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Kristen Taekman Says the Ups and Downs in Her Marriage Have Made It “Stronger Than Ever”

Kristen Taekman’s stint on the Real Housewives of New York may have been short-lived but the former reality star is now opening up about how the “rocky” moments in her life on the show only made her stronger.

During her time on RHONY, Kristen endured many ups and down, however she also face public drama when her husband Josh was included in the 2015 Ashley Madison leak.

Despite the public embarrassment, their family endured from the Ashley Madison scandal and their marriage woes on RHONY, Kristen says her relationship with Josh is stronger than ever.

“My relationship is stronger than ever and I think it’s good,” Kristen recently revealed to The Daily Dish. “I think that every relationship for sure has its ups and downs whether it’s marriage, dating, friendships. I’ve had my ups and downs with friendships too. Yeah, I think it’s good and it does make you stronger.”

Adding, “Everybody’s good [in my family]. I feel like it’s nice. I loved my time on the show and now that I have my new normal it’s nice too.”

While Kristen is no longer living life in front of the cameras that doesn’t mean she doesn’t occasionally run into her former co-stars.

“Carole [Radziwill] and I see each other quite a bit. It’s not that we don’t purposefully not see each other, it’s just that we’re all so busy. We haven’t been able to get in touch,” Kristen explained. “Ironically, I ran into Carole and Bethenny [Frankel] recently at lunch, so I got to catch up with them, which was great. So I kind of bump into people here and there.”

These days Kristen is focused on her family as well as her fashion blog and beauty line.

“How has my life changed most lately? I don’t know. I really enjoy doing my fashion blog, and I think that’s really fun and I think I probably wouldn’t have had my platform if I didn’t do the show and I think that’s great. That’s really my full-time job right now that with Pop of Color so it’s fun to have that job, and it’s perfect as a mommy job.”

As for her time of RHONY, Kristen says she learned a lot during her two-year stint on reality TV and has applied those lessons to her post-TV life.

“The biggest lesson I learned just [is] really truly speaking your mind in everything,” Kristen said. “And you can bring that into any aspect of your life, whether you’re in a cab and he’s going the wrong way and you really voice your opinion — ridiculous example. Or just being with a group of friends and somebody’s saying something and you just sort of disagreeing. I think before I probably really would have let that go and now I stand up a little straighter and get my Housewife on. It’s still in you; it doesn’t go away.”

I’m going, to be honest, and say I’m shocked Kristen and Josh have lasted considering how rocky their marriage was on TV.  I liked Kristen but I don’t think she was a good fit for RHONY. However, I’m glad to hear she’s doing well post-reality TV.

Thoughts on Kristen’s interview? Are you surprised Kristen and Josh’s marriage has lasted? Do you miss Kristen on RHONY? Are you surprised Kristen keeps in touch with Carole the most?

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  • These two need to appreciate each other more. Josh was a hard worker who felt neglected by his wife. And Kristen rode the fame train and played the I need me time a bit too much. So I hope they both like married life now and having two children, more than they did before.

  • well nothing has apparently changed with Ashley Madison either, they have a variety of glam commercials for their “services”