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Teresa Giudice Bounces Back and Resumes Filming After The Death Of Her Mom

Bouncing back?

Teresa Giudice has been through the ringer the last few years, and life got even tougher for the Real Housewives of New Jersey star when her mother, Antonia Gorga, surprisingly passed away on March 3.

While Teresa has been very public about her mourning and how much she and her family miss the matriarch of their family, it seems that Teresa is ready to turn her frown upside down and get back to work filming the eighth season of RHONJ.

On Wednesday night Teresa posted a photo of her all dolled up and looking quite stunning, hinting to fans that she would be filming for RHONJ that night.

“Excited for a great year #Bravotv #RHONJ Here we go! Makeup by @mspriscillanyc Hair by @luciacasazza,” Teresa captioned the photo. 

Meanwhile, Teresa’s RHONJ co-stars also shared similar posts on social media; making it clear the whole cast was getting together to celebrate what we now know was Danielle Staub’s housewarming party.

The next day Teresa shared more photos from her night out including one photo with Siggy Flicker.

Despite the fact that Siggy is getting close with Kim D her friendship with Teresa seems stronger than ever.

In fact, Siggy gushed about how “strong” Teresa is and how she’s “turning tables” every day.

“You are one of the strongest women I know. Proud to say that I am witnessing you actually #turningthetables every single day @teresagiudice #womenwhocandoitall#superwoman #loveyou,” Siggy wrote.

And while Teresa may be all smiles and putting on a brave face for the cameras it’s clear her mom is still on her mind and in her heart.

Following her night out Teresa posted a beautiful poem about mothers on Instagram and wrote about how much she misses her mom.

I know there was some discussion on social media and in the comments section of this blog about if Teresa was “moving on” from her mother’s death too soon and how could she be all smiles so fast after such a loss, well – it’s her job. RHONJ producers and Bravo gave the family I’m sure as much time as they could, but they also have a limited amount of time and a deadline to film season 8. While yes Teresa is smiling and happy in these photos we don’t know what’s going on when she’s off camera. I think it’s beautiful to see Tre smiling again because she deserves it.

Thoughts on Teresa’s Instagram posts? Do you think Teresa is “bouncing back” from her loss? Did Teresa resume filming too soon after her mother’s death? Do you think Teresa is putting on a brave face for filming while she mourns her mother?

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  • Seems weird to say Teresa has “bounced back”. She was very close to her mum, I doubt she has “bounced back”. As if Teresa has a choice but to continue working despite the tragedy.

  • I think “bounces back” is a very insensitive remark when someone is going through the grief process! My Mom died 13 years ago! You never “bounce back” you just put one foot in front of the other, wake up get dressed earn mo et to keep your family fed and clothed and you keep your secret hurt as private as you can. Nights are tortured, you cry in your sleep, you tear up when you can’t remember one ingredient in ur moms recipe, and you slowly slowly slowly remember how to live again even with the crushing feeling of loss!

    Please put of respect for anyone who’s ever lost someone change that title to something more appropriate? Something like Teresa calls on her incredible strength her mother gave her in order to continue taking care of her family and continues fueling despite the loss of her dear mother! See the difference there?

  • I don’t think anyone bounces back after the death of a loved one, especially a parent and Tre is no different. But she has grown a lot these past few years and has gotten both stronger and wiser. I’m sure she still mourns the family’s loss but recognizes her professional obligations and the need and desire to take care of her family. She is on her own now. She’s doing what is right and necessary and I see no fault. Sadly, the ugly people will find something negative to say about her return to work and to them in say SHAME!

  • I love Teresa’s Caramel highlights, no matter T will forge forward, she is a good Mom and she will do what she has to in supporting her daughters, that I admire…

  • Im in complete shock about Danielle Staub’s returning to the show but im happy that teressa is back

  • It was obvious to me that Tre loved and respected her mother so much! Which Tre doesn’t have the luxury to sit out one season of RHONJ to mourn her mother’s passing. Right now she’s the sole bread winner in her family.

    Say Tre did take off a season, then Melissa might be downgraded to a FOH. Tre knows her brother and Melissa need her for more camera time. Which more camera time equals more money! I personally think the only reason Melissa hasn’t been demoted or fired is because of Tre.

  • New to posting, but have been reading comments for a very long time. Love reading Sam, Michers, Shipps and September’s the most!!

  • I’m sure Teresa mourns her mother. Theresa was good to her mother while she was alive. She now has to go out and earn a living. She is the sole provider for her family. I’m sure her mother would want her to get on with her life.


  • I think Jac will need to go & lie down in her Bedroom for 3 days, when she see’s the photo of Siggy & Teresa, Omg she’ll be mad, we’ll hear soon that her & Siggy don’t speak

  • Ms. Marco. Taking a selfie in the least used room in her house. She films a reality show – take the selfie in your real bathroom. Down the street. LOL!

  • Of course she has to work and start pimping her kids childhoods. No one will let her steal anymore. #TheGigIsUP

        • Um, Marie, are you taking lessons on fact vs. fiction from Donald Trump? Teresa has not stolen everything. Yes, she did break the law and has paid the price, but she also works her ass off to support her family.

      • Her kids should live their lives off reality tv, they must be so embarrassed about what their parents did and the torment they must receive from other kids in school it’s just wrong!

        • Teresa doesn’t care. As long as she has the current handbag, the show will go on. Everywhere she goes, everyone knows she is a thief, so what’s the point?

      • Frances she’s always so gross when it comes to Teresa ( unacceptable and crosses lines . This place is only place she gets attention . Poor thing .

      • her comments aren’t that bad, you should see some of the racist, hateful, misogynistic, vile etc. comments posted by other users here about people they only know from television.

  • Tre looks perfectly gorgeous! I’m SO GLAD she’s bouncing back– with four little girls, and her father to look after, she really has no alternative. God bless the whole family during this terrible period.

  • Tre has to get back to work to financially care for her family. She looks great in that pic – her hair looks really good with the caramel highlights. Team Tre!

  • Teresa MUST get back to being the mother of 4 girls with bills to pay. It’s not easy – have done it myself and know that whether we want to or not, our responsibilities demand our presence.
    She will mourn forever the loss of her Mom and think about her every day.

    • Yup.
      I had 3 days off when my parents passed, then it was back to my desk.
      Since her job is filming a reality show, its back to work for her as well.

      • Hey Luvs 😀 Same here. After a major family death I was and required to be back to work the day after the funeral. Sigh…ain’t easy.

        • My father passed away a month ago…I had to be at work the following morning! I haven’t had a day off yet! That doesn’t mean that I don’t cry in the middle of the night and think about him every other minute and remember all of the love and his sweet smile…but I also need my job! So my pain is born in private and I do my job!

          • So sorry for your recent loss PreK, I lost my Dad 11 years ago and my Mother 5. It never gets easy.

    • Ive been through it to, I swear it took me 15 yrs to stop crying on a daily basis, its now 22 yrs & I can look at her photo & smile, I still have my moments but there nothing compared to the first 15, that Antoinette up above is Obviously not a nice person

      • @Frances, I also , can relate, my heart aches everyday , they say time heals, not true….not some things

      • Francis M. I feel ya. I still can’t look at certain family photos/videos. I’m hoping it will pass, but not yet.

  • We are seeing Teresa – publicly dealing with what life has given to her, and privately, well she shares in instagram the pain she feels and the mourning she feels.

    She already signed the contract and filming already was in process before Antonia passed, and – it feels disrespectful to have to defend this, but from experience, – of course we all want the private time to mourn and ensure the girls are tended to in this shocking time – but reality looms its head regardless, contracts need to be filled and bills need to be paid.

    Condolences to this amazing family.

    • the only thing I don’t like about this is you cant like someone’s comment, I like yours

        • Samael, how do you know someone responded to your post? I’m having so many problems with this site lately. Are you able to still click on that you’d be notified of any and all additional comments? Thanks. Anyone?

          • Hey Fuchess

            I think this site stopped the “notifications” for good. I think it was part of that previous format where you can like and dislike comment.s