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AATRH Exclusive: Is RHONJ Newbie Margaret Josephs “Housewives Material?!”

The first RHONJ season 8 cast get-away to Boca has come to an end, and while the trip looked like nothing but fun, we exclusively told you earlier that there was “loads of drama” down in Florida!

We’ve been keeping you up to date on everything going on behind the scenes for RHONJ season 8, and we previously revealed this week that the newest RHONJ Margaret Josephs joined the cast in Boca!

We were able to get some scoop on the “powerhouse in pigtails,” and according to our sources Margaret is, “definitely housewives material!

While one might assume that she would be a bit intimidated and guarded on her first housewives trip we were assured that it was actually the complete opposite! “Margaret is very opinionated and not shy at all, she added a lot to this trip,” a RHONJ insider confirmed. Adding, “She definitely wanted her voice to be heard and made quite the first impression!

Margaret made a huge splash right away, she’s already proved that she was a great choice to cast for season 8,” our source wrapped!

The AATRH team wasn’t sure what to expect from this newbie, but after checking-in with our RHONJ insiders we’re confident that she will be a force on season 8!

Are you shocked that Margaret brought the drama in Boca? Are you surprised she was opinionated? Who do you think she clashed with? Are you excited she was cast for season 8? Do you think she will be a full-time housewife?

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  • Well, I can definitely understand why a new HW would want to make an impression, I hope she doesn’t feel the need to “bring it” a la Jacqoff!! She would do better for herself, her cast and the audience, if she felt her way around first before she tries to make a name for herself… js Who is she? Is she friends with someone already?

  • Wasn’t Robin speaking her mind too but Bravo canned her? Still wonder what that was all about!!

      • @Fuchess- Robin got a bad rap- now that JacWack is gone, maybe she can come back without having to wearing a bullet proof vest -LOL

    • @Sept -Cause Jacaloon wanted raging on her ass lol and then was ” worried for her safety”

  • So – who on #rhonj is “the power house in pigtails” connected to? she barely tweets/doesn’t have her personal instagram/ she is all about her business.

    If there is drama, my guess is, there was drama between Margaret and M – as Margaret is an award winning fashionista for years.

    • I just looked at the website, and her stuff isn’t really any better than the clothes on the envybymg website. Nothing I would wear and not a whole lot on it. but now googling her, okay she apparently makes some money. Her household stuff I see pictures of is cute, but its not on the website I saw (or I couldn’t find it there) but her clothes on her actual website, eh, nothing exciting. I guess we will see how she does though.

      • I just checked out the site as well, not sure if anyone here knows this:

        on the business site, it lists outlets that carry her merchandise and on the list is a store

        envie boutique
        garden city ny

        I know M’s business is called envy..isn’t that weird? apparently Margaret has been had her business since 1999 and for the last 5 yrs she included fashion.


    • Have you tried this site macbethcollection full of stuff….she seem’s to do it all..down to even a cookbook

      • You’ll see a picture of Dolores with her two dog’s wearing one of her wrap dresses dated 29 wks ago

        • Talking to myself again, but I bought one of her buckets few years ago, she paints them with strips and polka dots make household boring item cute, I also think she does trade shows.

  • I Know nothing about Margaret so could only speculate, but I have a strong bet about one thing- after hiring Siggy and Dullores , Bravo should have chosen to hire someone who is confident and comfortable stating her mind. From Jenna’s comments, I would be concerned that she speaks without knowledge; the first weekend is a bit early to be issuing well formed opinions, but if that is what she was hired to do, we’ll see.

    I at least hope she has some wisdom and picks her battles.

    I’m still waiting to see how this plays without the spectre of Jac and Asleeeee…delighted as I am, we know Bravo will plan on bringing tension to the mix one way or another. Let’s just hope we don’t have another Kelly Dodd.

    NJ has had enough imbeciles.

    I love that you are able to get us so much info so quickly Jenna – Terrific!!