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Eileen Davidson Defends Her Friendship With Erika Girardi & Slams Dorit & PK Kemsley For Discussing Her Marriage!

RHOBH season 7 is coming to an end, but not before we watch one more explosive blow-up next week!

The cast ended a dramatic trip to Hong Kong and made there ways back to the 90210 on Tuesday night’s episode, and while some of the cast made up this week, others just made things even worse. In this week’s Bravo Blog Eileen Davidson opened up about resolving their issues with Erika, and insisted that she knew they would eventually be okay; I like these two together!

She took the time to discuss Lisa Vanderpump’s work with the Stop Yulin Forever campaign, and talk about what a special trip that was for all of them. Then she slammed Dorit and PK for bringing up relationship with Tom, and in a subtle way, stepped up to defend their marriage!

We’re back in Hong Kong! At least there’s shopping.

Hey, therapy is therapy, retail or otherwise. No, bags and shoes and bracelets cannot solve conflicts. But they can take the edge off. And that’s exactly what we needed. Maybe we all should have gotten some of Eden’s rose quartz after that dinner.

After shopping, we went to see the SPCA rescues from the Yulin trucks. I never met a rescue dog I didn’t want to adopt. That Shar-Pei and I bonded, and if I could have taken him back with me in my purse, I would have. And that’s exactly what I tried to do, through proper channels of course. I was all set to take him, but I found out he has a short snout, and the flight would have killed him! Much better to let someone local adopt him.

The only thing that made me feel better leaving the dogs was that they were the lucky ones who were rescued from torture. Getting to play with the doggies was good therapy too. I think our souls needed to be around those adorable creatures and gain a bit of perspective. It was a great way to end the trip.

Finally home, jet lagged and groggy, I met Kyle and Erika for lunch. I knew Erika and I were going to be okay. Like I said, I feel like we get each other. I’m glad we can put that all behind us and get focused on more important things: Erika’s Y&R debut! Showing my friends the set is one thing, but actually having a friend come and shoot scenes? A wonderful experience. Especially when I saw Erika in my old dressing room! That place has so many memories for me, and now they do for her too.

Wasn’t that scene hilarious? The best part? Erika was terrific! Congrats on her first, but certainly not last, time on Young and the Restless!

Kyle wrapped her last day of shooting on her series. That must be such a relief after all that hard work. Loved that Mauricio showed up on set to support her. It’s really hard when both spouses are working and traveling with kids. I know from first-hand experience how complicated it can get. But Kyle and Mo seem to be making it work.

After everything that went on in Hong Kong, is it really a smart move for PK and Dorit to come back and insult Erika and Tom’s marriage? They don’t know anything about their relationship! And who are they to judge, anyhow?

This party is sure going to be interesting. It’s a rosé tasting, so at least I know there will be wine. Looks like we’re gonna need it!

Thoughts on Eileen’s blog? Did you like scenes of them at the dog shelter? Do you like her friendship with Erika? Were you surprised they made up? Are PK and Dorit wrong for discussing Erika’s marriage?

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  • So it’s a heinous crime for PK (not Dorit) to comment on Erika’s marriage but perfectly alright for Rinna to comment on Dorit’s marriage? I’m starting to question Eileen’s sanity!

  • (Maru here) Ok, guess I’ll be the lone voice, but I like Eileen. I agree that PK & Dorit had no reason to discuss Erika’s marriage, but they are dullards so guess they have to find some storyline. That whole conversation was so dumb, I mean really, do any of us care that Boy George will be touring in Europe somewhere? No.

    • @Lea (maru) -HWLOVER-here/ I had to change cause HWLOVER was taken on this and Dindi was , so I picked DindiSue- I agree and you are not alone — I also like Eileen and cant stand Pepperoni Tits & Dullrito- agree who the hell cares about Boy G, LOL

  • Oh Dear God Eileen just STFU already!!! Does this women have a thought of her own or is she just Erika and Rinna’s Puppet….I am sick to death of all three of them, each one has hung on the coat tails of every other Housewife because they have absolutely no story line. And it just goes to show how wishy washy Eileen is because that apology from Erika was down right stupid “Sorry you know I didn’t mean it” and then you move on that quickly from that erratic disgraceful meltdown. Seriously Eileen this women just ripped you a new Arse like no other and you folded like a cheap deck of cards, what a mouse you are. And BTW Erika’s acting was horrible, for Christ sake I could of done the exact same thing if not better, what a joke. For PK and Dorit to speak of someone else’s marriage is completely normal BTW and after the way they treated Dorit I think they were incredibly kind because my Husband would have said allot worse if they attacked me that way. Of topic but Rinna’s house needs a complete makeover. Ever notice you only get a corner here and there of the place, I mean you never really see an entire room. The place looks tired and if their so freaking rich as she CLAIMS then honey it’s high time to hire a designer and gut that place that’s been the same for the 30 years you’ve owned it. Maybe they spend all their money on her lips and there’s nothing left for renovations….And as far as Dorit accusing pig lips of being an addict she never said any such thing, wow how they love to twist things and make it all about them. Then pig lips has the audacity to ask about the Coke, I just can’t get past that one, what a disgusting thing to put out there in the universe. I bet Rinna was just upset that they didn’t ask her if she wanted any hahahaha. Can’t wait for the reunion, I heard they destroy Rinna and rightfully so!

    • Eileen was on the show? Amazing, as I don’t really remember her contributing much except for a few mundane comments & her shedding tears over something said that set Erika off. She’s like wallpaper in that you know it’s there, but unless you look really close you miss what the pattern looks like.

  • Oh shut up Eileen. If Lisa Rinna had said the same thing you wouldn’t say a peep. Lisa can say someone is doing coke in the bathroom and Eileen will just sit there and smile- imagine if Dorit had said the same thing to Erika..!!

    • Lisa R., lies and Eileen swears to it. I am fed up with their antics. Also, Erica is brittle and her cracks in her persona are showing.

  • What the Heck was on DullRito’s head, did she dye some of Pumps Swan Poo Gold and form it on her head- what would have made it even better if Pepperoni Tits would have wore some also..LOLJMO

  • Eileen is full of shit and week by week continues to prove why she has no credibility. For starters I’m not sure how Eileen finds the time in her blog to address PK’s comment (*Not PK & Dorit as she stated) about The Girardi’s but selectively skips over every vile comment made out of the mouth of her Bestie Rinna every episode. Not to mention the fact that after her Faithful Leader Anna Nicole 2.0 cursed her out and then acted like nothing the entire remainder of the trip Dorit was the one who showed her kindness the next day.

    It’s awfully convenient how Eileen takes on everyone else’s issue as her own and clearly only recaps selective parts in the episode where she feels her alliances have wronged but not the total series of events.

    With that said can we please swap DULLeen and Camille’s roles for the following season since she is more concerned with supporting her 2 friends then actually having a storyline and or credibility of her own!


      This behavior reminds me of the “dream team” yolanda tried to gather, that imploded

      • Absolutely! The relationship between Rinna, Eileen, and Erika is a convenient alliance. They think Erika is competition for LVP as HBIC . They are sadly mistaken! They want to take over the show, but they lack personality, authenticity, credibility, and the lavish lifestyle viewers crave. I love watching the dynamic between LVP, Kyle, and Dorit. They seem to have an authentic relationship, and are much more interesting IMO.

        • Oscar

          I just made almost the same observations – on the erika story. Eileen said last season “there is a bit of competitiveness there” (between Eileen and LVP) the only problem is, it is eileen that wants and tries to take down LVP and so far has failed both attempts. they want what LVP has and what LVP has, cannot be stolen.

          • It is true! At least we are paying attention, lol! Ever since LVP brought up her affair, Eileen and Rinna have been gunning for her. Now, they have crawled up Erika’s ass because she is the other strong personality on the cast. The problem with Erika is that she lacks many characteristics that make LVP so great! Humor, charity, love, success, and so much more! Erika has no chance competing with that, IMO.

            • What I also remember from last season, the off camera discussions Eileen and LR had on how to deal with specific situations! which is what Brandi accused LVP of doing.

              Erika is a liar and backstabber, when Erika was caught in the lie about the comment she made about LVP (katherine told LVP) the “snyper from the side” Erika tried to throw Katherine under the bus by lying and saying that katherine said something ugly about LVP ‘s looks.

              As long as you pay the fee, Erika is anyone’s bff. And nothing is off limits for her – using her son’s profession for slithering all over dance partner on DWTS ..and fake crying when caught “nothing will be good enough” – said after Dorit gave yet another apology for Erika’s bare butt.

              Erika insists on rolling around in the gutter, that is where she is most comdy..and LVP..nope.

    • Love the Anna Nicole 2.0 reference, but they are only alike in appearance and performance.
      Anna Nicole had a heart and loved her children but sadly was an addict.

    • Team Dorit all the way. The Pussy Posse can’t take a joke and then amp things up out of all proportion.

      • A few close girlfriends and I use to call ourselves that, ( I know, but we were young) . we never did it openly in public. We even had a charm on our bracelets with the initial PP. Stupid I know. Had to share.

  • Eileen is the one who approves of being a whore, shocker she appproves of

    – Liar lips accusing Dorit of cocaine use
    – Liar lips accusing Kim of drug use and death
    – Liar lips accusing Dorit claiming that LR is using drugs
    – laughing about crotch chronicles then backing
    whore #2 when she suddenly has feelings.

    And of course this whore will back any whore, cuz your death will be arranged should you mention how the two whores were able to marry each other, even though it was well publisized. Andy how is this piece of garbage better than LVP?

  • So true regarding Erika & Tom’s marriage, what have we seen a total of maybe 10 minutes all season, maybe Tom doesn’t want to be paraded on TV ( like Pepperoni Tits ), maybe it was decided between him & his wife that he didn’t want the drama, he does have a career/ a real job/take note Pep Tits – so judge Erika’s marriage as you want , they have been married alonnnnnggggg time and you don’t see Tom insulting and judging the other Hw’s- So Pep Tits and Dull should shove it , gotta feeling Pep Tits would enjoy that LOL JMO

    • Actually Tom judged all the women his first season on the show and even got into an argument at dinner with Kathryn. Guess you must’ve conveniently forgotten that just like Anna Nicole 2.0 and Soapy & Sudsy forget anything that doesn’t fit their victim narrative.

      • @HW- Kathryn was a weirdo, he hasn’t been seen since doing so , that’s why I place JMO ( after my statements ) -no hate , just my opinion–

  • Since this is reality TV, observing a private conversation between husband and wife makes it more real! And Dorit and PK seem to have great chemistry unlike the arrangement between Tom and EG/EJ.
    AND, about DWTS what are we to take away from her dance with the policeman? What a hypocrite

  • I just can’t with Rinna or Erika anymore. IMHO, Dorit and PK have chemistry in their marriage, much more than Eileen and Vinnie and certainly more than Erika and Tom. Erika is being a freaking idiot about the crotch issue. She flashed, no one’s fault but her own. If her husband is upset, it is probably she walks around with no panties. I could care less who wears panties or not. If one of my friends flashed accidentally, or if I flashed someone accidentally, I certainly wouldn’t think it was some elaborate plot to destroy my marriage. I, and my friends, would have laughed it off. I sincerely doubt that PK and Dorit or any one else cares that much about the tranny’s marriage. I don’t usually comment on people’s looks, but when she comments that she looks fab all the time, I cannot keep my gob shut. Her and Rinna need to be gone. Rinna has gone over the edge and is now downright inventing things, saying that Dorit is accusing her of being an addict. I usually don’t care so much about these women’s actions, but I’m disgusted by Rinna and the fab Tranny.