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How Much Did Katie Maloney & Tom Schwartz’s Wedding Cost; A Breakdown Of Their Big Day!

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney Schwartz said “I do” on Monday night’s Vanderpump Rules, and while their relationship has been rocky, their wedding was absolutely amazing!

The couple was more in love than ever and their vows even made Jax Taylor emotional! They planned the entire wedding themselves, and Katie was especially ecstatic to see their vision come alive, it was perfection!

As most men do, Tom was very worried about the budget, and now E! News is telling all on the cost of the Schwartz’s wedding!

Katie had a lot to say about her big day, and she is still on cloud nine 8 months later. “I’m so happy to have married my best friend and love that I finally get to call Tom my husband,” she gushed. Adding, “Celebrating with our closest friends and family has been nothing short of an amazing experience.

Katie revealed that it took the couple only 12 weeks to plan their wedding from start to finish, which in the grand scheme of things is way less time than we expected. Although she clarified that there were 406 days in-between Tom’s proposal and their wedding!

There were 100 guests at the intimate affair, however two of their co-stars were not included in their big day; obviously Lala and James didn’t make the guest list!

What shocked me the most about Katie and Tom’s wedding breakdown was the cost of Katie’s wedding dress. She spent $12,000 on her Zuhair Murad wedding gown! “My dress, when I put it on, I got goose bumps and I knew that was the dress I was going to marry him in and it had all the elements that I really, really wanted. For me, it’s unique and its different and it’s very me,” Katie defended.

She also shared a closer look at the detail on her dress, and I have to say it is spectacular!

However, Katie still managed to stay close to their budget; Tom wanted to spend $50,000 or less, and the final cost of their wedding was not much more than that. In total, the couple spent $51,058 on their elegant, woodsy wedding; I’d say that was money well spent!

I have one major question about this wedding; why didn’t Bravo or the production company help out? Katie and Tom’s budget and income is much less than any of the housewives we’ve seen get married, yet somehow they pulled it off and it looked amazing on camera. To be honest, in my opinion this was the most beautiful wedding we’ve ever seen on Bravo. Not only did they plan a fabulous weekend, but their friends all got along and no one caused any drama; it was a shock that this crew managed to get along the whole time. Regardless of their fame over the past few years, Tom and Katie have managed to stay the most down-to-earth; if you recall, Scheana was loosing it and acted like a huge diva at her wedding.

Overall I was very impressed by their wedding, especially after all of the fighting this season. Katie and Tom both seem determined to make their marriage work, and I can’t wait for the explosive 3-part reunion to see how they are currently doing as a couple!

Thoughts on Tom and Katie’s wedding? Are you shocked they pulled off such a beautiful affair? Will their marriage last? Can you believe they stayed close to budget? Are you surprised that Katie’s dress called $12,000? Did you think their would be drama? Let’s Discuss!

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  • I would bet that they got a hefty little bonus to film their wedding…and thus how they paid for it. A wedding these days can cost over 10K for a small wedding at a golf course for about that many people, not counting the dress, hair, etc. I am sure they got a lot of discounts for airing some of the locations they were at as that is exposure for the businesses, but that extra bravo check i’m sure covered a lot of it. I read below people commenting on why didn’t they pay for the brothers, and my question is, why couldn’t the brothers each pay for themselves? They are grown men aren’t they? You mean to tell me these 3 grown men couldn’t fork out $500 to get to their brothers wedding? C’mon, and we know Jax & Sandoval didn’t pay for that..I would bet money that Bravo footed that bill.

  • What I don’t get is they had less than $7,000 between the both of them when they did the prenup episode. Then all of a sudden they had over $50,000 alone to pay the venue. I know, none of our business.
    Don’t forget the $17 or $18 towel invitations.

    • Is because Bravo edits these shows to make you believe whatever they are trying to sell you . Actually Schwartz has some money from his modeling jobs , hence the prenup


  • I liked this episode, the way everyone got along. I didn’t like how it ended with the sheana and Shay thing tho. I will admit, I didn’t like Katie’s dress at all. I also didn’t understand why the bridesmaids dresses were white when they were going to be walking through all the dirt?? It was a beautiful service and I wish them the best of luck. I think they are going to need it……I highly doubt they spent all that money, no way they didn’t get reduced prices for promoting the businesses.

    • Yeah I don’t like her dress either. It’s a lovely dress but for an older woman . It just ages her

  • I don’t understand this between the cast and bravo events….. Remember how angry Bravo was with Louann because she did not allow Bravo camera’s at the event. They got to see nothing…… Louanne did not want all the camera’s around and she didn’t have them.
    Katie doesn’t really have a storyline so the wedding planning and the issues with Tom became her story.
    Bravo either said to them “so we are going to have camera’s at the wedding which had probably been planned way before it happened.
    I don’t think Katie and Tom went to Bravo and said “Hay do you want to film my wedding? How much?
    As far as what they spent whatever. It’s their issue. They have to pay for it.
    Also I’ll apologize now for my comment, but I did not like the dress at all. I know that Katie has every unique style a lot of Boho along with comfort and a little vintage. I look back on all her fashion choices and they were not good. 12,000. for the dress is a bit pricey but what she likes is all that matters.

    • Don’t like the dress either lol

      When bravo films , THEY PAY! Of course they won’t say that during the show but it’s understood.

  • I really like Tom2’s suit. He looks sharp. Katie’s dress is very pretty. But it won’t last. He comes across as immature.

    • The HWs always said Bravo doesn’t pick up the tab. So not surprised. Not sure what event Bravo has paid for if any.

      • I thought Adrienne and LVP said in season two, that Bravo pays for the events. wow, how can these young people spend so much one day.. wow, their salaries must be huge. I remember swartzy having chest pains when he looked at the bill of the wedding, over $50K

      • Septemeber24 I couldn’t figure out how two very young people paid for their own wedding..so look what I dug up – looks like they can afford to pay for their own wedding http://www.tmz.com/2016/02/17/vanderpump-rules-tom-sandoval-agent/

        also, I found articles, about Pandora’s wedding, LVP said that because Pandora wanted to make all the decisions for her own wedding, LVP and Ken paid for the wedding. And I found an article saying that Ne Ne tweeted to ask her followers to helppay for wedding! weird huh

        • Interesting! No doubt Katie is the breadwinner. I know when the show first started they weren’t paid much at all – about $15k per season not per episode like the article states. Tom2 has no ambition and I just don’t see him ever making more salary than Katie. I recall reading that Pandora didn’t even want her wedding her filmed by Bravo. But LisaV needed the storyline so she finally agreed. I can’t believe Nene would stoop so low! I thought she was rich! LOL!

          • Tom2 seems to be like his triplet brothers. In my search I found an interesting article about Dubai – emails between evolutiona/Bravo..

  • I find it odd that they have been the Bickersons for years and then one little chat with LVP and now everything is wonderful. Poor Tom.

  • Katie spent $12,000 on her dress but they couldn’t help fly Toms siblings out?!
    $51,000 and they couldn’t spend $1500 on getting family there?
    Either ‘Tom & Jax surprise’ was made for tv or the wedding was…

    • exactly. My guess is that the dress retails for $12,000, but the designer comped it to her for the publicity. There is no way they could make a $51,000 budget if they paid that much just for the dress- don’t I remember the flowers costing close to $10,000? I bet many providers, esp. the resort, which the producers showed to its advantage, also reduced costs a great deal.

      • that 51000 bill was just from the venue…so didn’t include anything else! like invites, dress, suits, etc etc

    • Why is it Katie’s responsibility to fly out Tom’s family? I would never expect my family to fly me out for their wedding, especially since I’m a 30 year old woman with a job and knew well in advance about the wedding.

      Katie can spend 100k and 50k in a wedding and a dress if she wants. At the end of the day, it’s not her responsibility to fly out hers or Tom’s family!

      • I didn’t mean that it was only Katie’s responsibility, but I can see I wrote it that way. What I meant was I’m surprised that so much money was invested into this wedding and I’m surprised that helping family attend wasn’t a higher priority for them. I understand that Toms family are responsible for themselves, but it’s clear Tom wanted them there and if they have that kind of money to put towards a dress you would think they would be able yo spend $1500 on getting family there.