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AATRH Exclusive: Has There Been Any Drama On The RHONJ Get-Away To Boca?!

We exclusively told you that the RHONJ season 8 cast fled the Jersey cold and are on a luxurious girls only get-away to Boca Raton, Florida!

We were also the first to reveal that Danielle Staub and Margaret Josephs joined the already confirmed full-time housewives Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Siggy Flicker, and Dolores Catania on the first trip of the season!

Of course Bravo cameras were rolling, and while the ladies are headed home today, they’ve been teasing all of their fun on social media. The housewives all look amazing and one thing is clear; they’ve been getting in tip-top shape for season 8!

By the looks of social media everyone is getting along great and having a fabulous time, but according to our RHONJ sources that’s not exactly the case.

This Boca trip has been filled with drama,” a RHONJ insider confirmed. Adding, “Honestly, there’s been loads of drama, more than anyone expected!

While I pointed out that everyone seems to be having a blast on social media I was assured, “trust me, things have gotten very heated down there!

The RHONJ cast is doing a great job of convincing us that this trip has been a major love fest, but evidently there is way more going on than we know!

One thing’s for sure, Bravo and production must be thrilled with the cast right now; season 8 is off to a great start!

Stick with us, All About The Truth to bring you the behind the scenes scoop of RHONJ season 8; we will keep you up to date as soon as more details from the Boca trip become available.

Are you shocked the first get-away is filled with drama? Is the cast posting to convince us otherwise? Do you agree the cast looks amazing? Who do you think is fighting? Are you excited for RHONJ season 8?

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  • I think we will have a great season of the RHONJ! I think with Jac being gone, it gives the show a new feel. Clearly the fab four have bonded, in away that Jac couldn’t comprehend. I look forward in seeing the four with Danielle, Margaret, and a couple of really good friends, maybe like the twins, or even Dina on guest appearances. I know some are worried about the drama but who knows which way they will edit the show.

  • Wow! This almost makes me leary to even watch the episode! So much drama so early does not bode well. NOW THAT Jacqoff is finally gone, do the rest of the girls feel they need to step up their game in order to set their place in the franchise? Gosh, are they all still so jealous of our gurl they’re willing to do anything and everything to stand out and try to usurp her? Ain’t gonna happen. I guess we’ll have to just wait and see. smh

  • Eat your heart out Jaq! Drama is being created without you! Also, the only thing the professional RHONJ cast members leak are pics, not storylines!!!

    PUH·LEASE, all FOH and full-time Housewives from NJ, do what you have to to keep Jaq OFF the show!

  • There’s a picture up, with all 5 having lunch or something in Boca. Siggy has her finger out you know pointing and Danielle lifting her class like a toast, when the Sig has her finger out you Know there’s drama. Pretty sure Danielle gonna shine. Man I used to Love to Hate Danielle and like her too, crazy. Can’t wait to see her daughter’s and how Danielle is today, one thing she looks fAbulous for her age.

  • Where’s the exclusive? ‘There’s been drama on the Boca Trip!’ No mention of between who or what the drama was though. This is such a generic and unnecessary post I hate when blogs do this.

  • I love Teresa’s dress and shoes- I want both- so cute- It wouldn’t be NJ, if there wasn’t drama- I just hope Teresa stays in her Zen and holds her temper- she has way to much good now in her life – plus for haters- she cant earn only so much and that’s all she can do to pay back- Unless you know how to Sh** Money and if so please share–

  • Is there a bankruptcy Lawyer that can explain to me how she is allowed to have such a fabulous life after stiffing so many people. Are our laws so liberal? No comment on this women I really just want to understand. They make life seem very unfair for people that live within their means and pay their creditors.

    • @ Tom- a lot of folks, prior to go buy cars , max the cards out etc- I have a friend that works in Collections/ Fraud and she actually had a guys tires ( new) charged them and had them removed and replaced with old tires-Its kinda how much and how furious a creditor will go after recouping- some don’t , they write it off, where others come hard at you-

    • Tre is gainfully employed and paying back her debtors on a payment plan. That’s what people do when they file bk. She has tried to sell her home but no takers. Same with Jac – she had her home up for sale and no takers.

      • There is no payment plan because there was no bankruptcy. Tre is hoping to win on her malpractice suit and less than half of any award will be paid to creditors. To date, only the courts and IRS are getting paid.

        • Thank you for the clarification about the bk. But there still could be a payment plan in place for the rest of her creditors by her own making. Otherwise I would think they would all file lawsuits against her and we have not heard of any business doing that.

          • Tre has managed to stave that off, for now, with the malpractice suit she is working on. The bk trustee fought for, and won, a percentage of the award, if one is won. Tre initially tried to keep it all to herself, but failed. While the creditors wait to see what, if any, their recovery will be there, all payments plans are on hold. This also gives Tre time to work on paying her taxes and court fees which have to be paid before anything else anyway. While the creditors may be angry, there is really very little they can do. Tre claims to own no assets and the government already garnishes any work revenue she may generate, so there is very little recourse for anyone else at this time.

            • I agree, there isn’t much the remaining creditors can do right now. From what I understand, there are pmt plans in place but it seems like due to other garnishments they have to wait their turn. That said, I do think that some “creditors”(like indivduals) get caught up in the “celebrity” and choose not to pursue pmt immediately in hopes of being linked/friends with a “celebrity”. IMO, the minute one of these reality people goes past due, I’d start legal procedures. You never know when their paychecks will end. Im not saying they shoudnt be paid, just saying they should have looked out for themselves and their biz.

              • Obviously they weren’t on top of things to let it goes as long as they did. I’d like to see the guy who hand made that huge railing come in and repossess it.

        • Not sure why this turned into Teresa already punished strikes again BK fest but :
          Paid tax fraud off -$414,000
          Has agreed to pay or has paid 27 out of 29 creditors that were listed in BK. (2009)with that , since approved (dec 2016)to move ahead with malpractice suit – remaining creditors will get a cut of her suit if she wins. Her attorney has already been on record saying she has paid back bulk of creditors . Not sure what ANY of this has on friggan Boca ? Jail was served . Joe is gone arrange bars made , payments made and in progress … This is dead horse

          • I don’t think it a dead horse to all those people who are stilled owed money. The payment arrangements that were put in place became moot when the bk trustee set up the repayment plan including the malpractice. No one has been paid back.

    • I’m just a paralegal but maybe I can help you out some. First of all, there was no bankruptcy due to the fraud. Tre still owes millions to many creditors. The house is so far under water that the bank does not want it back. If Tre were to leave that house, she would still owe a whole heap of money on it. That’s also why it makes no sense to leave it. I’m not sure how she keeps up with the taxes and/or utilities, I would think that would be substantial but perhaps her family helps out. As for all the people she stiffed – what can they get from her? She really owns nothing. They did lie about the value of their assets so there has to be some money there, but getting it would be very difficult. The IRS is owed a huge chunk of change and they have garnished her wages for that. However, we have seen where she will take cash only and not give out receipts for appearances, autographs and the like so that’s just more fraud. I would assume that a lot of what they have, the Lexus, parties, etc. are comped for the advertisement value. You will notice that the birthday parties have gotten much smaller since her time in prison.

      It doesn’t appear, to me at least, that she has slowed down one iota on her spending. She still has new designer clothes and bags and she flaunts them with a conceit that is really galling to me, so I can imagine how upsetting it must be to the people she owes. Bottom line is, they will never be out from under this debt. They will never be able to own a home again. Her popularity has taken a huge hit and when the show is over the gravy train will be gone too.

      • From my understanding the 13 million was basically all of juicy ‘ s buildings and her 3 home with 1.5 million being personal debts like credit cards. All of Joe’s properties and the 2 homes were foreclosed on. Depending on whether those properties were sold at a loss or not, they don’t actually owe 13 millions. If the properties were sold at a loss, they only owe the difference of what the property was sold for and what was originally owed.

        • There was also a hefty IRS bill and the bill from the State. Then there’s the issue of unfiled taxes for several years. Juicy’s buildings were all mortgaged to the hilt and the amounts owed on them is quite substantial. From what all the paper work says, they owe about 7 million at this point and it continues to go up as interest charges continue.

      • Yea. Ok. Yet here you are on any post that has Teresa’s name. Guess she is still popular to you or why bother ?
        You got Teresa on the brain

    • Bankruptcy laws are very liberal. I know a family that was going to declare bankruptcy, but before filing, rang up all kinds of charges for fancy vacations and clothes. Then they filed. It’s outrageous. But I don’t think that’s what Teresa did. She accumulated her debt over time and then the housing market crashed and was unable to pay her bills. She is, I believe, working through the system to resolve the matter.

      • Jaq said, and I believed, that Tre was spending like a drunken sailor prior to the bankruptcy filing. She’s not real bright, but she knows how to run a scam, so I’m certain she spent a lot before filing. She then refused to claim some assets and devalued many others. That’s not the profile of someone who simply got caught up in the housing bubble.

        • Well if Whacko said it .. it must be true. Not.
          Hey who’s been in court for over 8 years for bankruptcy fraud and embezzlement?
          Yep. The Whacko and her husband. They stiffed many of their lawyers besides all Signature’s venders ,clients and investors not to mention the charity they stole from.
          Get a grip. Teresa and Joe and their family have paid dearly for their wrongdoings. What’s Whacko paid for hers? She doesn’t even pay her lawyers

    • Tom she is allowed to make a living, just like Martha Stewart does. She is allowed to work. Her work just happens to be in front of a camera. Just saying there are a lot of people who have done far worse. Who are not paying for what they have done. And while I am at it, do you understand she is working to pay back her creditors and she has paid back 414K in restitution? So chill!

      • I agree Team M. I dont understand why this all gets rehashed as if this is new breaking news pre trial ??!!! We know what she did ! We know she is labeled a felon. She also legally was punished people and is moving forward as you rehashers should ! There are patents in place and done things paid off – done . Get new material .

    • Danielle better not let the fans down! She better call Ms Marco out! And I hope they film her shopping in the store and not liking anything to buy! hahaha!!!

    • September, the “drama” was MeMe frantically trying to find the local Shell gas station. 😉

    • No, they filmed Teresa calling her fugly house to check on the kids. Dad in jail, mom in grave due to stress Teresa caused. Gia is probably having to watch the kids. Keep the food away from Milania!

        • LOL Samael! So true! That one poster just doesn’t get it. She just likes to write fugly stuff. Fact.

          • Atl – is approx 17 episodes and Teresa’s spin off was only 4 – 6 episodes..can’t remember how many episodes. And Teresa only made phone calls..never made an appearance.

            Teresa is awesome!

            • Oh, so the spin off is what had the great ratings? Sorry, but I’m a little fascinated by what shows are kept and which are cancelled so I’ve been studying the ratings lately.

                • That is a big lie re: Teresa Checks In ratings; it actually only averaged 1.3 million which is what RHONY has been pulling in with the struggling last few seasons. RHOA at its peak used to average 4 million and RHONJ around 3. The most successful spinoff was Kandi’s Wedding which averaged 2.49 million.

        • LOL. Not true and she will never get her own show. She couldn’t even get her own jail cell. Hahaha

          • Never say never. Meanwhile, Teresa is on a television show………and well, you are not. So who is having the last laugh?

      • Speaking of fugly…She called you Antoinette? Oh my ! Were you able to answer or did they hand you the phone underneath when house fell on ya?

        • It’s called Karma. So sad that she has made it the business of her life to make pitiful statements regarding Teresa Giudice. God help that this “A” person never suffers the loss of a parent & some nitwit “accuses” her/him of putting them in the grave. Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s hell calling to let “A” know that her/his special seat is ready.