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Michael Wainstein Slams Jules; Accusations Of Hiding Assets & Neglecting The Kids Thrown Her Way!

Jules and Michael Wainstein faced off in court yesterday and Michael slammed Jules for many reasons; if he planned on making an impression about her he clearly succeeded.

A new report revealed that Michael is trying to take Jules down and his first step was to convince the judge that she was hiding assets, and should have to help him pay-off their, “massive” debt.

We order the defendant to contribute to marital expenses. I have nothing from the defendant in her own taxes. She refuses to comply. She has earned income in the last two years, but nothing from her,” his lawyer rationalized.

They are still facing eviction and are already $72,000 in debt!

He’s borrowed money from parents and friends. Whenever he gets money, he gives it to her,” the attorney claimed, Adding, “He’s not buying new clothes and shoes. He’s not spending money on himself.” He also noted that’s planned to pay off their debt at the kids’ school and already met with people there.

Then things heated up when he accused Jules of giving their children non-kosher foods, even though it’s against their religious beliefs.

Continuing, “There are purchases of non-kosher food and this is a continued problem. Jagger is telling my client he’s being fed clams. We take this seriously. The home had been blessed by Rabbis to be kosher,” Michael’s lawyer asserted.

Jules’ lawyer was unable to successfully defend her. “Last week my client paid her $12,000 and she’s had $25,000 from the car sale, two days later the electricity cut in the marital residence where kids live. He did contact Con Ed and worked out a payment plan,” he alleged.

But Michael’s party went on to accuse her of using her money towards the debt; she maintains her, “extravagant lifestyle” by shopping at stores like Zappos and Amazon.

This is turning out to be one of the nastiest divorces in housewives’ history, and Jules may have cashed in big on RHONY; maybe she’ll return for season 9 and we’ll get all the details. I liked her on the show and am rooting for her!

Thoughts on the new developments in their split? Who do you believe? Do you think she should pay? Do you think she spends her money on herself over the kids? Should Jules return to RHONY?

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  • September24

    They deserve each other.

    • Sheba

      He’s not going to keep supporting her lifestyle. She needs to realize he could purposely stop making money and owe next to nothing. You can’t depend on child support, especially the amount she’s getting as very high. Jules, save your money! Go find a place that’s reasonable priced bcus soon these bills will be ALL yours. Join the Hws. You could buy s home in two seasons. How many people would love the opportunity to make that kind of money in such a short amount of time. He is s jerk but he’s keeping the lights on while she’s buying clothes w money that is for those bills.What a mess!

  • DindiSue

    I adore Jules- I have hopes she can return someday..

  • Shipp

    Testing testing


    Wow- Shrimp- is out for blood, why does Bravo always hire people that portray wealth and boom they are in Hawk to their assseeeettttssss, some not so but some yes- I have always said the money $$ is needed by some and then they live large and show- off for the audience and well –the truth comes to light, I like Jules and I hope she can come back when this mess is over—
    He is a User/Loser, and gee no new clothes or shoes, he best get some therapy for that, it must be devastating –JMO