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AATRH Exclusive: Will Dina Manzo Be A Part of RHONJ Season 8?!?!

A cameo appearance?

Dina Manzo has been a staple on the Real Housewives of New Jersey since it’s inception and even though she’s no longer an official Housewife she’s been known to pop in here and there.

Our RHONJ insiders tell us that fans shouldn’t be surprised if they see Dina “make an appearance or two” during season 8.

Sources added that they could confirm Dina “filmed at least one scene for season 8.” 

Dina who currently lives in Malibu, California recently came back to Jersey to support her BFF Teresa Giudice as she buried her mom, Antonia Gorga.

During her time in Jersey over the last few weeks, we are told by our production insiders that Dina hung out with Teresa while the RHONJ cameras were filming.

Sources reveal that Dina was more open to filming scenes for RHONJ now that all her family members are officially no longer a part of the show.

It’s a well-known fact that Dina initially walked away from RHONJ during season 2 due issues she was having with her sister Caroline Manzo, and sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita and only returned to the show during season 6 when both Caroline and Jac had exited the show.

While in Jersey, Dina celebrated her birthday and was seen out and about with her friends.

However, it’s obvious that Dina did not spend her birthday with any of her extended family and instead chose to celebrate with her daughter Lexi, boyfriend, and some close friends in New York City.

It’s clear that for Dina, Caroline, and Jacqueline time doesn’t heal all wounds and that the bad blood between them continues to flow.

I am so excited that we will get to see Dina on season 8 of RHONJ. I love Dina, and her friendship with Teresa is so authentic and beautiful. It’s amazing that Dina was able to there for Teresa as she mourned her mother’s death. While I know Dina is a California girl now, I secretly wish she’d move back to Jersey and join RHONJ again. But in the meantime hopefully, Dina will make more visits to Jersey over the next few months and film a little more for RHONJ.

Are you excited for Dina to make an appearance on RHONJ season 8? Does it shock you that Dina’s issues with Jacqueline have kept her off RHONJ? Is it odd that Dina didn’t celebrate her birthday with her family while in Jersey?

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  • Dina is boring as hell and brings nothing to the show, she can stay in Cali. There are more interesting ladies dying to get on the show.

  • Dina the home wrecking whore that she is needs to stay on the west coast. She may be pretty but she adds nothing to the show, even her own family is disgraced by her. She only comes around Tre the felon when she needs screen time. She’s a real POS.

  • Yes i miss dina so much :)she’s so gorgeous and a very good person and was wondering what happened to her 🙂

  • Dina is one of the most boring housewives ever. The last season she was on all she did was complain that she didn’t want to be there and whenever there was confrontation she would just act like she was sooo above it all. Namaste and good riddance bitch!

  • If she comes back, she comes back, eh. Call me cynical, but I wonder what “project” Dina is going to announce in the near futur? It seems like in the past her announcements were often preceded by some reference to RHONJ, Tre or her family. I.e pics with Her goddaughter, then a divorce announcement; old pics of Tre and RHONJ then the Roker onlne thing, etc.

  • I wonder if Dina will film anything with Dolores, this should be very interesting. Would like to see once BFF unite, they never had a falling out just stopped talking to each other.

    • Really? I didn’t know that! Now, isn’t Dolores BFFs with Caroline? Dolores is almost always described as being loyal. Yet, she was once BFFs with one sister and now is BFFs with the sisters older sister. Which Dina did say she cut ties with Caroline because Caroline chose a reality TV career over her. Could Dolores be a secret famewhore who dumped Dina for Caroline because of Carolines ties to RHONJ? I know the Producers who work for the Bravo Housewives franchise will NOT hire a HW who doesn’t have any skeletons in her closet or don’t have a personality disorder. All this talk about Dolores being so loyal just might be a setup for some upcoming drama!

  • Dina is boring as heck and added absolutely nothing to the show. Why are people excited to see her?

  • Yes- maybe it is to support Teresa and also make peace with Danielle-
    Ohhhh JacWac and Asslee and Caroham are gonna be pissed-
    I love Dina and I hope if not full-time at least a friend- ( kinda think that depends on the boyfriend and if he / she wants to expose themselves to this drama-
    My hope is that the show will be more light hearted and not so who can take down who- like the HW shows should and could be–

    • Yep!!! Then the younger basher will delete then brag about how the blogs fawn over her as she did last week . Her boyfriend must be raising the baby

      • Out of curiosity I looked at Ashley’s instagram page. She’s still trying to peddle that Namaste t-shirt and she did admit she was not part of this season! If I could, I would leave a gif of a crowd of people giving someone a standing ovation right now. For some reason, I feel like I should take a shower after creeping Ashley’s creepy instagram page!

    • Totally, she’ll be sure to sprinkle them with some off reference to karma or Namaste bitches. I don’t get the bashing of another person’s religion.

      • I don’t either especially when it comes from a daughter riding on mom’s gossip coat tails