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Two People Reportedly Murdered In Car Registered To RHONJ’s Kim Depaola!

According to authorities are investigating an incident that took place on East 28th St. in Paterson on Friday. Two bodies were found “burned beyond recognition” following a car fire, but there is way more to this story!

Residents who live in the area say they, “distinctly heard two gunshots rung out, then saw the car erupt in flames minutes later!

Law enforcement sources revealed that the two men in the car were shot in the head “execution-style.” The motive has not been determined yet, but sources say they are investigating if drugs were involved in this tragedy.

When they arrived on the scene firefighters had to cut open the roof of the vehicle, which appeared to be an Audi S line (the top-spec trim model), in order to pull the bodies out. A law enforcement official said that, “the remains were so charred investigators couldn’t immediately ascertain the race or sex of the victims.

Currently, dental records are being obtained to help identify the victims.

Unfortunately no arrests have been made at this time, but police are working around the clock to find the people who carried out this horrific crime.

Sadly, it’s being said that the Audi was registered to RHONJ’s Kim D, or someone in her immediate family; however neither Kim, nor her son were the victims of this heinous act.

Regardless of how you feel about Kim on RHONJ, this is a heartbreaking situation and we all should be keeping her and the victims in our thoughts and prayers tonight.

This story is still developing, and AATRH will keep you up to date as soon as more details are available.

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  • victims seriously ? Kim D hates Melissa and set Melissa up , Joe called Kim D out powering her nose (coke) She runs with the big dogs .Joe is small time and kissed Kim D’s butt for a reason not even Teresa could help him
    I do not think Joe nor Teresa are intelligent enough to know how to scam banks out of money MOB ties got them started ,showed them how IMO and they got caught being greedy.
    Teresa has cut ties with Kim D or Teresa has been forced out due to her high notoriety for a reason and her fans are blind to see Teresa for who she is .She is the stereo typical Mob wife
    I know there are gonna be attackers for my comment so keeping my name quiet

    • Maru I read Kims interview elsewhere . Pretty scary that people have to go into hiding. Yikes… The one 20 something year old I read earlier about too – Anderson , his is parents talked to cops and his uncle had offered reward:( sadly it’s seems the running theme is focused around drugs .

  • Oh my! Not good for KimD! But, just not enough known yet to really speculate what the hell is REALLY going on. JUICY!!

  • Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Drugs will be #1. Kim D thought her son was dead for 4 hours, later turns out hes in California and loaned his car to two friends. NJ puts the Real in Reality Kim D “I Run With The Big Boys “

      • I agree, Luvs! Marcy would be a great addition to ALLABOUTTRH!

        This season seems to be picking up some unintended drama during filming!

    • Kim D is heading out of town to a undisclosed location out of NJ due to the seriousness of the situation.

      • Marcy

        you are amazing with the updates! and yes Roxie should grab you. I know KimD is not my fav, as she has eagerly smashed Teresa, but she is a parent who must be going through so many unreal emotions, good for her for going somewhere for herself.

        • Off topic

          Hey shipp – Susan Sarandon just tweeted that she will be live tweeting during tonite’s episode of #Feud!!

        • Kim D talk’s a lot of smack to the point of STFU ok here’s the tea on her….Allegedly Kim is a cokehead Joe Gorga pretty much said the same thing. which Kim said I Roll the the Big Boy’s which a lot of us can”t forget. Kim D son Chris has been arrested for drugs. He was raised by his Grandmother. So yes Kim was a unfit Mother.

          • Marcy you really bring us the tea. Now that you mention it, she has that coke voice, allegedly…Her son was raised by the grandmother?

          • Thanks for the Tea, Marcy! I recall at the S4 reunion when Kim D. arrived, Joey, with his tail between his legs, apologized to Kim D. for attacking her during strippergate! I remember reading in the comment section at Famewhorgas that Kim D.’s “Big Boys” made Joey apologize to Kim D.,or else. So, I was under the impression that Kim D. really does hang with a rough crowd.

            I do miss Famewhorgas. There were some Posters who had the Tea like Marcy. I swear one Poster was Penny! Well, having a cousin who is in and out of jail due to his drug use, I hope Kim D.’s son gets the help he needs. This story is just so, so sad.

        • LMAO!
          I assume she’s going to California to kick the shit outta her numbskull son.
          Plenty of people will be asking about your “business” now, Kim, and I ain’t talking about Posche.

      • The “other site” exclusively reported that KimD is heading out of town. There is also an ” exclusive interview” with KimD.

        • rhfan- saw that . They spoke directly with Kim. I’m just wondering if her son was the target of just deal gone wrong ; I think it’s his car in her name but unfortunately it’s known that the only reason these young men go to that area is for drugs. It would be great if they have CCTVs around / street video surveillance . Sad for the families .

  • Wow sorry for the families, gotta feeling Kim D is gonna be at police station answering some questions, most likely drugs/ ripped off or didn’t pay , either way sad , Also think Bravo will pull away from Kim D temporarily for reputation reasons… she has always claimed she is connected, well here’s the proof….

    • I think all of them on this show are “connected”…explains a lot..about their lavish lifestyle…bunch of wannabes…

      • I always thought that too when I first saw the show. I thought they were all “connected” & Caroline was like the matriarch over them. But, that’s what I always thought, & still do!

    • Agree 1000% they certainly pulled away from Danielle with the shady characters she was hanging with in season 2, this is on a whole other level. Kim D did say “I run with the big boys” translation: very questionable people.

  • They say when someone tells you who they are, you should believe them. Kim D proudly told us who she is and that she hangs with the big boys. How deep does she roll?

  • Very tragic , seems like maybe a ” hit” , could have been drugs . Sad…
    Report said execution style shooting but also that 27 year old male had the car and his mother not named Kim, and his father ,were speaking to Police as he was not answering his calls or texts.

  • Kim D will loan her car to anyone. LOL!

    Kim D just sent a message to the hag marco clan. LOL

    Screw the Envy storyline, Kim D has the producers in the palm of her hand with this one. LOL

  • Wow, this is scary as hell ! I guess its true, they don’t fool around in Jersey. Prayers to the family of those lost.

  • Somewhere I read it was 2 of her sons friends, don’t know ages, I hope her “big boys connections” are not mingled with this, but supposedly the car is registered to kim.

    • WHOA! How horrible! I wonder if these boys were the intended target? If not, I would be very, very worried if I were Kim D.! My heart goes out to the two obviously murdered men’s families. The brutality of this crime has to be heartbreaking and shocking to them. Stay safe Kim D. and Family.

  • wow I just read this! my twitterbud just sent this to me! wow, in the nj. passaic (sp) they say it happened yesterday. I know I joke about KimD saying she “rolls with the big boys”, but holy crap, this is wicked!

        • LMAO! I just noticed it! I tried before to get one and it didn’t work… would you please tell me again how to make our own? Thanks!

          • Hey Fuchess

            I have the directions that Shipp gave to Hopeful, I never used them because i have an account (free) WordPress. I sent the same directions to HWLOVER, but not sure if it worked for HWLover, and i remember Shipp mentioning something…sorry I can’t remember what Shipp goes..these are Shipps instructions.

            Good luck


            On the Gravatar page – “Manage Gravatars” – go to the top right hand corner where it shows your email address, next to that is your current avatar.

            1 – Move your mouse to that avatar and click on the avatar. “Add an Image” will appear in the menu. Click on “Add an Image”. Or, go to the bottom of the page, under your current avatar and click on “Add a new image”. **this is confusing to explain as I don’t know if you lost your current avatar/gravatar on WordPress, you said you didn’t** Soooo….

            2 – Three blue choice boxes will appear on “Upload Image” page. Click on “Upload New Image” box.

            3 – Click on browse, your files will appear. Pick which avatar you want from your files. Then click next, and follow the directions.

            DO NOT LOG OUT, when you’re finished

            • Sammy, Hopeful already had an account, and lost her avatar and was trying to get it back. The above is not how to sign up for an account. I can’t remember how to sign up. After I did I added it to my tool bar so if I have problems I just click it and am on the site.

              • uggh..I’ve never rememered this! I knew there was something,

                Thanks Shipp, so Fuchess, open an account and go for it! good luck and thanks shipp!