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Meet The Newest SUR-Ver! Elisa Jordana Shakes Up ‘VPR’ Cast For Season 6!

Welcome to SUR?

Radio star Elisa Jordana, 32, has made a move from New York to Los Angeles and has left one famous boss to work for another.

Elisa, who is best known for appearing on Howard Stern’s radio show and dating, her now ex, Benjy Bronk, is now going to be working at SUR and heating things up on Vanderpump Rules.

“Right now I am in L.A.,” Elisa revealed to Radar. “I just got a job at SUR, Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant. I’m super excited. I’m a huge fan of hers. She’s amazing, and I love her. So kind and lovely.”

Elisa confirmed she will appear on VPR, making her debut with Jeremy Madix, who will be working as a busser at SUR.

The new reality star and her ex-Benjy, 49, split after five years together and discussed their breaking in an article for XoJane.

“Benjy is a great, smart, handsome, interesting guy. He’s funny, and he’s unique. He has blue eyes and a great smile,” Elisa wrote. “The problem is that he just got turned off by me because he saw too much of me. We didn’t have sex anymore. There was no romance, no passion. Superficial as it may seem, it’s hard to have sex when you’ve heard each other poop.”

Here are some photos of Elisa working at SUR and supporting Vanderpump Dogs.

I’m assuming Elisa will be taking over Lala’s hostess role and her role as new-girl/bad-girl on the show. Geez, couldn’t Bravo and LVP come up with anything more interesting, been there-done that. They could have at least given her a different job at SUR – make her a waitress or bartender something different. It will be curious to see how Elisa will fit in but I think she could be a good addition to the cast.

Thoughts on Elisa? Do you think Elisa will be a good fit on VPR? Is Elisa replacing Lala?

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  • Are you kidding me?! She’s crazy and NOT enjoyable crazy PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LVP see her for what she is and it’s not good tv! And she’s way to old?! I won’t be able to watch anymore if they start casting desperate tv fame hos on the show!

  • This is the way it always goes. After the first few seasons it all becomes fake and phoney BS.

  • So is this like a real restaurant or not? Lol this girl was a radio DJ and now suddenly she’s a hostess/server? And Ariana’s brother is now a busser?

  • Someone seems like a fame whore already…Why would any leave a radio job to work in a restaurant for tips? Ummm….that’s a little ass backwards don’t you think? Typically people start in the restaurant industry and either move on to other careers, or work their butts off to earn their clientele at a fancier restaurant where people are more likely to spend and tip well. I really don’t know what’s going on this world that people are so desperate for fame. Yikes. I think I will take my unknown self and enjoy my unknown life. Much better that way LOL

  • She’s been working there for a a while now. I don’t know why they would say she just got a job there. She is fame hungry, which is why she was dating Benji Bronk. He got her music on the show and she ended up working for Howard in the back office as a writer. She probably left there because she wasn’t in the spotlight at all.

  • Never heard of her. Who would leave a radio show to work as a hostess? It’s obviously for the show not the hostess job.