Danielle Staub EXCLUSIVES Real Housewives of New Jersey - RHONJ

AATRH Exclusive: RHONJ Producers Wish They Brought Back Danielle Staub Sooner

Danielle Staub is proving to be one of the biggest assets to the success of the Real Housewives of New Jersey franchise.

As we’ve previously reported producers have been “blown away” by Danielle’s charisma on camera.

But now insiders tell AATRH, that Danielle has been dubbed the “breakout star of season 8.”

So just how amazing is Danielle doing?

Well, she’s doing such a good job that RHONJ producers “wish they brought her back sooner.”

In fact, sources tell us that Danielle is “showing producers and Bravo what they’ve been missing all these years.”

The drama is so good and so real that season 8 is said to be very reminiscent of seasons 1 and 2.

“Danielle is bringing the old school Housewives vibe back to the show,” sources reveal.

I’m not surprised that Danielle is reinvigorating RHONJ – she’s been the missing piece on the show for quite some time. I can’t wait to see how season 8 plays out but I can guarantee it will leaving Bravo saying Jacqueline who?

Are you excited to see what Danielle brings to RHONJ? Do you think season 8 will have “old school Housewives vibes?” Should Bravo have brought Danielle back sooner?

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  • Danielle has the dirt on the fake Ladybug charity the reason she was pushed out in the first place remember all those events Dina had ,it was all fake her and lawyers sucked up all the money and a tiny bit went to a child…. Jac and Chris use Nick the same way and I am sure Danielle has all the dirt on their charity money Scam…

  • First of all he graduated from an excellent college – Fordham University – He failed out of Law School and the school suggested he leave because of his learning disability. I’d think as a mom of a son with the same disability you’d have a certain amount of empathy for him. Hearing that must have been devastating -that was the conversation he had with his mom on the show. She was encouraging him to follow his dreams of being an attorney and ignore what the teacher/administration had to say. Like Carol or not-can you say you’d give your kid advice that would be much different?
    As an aside -Considering your child has a disability I think it’s really sad you’re the only one jumping in here and criticizing him – Because your son is capable of something doesn’t mean another person has the same capabilities. Like most things, disabilities run on a line of continuum. I don’t think it’s right to compare your son to another kid and vice versa. Would you want someone comparing their learning disabled son to yours and telling you that your son doesn’t measure up because there kid is more successful? I have a feeling I know what you’d say. I think it’s wonderful that your son has done so well but your judgements are lacking in any kind of empathy or insight.

    • a law school doesn’t ask you to leave because of your learning disability . they ask you to leave because your grades aren’t where they should be, law schools have standards. He was smart enough to graduate college and get into law school,. My guess is his mother forced him into law school for the show and he failed cause he didn’t want to do it. She used a “learning disability” to manipulate the audience of a show and humiliated her son in the process. Albie wasn’t a little kid so unclench your pearls and get over the “kid” BS. Carolyn Manzo is a terrible mother who suffocates her kids and used them for a career in reality tv. They’re a joke and a embarrassment to Italians and people from NJ. If Albie is gay then he should be gay. Lauren is just a horrid person and Chris is a pig. ugh, they’re all disgusting. except Albie, he’s tragic. He should move to LA and be with his bf.

  • Actually the “old school” vibe of the Housewives didn’t include cat fights, death threats, reputation destroying or any of that crap. RHOC S1 was the only REAL season of HWs ever. Every other season and franchised is just staged for drama now.

  • No Caroline and Jacqueline should come back Danielle is a psycho path with psychiatric problems and she needs help. I never liked danielle from the first time i saw her on the show.

  • And let’s not forget. Jac demanded that she be in attendance when Lurker wanted to meet up with Dina and hash out their differences. Jac demanded that she talk to Tre alone. Jac loves barking orders. Except at Danielle – so I agree with my fellow posters – Jac is not coming back because Danielle is now on the show. It has to be killing her that Tre and Danielle are on better terms! hahaha!!!

  • This site is obviously paid to write about NJ No other site does because nobody cares about these Crooks…Move On

    • This site gets an Exclusive and you are criticizing them for it? If your “other” sites got an exclusive you would praising them for it.

      • No other sites report it because it isn’t an exclusive it’s RealCrooks of NJ nothing more

    • Not for nothing, there are many stories on this blog, why bother reading/commenting on those that don’t interest you? It seems you should ” move on” and read only what interests YOU.

  • Hi everyone it’s summer i changed my name as it has always been on twitter for 7yrs as Karma thought I’d keep the same name for everything.

    1st ITA with Paul’ comment bout Jac. I don’t know if she wasn’t asked back which I highly doubt if she agreed to come back that would be gold for bravo esp now Tre Danielle & Mel are sticking or if she refused the offer because she knows Danielle has alot on her & and probably on the Lauritas finances, and Danielle would definitely spill the beans on Jac’ lies & financially standing.

    Well they definitely need the coin maybe she said no due to a number of reasons 1 Afraid of Danielle exposing everything she knows bout Jac all the lies the manipulation & their finances 2. Caroline the SIL PITBULL isn’t there to fight Jac’ battles or maybe Chris was scared that maybe Danielle has or knows everything or alot bout their finances & doesn’t want the Feds or whomever he owes bug bucks to start sniffing around.

    I bet Jac used Nicolas that georgous little boy as she always does and says that she’s busy with Nicolas and her “research” or “charity” work for autism.
    Also her SIL Caroline the pitbull isn’t there to fight her battles for her.

    Does anyone know if Jac or smelly bugeyed Kathy will appear as friends it sounds to me that Jac is definitely not even a friend can anyone please tell me if kathy is a friend or will have a few cameo appearances I truly hope not 1. It’s a waste of film 2. Waste of our time watching her she makes me want to hang myself she’s SOOOO BORINGGGG watching Kathy is like watching paint dry or grass grow. If anyone knows if Kathy will be on the show in any capacity or even Jax can you please reply to me I’d really appreciate it.

    By the way I loved reading all the comments I’ve been away for bout a yr due to ill health & caring for my mum but I recognized the names great to read their comments again I always have a laugh.

    By the way it’s it’s good Friday in Australia today so happy & safe Easter to those who celebrate easter I have to go & start cooking.

    But I’m so excited & can’t wait for S8 of RHONJ to air and we’re lucky enough to view it the same time as the states California time it airs 4 times every new episode and it’s great for me if it does air July or August that’s our winter & I’m a couch potato in winter to cold to go out with friends or hubby.

  • Oh yeah i was Summer on here b4 now I’m known as karma thought I’d keep my twitter name on this blog.
    I was never a Danielle fan but I read somewhere that she & Tre & Mel are sticking together if it’s true that’s one awesome Trio.

    And I definitely agree with Paul’ comment regarding Wacko Jacko not coming back she’s shit scared of Danielle as I’m guessing Danielle has alot of dirt on Jax and has on Chris’ (their)finances that could be another reason Jax was too scared to go back they definitely need the coin, maybe Chris also told that crazy bitch it’s not a good idea bcuz if she gets into it with Danielle which she would’ve Danielle would definitely spills all her/their dirty little secrets OMG WTF am I saying as if Chris has any power over that psycho wife of his, but maybe she did listen to him but I’m sure it was her idea not to come back

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I wish Jax did come back for S8 she’s all talk but when it’s on & she hasn’t got her pitbull SIL Caroline fighting her battles for her she’s chicken shit & runs for the hills, she goes on her rant yelling, swearing making accusations, then takes off so no one has a chance to call her out the only time she doesn’t run is when pitbull Caroline is there fighting her battles and she knows she has backup I’ve really been busy & very sick for bout a yr & haven’t commented on here. I really miss this site and the comments that I read can anyone please tell me why Jax didn’t come back or may I guess she wants to focus on Nicolas that poor child he’s absolutely georgous & what make me mad is she uses him to get out if things she doesn’t want to do, or was she nit asked back by bravo LMAO as if bravo wouldn’t ask Jax back with Danielle, Tre & Mel all on the show. Is she at least a friend how bout bugeyes Kathy smelly is she a friend sge bores the life outta me watching her is like watching paint dry ir grass growing by baby toy poodle has si more personality than Kathy and much more entertaining. If someone could please answer my questions I’d be so grateful.

    Happy & safe easter everyone it’s good Friday here in Australia so better go & get cooking ??

  • Hopefully Danielle comes back and just stirs the “current pot”, ala Sheree, from RHOA. I think Sheree has been successful at fitting in, creating drama without rehashing much old baggage. I’m always up for good drama, Just not a fan of old, rehashed news. I look fwd to the new season ?

    • I agree rhfan, the current pot.
      Awhile back I would have liked to see her call out JAC but over the years she made so many empty threats and said this and that , then wrote a book or whatever with her daughter co-signing how bad she was treated and what not – then comes back ??? So , it should just be the ” now”.

      • @Mich- I just hope she doesn’t bring the thugs she was hanging with back with her- especially that little short dark haired guy-spooky- also I think Ashley will go nuts LOL
        TGIF-been a longgggg week Happy Easter

        • Oh lawdddd- was it Danny lol? With the 1980’s feathered hair ? Eeeeek
          Happy Easter to you as well

          • Danny’s the most interesting person to come out of RHNJ IMO. He’s so handsome, and he’s a film maker. Check him out on youtube, his company’s called Genco Olive Oil. I think editing was unkind to him, he’s actually a very funny, very talented person. I think he just did RHNJ to get his name out there after the unfortunate incarceration, his credits are legit and he’s worked with some of the top names in Hollywood. And his hair just falls that way naturally. He’s got a gorgeous head of hair, hottest man ever.

  • I am happy for Danielle but, I wish producers brought her back while the Manzo’s were still on the show. I feel like there’s some unfinished business with them! I’m a little nervous, I don’t think Dolores and Siggy are interesting.

    • Yeah, I don’t think the pay off with Siggy & Dolores was that much. And we all grew tired of Siggy’s crying.

  • Well, I trust your sources, but my hesitation is Danielle, she has spouted for years about all her secrets. Starting fights and spreading rumors is what FOH do so they can stay in front of the camera. Seems- Bravo/Andy were never interested in inviting her back ever, til now.

    Yes she has known these women, for a long time, but time has passed and she only wants to disclose if a camera is on her..she should have given RHNJ viewers a taste of her knowledge – so we can confirm what she actually knows….on this point specically, I am going to wait and watch.

    • Very true. I truly thought Danielle would come back and spill all she knows but I don’t see that happening.

    • My guess is Andy/Bravo were not happy with Danielle exposing Dina’s forged signature so Lexi could film. And that is why they didn’t want her back. She was making trouble behind the scenes. But hopefully Danielle has learned her lesson. I hope she brings it!

      • hey September24

        I’ve read through the years about “forged” signature – I know nothing about it, could you please give me the 411?

        • Jac told Danielle that Dina forged her ex-husbands signature on the contract so Lexi could film S1. Danielle used that information against Dina when Dina didn’t want to befriend Danielle. Danielle tried to bring it up at the Reunion but Caro shut her down. Eventually, Bravo had enough of Danielle and Dina and they were both let go.

          • Thanks September24!

            wow, should have canned Jack Ass and Dina..can you imagine if Danielle stayed instead of JackAss..do you think it would have lasted?

    • Andy has confirmed they’ve asked her back a couple of times before but that she’s turned them down. I think as long as Caroline was on the show Danielle felt like it would just be the same old bullying from seasons 1 & 2. Caroline with the help of her puppet Jacqueline really did Danielle dirty back then- Jac roping her in just so they could stick the knife in her back the moment she turned away. Teresa regretted her part in it once she realized what a bully Caroline truly is and what a snake Jac is.

      • Dave

        I didn’t know she ever said no. I do remember in the past couple of seasons, she begs on twitter/instagram and crickets from Andy/bravo. wow, seems weird that she would say no, she strikes me as a closer – wanting to shut Carol down. thanks dave

  • I think we have to be real here. Danielle is the reason why Jacqueline did not return. Simple as that. Danielle would expose all of Jacqueline’s lies the past few years.

  • Teresa and Danielle are about to put RHONJ back on the map!!! Remember when RHONJ was the top rated even beating ATL in ratings. I think they can get there again. I’m so excited for the new season. I wonder when they’ll start airing it. I know in the past it’s been summer but I think they will still be filming

    • We are hearing that the show will begin airing in July or August and expect the cast to continue filming through June. I expect RHOC and RHONJ will premiere around the same time as they did last year.

      • Well if it airs in July or August that’s great it’s winter here in Australia on those months & I’ become a couch potato so I can see it the same time as the states California time instead of taping it it starts at 2pm then repeats again on Arena 2 then Arena again at 8.30pm repeats on Arena 2 again at 10.30pm I get to watch it 4 times that day phew did anyone understand that Lol????

      • I’m hearing early Sept. because of cast trip to Italy in June, that Teresa was granted permission to go by her probation officer. But July sounds so much sweeter, don’t want to wait until Sept.

    • Sorry but I think the RHONJ will never get those high ratings again, people are kinda of over Teresa and her legal problems and family problems the show got to dark so the vibe will never be the same again, proof is in the low ratings.

  • You just know, somewhere, Jac is screaming WWHHYYY!!!! And then swigging some Bailey’s! hahaha!!