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Scheana Shay and New Boyfriend Robert Valletta Pack On The PDA During Hawaiian Vacation

Scheana Shay is getting lei’d!

The Vanderpump Rules star packed on the PDA with her new love Robert Valletta while on a trip to Hawaii.

Scheana shared photos from their romantic rendezvous on Instagram, including one photo where the VPR star is getting a piggy back ride from Valletta, who is seen flipping off the camera to echo his girlfriend’s caption, “F–k the haters.”

Despite claiming she wanted to keep her new relationship private Scheana wasted no time going public.

“Scheana is waiting for the [Vanderpump Rules] reunion to air before she fully shares photos of her new boyfriend on her Instagram,” a source close revealed. “For now, they’ll live on her Snapchat and elsewhere.”

However, Scheana has now made it clear she’s not hiding anything any longer as she and Robert spent their time in Hawaii frolicking, kissing, and showing off for the cameras.

Sources say that Scheana wasn’t looking for love after her split from Mike Shay and that her relationship with Robert just happened. However, they add that Robert was welcomed by Scheana’s inner circle with open arms.

“Scheana wasn’t looking for anything; she just got out of a marriage. But things happened, and this feels right. They’re seeing where it goes, but are really enjoying each other’s company,” sources tell E! “Her friends and family really like him! People think this could lead somewhere. She’s been through a lot. Everyone’s happy for her.”

While Scheana and Robert’s photos are a little over the top, I guess if they are happy that’s all that matters. A funny side note, Kristen Doute, and Stassi Schroder recently talked about how photographers and paparazzi don’t follow the VPR cast unless they call them and tell then where they are. So it makes me think Scheana called the paparazzi to capture her PDA session on the beach which is kind of pathetic. Love Scheana but come on girl keep your relationship private.

Thoughts on Scheana’s PDA-filled pictures? Do you think Scheana called the paparazzi to take photos of her and Robert? Did Scheana ever have any intention of keeping her relationship private?

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  • I Love that they have to call the Paps , VPR is a bunch of aging children getting drunk and spouting crappp-

  • This has bad idea written all over it! Scheana is doing the most way too soon and the fact that this man is willingly going along with this foolishness may be a warning sign that he’s not there for the right reasons but instead looking for a spot on the show and to jump start his acting career as the press refers to him as an ‘Actor’ but his resume is as long as a toilet tissue square. Happens everyday in Hollywood.

  • Have you ever been on vacation and watched people overact for cameras so they can post endless selfies? I swear one family on my last vacation was only at the resort to shoot photos of themselves in various poses and outfits. It was sad. Have some damn fun. Relax. Enjoy. Be in the moment.

  • Scheana’s relationship with Robert just happened. Just like her relationship with Eddie just happened. And her relationship with Shay just happened.

    Scheana will date anyone.

  • Won’t fully share photos LOL? WTH does she think ANY social media is , such as snap chat or Insta?