

    Yeah, Stassi was a bitch to her but Scheana kind of deserved the backlash she got. One minute she’s apologizing to Lala and then saying she didn’t mean it and continues to talk shit about her. The next she’s crying bc Stassi called her out on it. The problem is that Scheana wants to be liked by everyone so she lies, pretends, and is disingenuous. At least with Stassi, you know where you stand at all times.

    Lastly, as Scheana has said you can’t go onto a reality show and expect privacy. Well the same goes with her marriage that she chose to show on TV. Don’t cry the victim now. Karma is a bitch, Scheana.

  • I think it’s a good idea to stay away from Stassi! Katie is merely a minion if Stassi’s and Katoe does have a problem.with alcohol! She can get mad or say it’s mean to point it out but it’s not a secret to.anyone watching the show! Katie is pretending to be a cha get woman and Tom is hurrying his pain at living with her bullying but people don’t change! Katie is a mean drunk! She’s insecure because she’s overweight so she gets drunk and takes out all of her aggression on everyone else when the real person she hates is herself! She was improving while she was away from
    Stassi .but she’s right back on her mean Katie who.cannot see what she’s doing routine!

    I wouldn’t hook myself to.LaLa.if I were Sheana! lala is very unpredictable and ultimately going to look out for herself over any friend.

    I think Sheana should stick with Ariana the only see single mature adult on the shoe…Even if shes a bit cold and superior! At least she’s not plotting behind people’s backs.

  • Good for Scheana! She doesn’t need the mean girls bullying her. I really hope Lala comes back, she’ll have Scheana’s back and will not back down to Queen of Mean Stassi and her minions.

  • She is smart to keep her distance from the mean girls. Soon enough they will just start turning on themselves, all just a matter of time.