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AATRH Exclusive: RHONJ Season 8 Get-Away Ends With Screaming & Tears; What Really Went Down On The “Explosive” Boca Trip?!

The weather wasn’t the only thing getting heated on the recent RHONJ season 8 trip to Boca, and we’ve been telling you all week that there was “loads of drama” on the first get-away of the season!

There’s been false reports circulating about what exactly went down in Florida, and first and foremost let’s clear up the rumors that Teresa Giudice wasn’t supporting her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga; that is absolutely untrue!

Teresa and Melissa were together the whole trip,” a RHONJ insider confirmed. Pictures alone back this up, however we needed to re-affirm it for ourselves!

We told you earlier in the week that the newest RHONJ Margaret Josephs was very “opinionated” and, “not afraid to speak her mind;” apparently she stepped on the scene ready to go. Surprisingly her first RHONJ tiff was with Siggy Flicker, which was very unexpected and caught everyone off-guard.

While some sites had been calling them “friends” for the past few weeks, we said, and stand by our statement that they are, “acquaintances.” I’m guessing that we can expect some drama from these two moving forward!

Even when Kim D. is isn’t around she’s at the center of the drama. As usual, once she was mentioned the vibe of the group changed. This trip started on a great note, but ended very badly.

Melissa and Teresa really don’t like Kim (for warranted and obvious reasons), and they are sticking together no matter what! Allegedly, Danielle doesn’t like Kim either, and this bonded the three of them together.

Another source reinforced what we’ve been telling you about Danielle, yet clarified that she, “knows how to bring it, but in a subtle way!

Dolores and Siggy are BFF’s and they stayed strong down in Boca. They both have continued to defend their friendships with Kim, and I’m thinking that they felt especially sensitive about it since she was dealing with the car incident while the ladies were in Florida.

Some of you were thinking that Margaret and Melissa would be at odds since they both work in the fashion industry, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue at the moment. While multiple witnesses say that they saw Melissa and Margaret filming by themselves, they all agreed that there, “appeared to be no conflict between them.”

Several South Florida establishments confirmed that there was, “lots of shouting and lots of tears coming from the RHONJ cast!

This was one dramatic girls trip, and we don’t often see intense situations like that in here; these Jersey girls were getting very heated,” a witness spilled. Another Added, “The RHONJ cast looked beautiful but they obviously have tension and issues amongst their group!

This was a trip that could potentially rival Vermont in terms of RHONJ drama; everyone was on their A game and really brought the drama,” an insider wrapped!

So I guess we’re left with just one question……Jacqueline who?!

This cast can clearly hold their own and entertain us. It’s still early in the season, so the drama that went down in Boca will be squashed away or play out further as the season goes on. We shouldn’t assume too much about the state of the friendships amongst the RHONJ cast, but this was definitely a trip that will never be forgotten.

We’re AATRH, All About The Real HousewivesAll About The Truth; you can count on us to bring you everything you need to know when it comes to RHONJ!

Are you shocked Margaret went after Siggy? Did you think this trip would have drama? Are you glad Melissa and Teresa are staying strong? Did you expect Danielle to align with them? Are you surprised Melissa and Margaret are getting along? Is it disloyal of Siggy and Dolores to stay friends with Kim D? Are you glad to hear that the cast can hold their own without Jacqueline?

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  • It hasn’t aired yet in Australia I’m spewing RHONJ is one of my favorite HW shows??can’t wait till it airs here in Australia. Wow it equals the drama or almost equals the drama in Vermont phew. By the way who’s jacline? ??

  • Danielle better take jackos place as full time I can’t wait to see her on S8 I think Danielle and siggy will clash



  • Interesting, I wonder what they were screaming about. So there is a new cast member other than Danielle coming back?

  • I think we will see Deloris being more bossy and loud like she was with Jac. Siggy is so emotional and I can’t read her quite yet. I look forward to knowing them better as makes for more interesting show. I’m happy Teresa and Melissa are sticking together. They worked hard to get there.

  • Again, I’m just so happy there’s no Jacqoff!! Hmmmm too early to imagine what the tiff was between Sig, Dulores and newbie…what could it be??? I like that Tre, M and Danielle are hanging together especially again nasty KimD! I’m so looking forward to this show again. I have high hopes it will be fun again even with the drama. This time however it won’t be the nasty, mean, malicious, vengeful drama brought on by ugly Jacqoff. May she never return, along with her cohorts. Bring it!!

    • I am kind of curious how Danielle can hang with Melissa when Melissa was feeding her info about Tre way back before Melissa was on the show. Wonder if any of that will come out.

  • Love it that Danielle Melissa and Teresa are sticking together!!!!especially love seeing Teresa and Melissa bonded it’s a good change from before. I never thought I would like Melissa but I do now and I love it that her and teresa worked things out. Good for them for doing that. Teresa loves her brother and what better situation to have where your sister and wife grow to care about one another like sisters. Melissa screwed up as teresadud and it’s a sign of character on Teresa’s part to work on having a good relationship with Melissa in spite of everything that was said and done. Same for Melissa whatever Teresa did to offend her she to is willing to forgive and show Teresa she wants to move on and be close. Loving this dynamic it’s not dark and depressing. I’m loving the new sanielle I never thought she got a fair shot to begin with. Caroclown and her klan were ugly to Danielle. Jacqueline was not a friend Daniel was only a matter of convenience to her. So I love it that jacquiline and her klan are seeing Danielle bring life to this show which Jackie clown couldn’t nor Cato clown and her bratty entitled grown ass children couldn’t

  • OT – Anyone watch “Sweet Home Oklahoma” after Atlanta last night? It had some good moments, I might watch a little more. This is probably the new direction Bravo is going, following real friends versus the hired friends of the housewives.

    • I missed it last night Maru but liked it last week . I laughed almost the whole hour . My only complaint is that I don’t think they need the town folk doing little interviews lol

      • Exactly. It really is a nice change 🙂 they are all so witty too , I love that . Except the one who is trying to date . She’s not as naturally funny but still good

    • Watched an episode & really enjoyed the friendships portrayed. Refreshing to see a group of friends enjoying each others company. Really am tired, bored & so over the “Real” housewives franchise.

  • I believe that Siggy or Dolores (my bet Siggy), brought up what happened with Kim, and she didn’t receive the response that she was looking for. Hence why there were disagreements. Maybe Teresa and Melissa didn’t reach out? That seems to be the typical housewives fight.

    It was weird. They were saying Melissa was at “war” with Siggy and Dolores yet the day they were leaving, there was a picture of them, her and Teresa. Maybe it’s all false.

  • I could never be on a reality show. If I don’t like someone, I just pretend they don’t exist. I don’t understand grown people arguing with each other.

  • I think Kim D is fine as a ‘friend’, she usually brings the drama. Would love to see Danielle face off with Kim D -bring back the Posche fashion show! 😉

  • Ms Marco has new Boca B*tches to contend with. hahaha!!! No-one likes Ms Marco. No-one. hahaha!!!

  • I’m not surprised that there are reports of “drama”. The real question is was there actual “drama” or is this just hype to create interest?

    As for Sig/Dolo remaining friends with KimD or anybody else, who cares? IMO, it’s not really known what the extent of these friendships are outside of filming and occasional photo on social media. For me, the question could also be are Sig/Dolo being disloyal by being friends with Tre and Mel? These people are in and out of each other’s lives for years; loyalty seems to fluctuate with each situation.

    • More like it fluctuates depending on which way the wind is blowing, rhfan.

      O/T – Did ya get around to that Kenda marathon yet? My, my, my…..:)

    • I’m guessing most of it is hyped up by production they tell the ladies to bring up a subject or put them in a situation where they know someone will bring up a subject which will start the fireworks all fir ratings and as much as most of us say enough with the drama it does make the show but nit too much drama & not the same drama esp after eps. So happy wacko Jacko isn’t on this season. She claims she’s glad sge wasn’t on I call BS she needs the coin & loves the camera on her with her fake attention seeking tears. Bye bye you crazy bitch Jac’

  • Why bring up KimD at all? She’s not part of the cast. As a fan, I dont want to hear of her in relation to RHONJ, I dont want to hear her name on the show, I dont want to see her on the show. RHONJ is entertainment. KimD & her mouth arent entertainment to me, she’s disgust to me. Way too much of KimD already & the season hasn’t even started playing yet. Guessing I just need to delete links, cancel DVD settings & find a new entertainment show to look forward too. Really thought this season would have a big improvement, but all this KimD KimD KimD bs talk is making me think otherwise.

    • totally agree with you bboo7, kim d is cringy and disgusting and brings the entire show down. they need to pull away from her badly.

  • No one needs Jacaloon .
    As for dramas , we shall see what’s what when it airs ! I would LOL though if true Mags went in on Sig because people were running amuck with unverified gossip lately claiming to ” know” what’s up.
    Whenever a group of ladies being filmed goes away, there is bound to be some kind of feistiness but I think overall and w/out Loonarita, it was probably a good trip 🙂

  • I will wait to see, I don’t trust Dolores as she is Manzo’s side piece, I haven’t any doubt Danielle will align with Melissa & Teresa, she knows where her bread is buttered, As far as Zig Zag , I don’t trust her either Also not surprised Melissa & Margaret are supposidly getting along , it will help Melissa in the long run…I can’t wait ….I Love NJ….

  • The only way I see a problem with sig/Dul is if they try to spout praise about KimD – that would be stupid.