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Which Reunion Moment Shocked The Vanderpump Rules Cast?!

Tonight is the highly anticipated Vanderpump Rules reunion, and this 3-part event is said to be intense, emotional, and explosive!

There is so much drama to discuss, and recently Katie Maloney confessed that there was one moment that shocked the entire cast!

Of course it was Mike Shay’s segment, and Katie even admitted that the entire cast went silence because no one even knew what to say!

None of us knew what to expect. He totally cut himself off from all of us and in some ways understandably. So mostly we wanted Scheana and Shay to have the floor and to talk and work it out. So we all just kind of sat there,” Katie told The Daily Dish. Adding, “I think both of them had some hard time articulating some things, but it was definitely the most quiet … But ultimately it was good but that was really tense moment.

We all may be squirming as we watch the estranged couple sit down for the first time in months, and Tom Schwartz recalled that watching them interact was awkward! “To try and hash that out in that setting, I just felt so bad for them. It was really uncomfortable,” he revealed.

We’ll also see Lala and Katie hash out their issues and get past their drama, and while they aren’t friends, they definitely cleared the air. “They had a moment. It was refreshing, that moment,” Tom said.

Katie confessed that she had no intentions regarding her conversation with Lala, nor did she ever expect them to reach an understanding. “You’re gonna see how it all happens, but there was a moment there. I don’t think anyone was expecting that — myself included. Things needed to be said and addressed and squashed,” she teased.

Continuing, “I don’t have enemies. I don’t like animosity. I don’t like walking around feeling that there’s somebody who wishes ill on me. And I’m not gonna start now. So it took some time and some space to kind of come to terms with that, ’cause obviously last summer I was nowhere near willing to forgive her, and I didn’t want to see her or even talk to her just because I was emotionally and mentally not there,” Katie explained.

“I was busy planning the wedding and just didn’t want anything to do with it. But a lot of time has passed and there’s been a lot of meditating on the thing, on the matter,” she wrapped.

Are you excited for the reunion? Will it be uncomfortable to watch Mike and Scheana? Are you glad to hear none of her co-stars interject? Did you expect Lala and Katie to make-up? Do you think they will ever be friends? Predictions for the reunion?

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  • Oh, I forgot, when Tom Sandoval and Jax brought Tom Schwartz’s 3 brothers to the wedding, that was one of the best moments EVER on this show. This show is filled with so much negativity, but that moment felt real and about true friendship and I loved it!

  • I thought Part 1 of the reunion was hysterical. It was more entertaining than the show actually. It cracked me up that Jax and James were actually getting along, Katie resembled a human being instead of a stepford wife, and everyone was saying exactly what was on their mind, which was completely right on. Love Adriana, she has no problem calling these other schoolgirls out on their ridiculous behaviors. Don’t care about Lala at all, but even she was articulate about how she felt in trying to explain her gross behavior this season. I can’t wait for part 2.

  • Jax’s whole couch was overkill with attention needing ! Tom Sandoval is hugely annoying . I would have loved it if Scwhartz kicked the stool out from under his wannabe gossip girl ass .

  • I’m glad that Tom S called out Stassi and the other 2 mean girls about how they treated Lala. I’m sorry but saying “someone’s not working on there summer bodies ” is not exactly calling Katie fat, I think calling someone a whore , slut is a lot worse even before they got to know her. And I agree with Lala she did use her mouth a lot because you had 4 girls bashing her all the time and I think she got a lot of attention her first season they were jealous of her .

  • One thing I don’t like is when someone has the opportunity to blame the other for the failure of a marriage, they usually do. I am glad he is standing up for himself. This crew – none of them are pre-teen or pubescent – they all understand the behavior of an addict and a “sober” person, and Michael is doing what he needs to do to protect and respect his sobriety. I would have thought that he would be praised and verbally supported for doing so. Scheana decided to stay in front of the camera and have a “poor me” storyline, instead of working on her marriage as her storyline.

    • Sam Scheana is a twit who flips flops way too much . I think she has issues . I really felt bad for Shay from day one

      • Hey mich

        did ya miss me!!!

        just watched Vanderpump Rules Reunion! gotta say, their reunion is the best out of all RH , moves fast and people openly call each other out by the minute!

        Wow, I can’t believe how much they dump on my post I called the ex “michael” apparently his name is shay. She is beyond

        • Of course I missed ya !
          I can kind of see why it seems like dumping even though it sucks when it seem it’s 1 dumped on by multiples however, she has become extremely annoying with her ” changing her mind” and her whiny ” you guys get mad at me ” act. Overplayed . She needs to grow up. I don’t even really care for Stassi but with some things she is right lol! *I think Shay is the last name and Mike may be his first ?

          • I hope he (mike or shay) is at the reunion on part two or three. Katie/stassi/that other one, they sure have “mob” scheana, I dunno, if she had a good reason to change her mind, why doesn’t she explain that? It already looks like Scheana is trying to blame the failed marraige on him..that sux.