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Kyle Richards Was Astounded by ‘Bizarre’ ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Reunion

How bizarre…

The drama never stops in the 90210, and it seems that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 7 reunion is turning out to be quite a doozy.

Following the season 7 sit-down, RHOBH alum Kyle Richards opened up to Us Weekly about how this year’s reunion is unlike anything she’s ever seen before.

“It was a very bizarre reunion,” Kyle revealed. “I don’t think I’ve used the word before. There was screaming, and there was crying, there was a walk-off. It was so intense at times.”

There was also several moments of flat-out awkwardness that Kyle could barely handle.

“There were times where I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I’m going to try not to laugh right now because it’d be so inappropriate.’ I wanted the sofa to open up and just take me away,” she said. “I mean honestly, that was maybe one of my most uncomfortable moments.”

Kyle also hinted that her big sister Kim might have been stirring the pot quite a bit at the reunion.

“My sister Kim had a lot to say,” she revealed. Despite the fact that she’s “always in the middle” of her sister and Lisa Rinna drama, Kyle says she sided with her sister on this one; calling Rinna and Eden’s comments about Kim “irresponsible.” Adding, “Kim was really upset about the things that Lisa and Eden had said.”

But Kyle says she had her sisters back at the reunion.“I really felt Lisa Rinna was wrong. For her to do that and talk about my sister, and say the things she said on camera — then millions of people hear it, and [it] sparks rumors, and it affects Kim and her life. It came out of left field. There’s no seeing both sides in that situation.”

While wrapping things up, Kyle admitted that everyone has been affected by the drama this year and that her co-stars were still heated when leaving the reunion taping.“This is one of those years everyone was divided.”

Thoughts on Kyle’s reunion revelations? Are you surprised the RHOBH cast is still divided following the reunion?

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  • OMG, I don’t buy what Kyle is selling. She knows Kim needs the story line, it’s all she has and it adds to Kyle’s story line. I call bull….

  • Oh great! Another RHOBH reunion centered around self-entitled Kim whining about how unfairly she has been treated and attacking those who she does not like..

  • “There was screaming, and there was crying, and there was a walk off.”

    Just one walk off? Hmmmmm, now who could that have been? 😉 “OWN IT, OWN IT!!”

    Concerning the Kim, Bones, and Buffoon current tweet war. Remember, tho the Cupcake Party was filmed several months ago, they just recently saw it. Obviously they didn’t move on. No surprise here.

    • hey Shipp

      all true, I’ve always wondered – which RH did the first “walk off” in such indignation! making sure the camera follows her wailing and hanky in paw..slapped against forehead!

      LR true to form, she does the behind the scenes smashes to eden and Kim..via instagram…such a stooge. as far as I’m concerned…3 sobriety tests for Kim…one for Eden..and one for LR


      • Sammy, I think the very first walk off was Ramona, NY. The reunion talk turned to Alex nude pictures and Ramona was offended by them and walked off. I could be wrong.

        I gotta laugh. How things have changed. Most of them are running around nude now, or with something popping out.

        • thanks Shipp

          wow Bravo and Ramona have changed alot since then!

          I remember- back then – loyalty to a friend/family member was suddenly..”the vault being opened” is praised!


  • So, after fans and most everybody called out Kyle for not coming to Her sisters defense, esp. after the game night, Kyle is FINALLY on Kim’s side? Oh, ok.

    I wonder if Kyle being “forced” to finally “pick a side” is what made the reunion “bizarre” to her ? Typically she just sits there and tries to stay neutral, knowing she stirred the pot behind the scenes all season. About time she takes some stand.

  • For me Kyle is amazed, nah Kyle has learnt to let the others do the deed and then plays amazed NOT, Gosh I hope the Richards move on, this crappppp is old old old old

  • Although I don’t care for Lippys shenanigans , she only said to Eden what’s been being used for storylines since Kyle outed her season 1 !!!! My issue was that she had temporary amnesia when confronted initially ! Kyke has said these things many times along with her other friends so they need to find Kim a new purpose .
    The awkward was probably Eden . Walk off either Lippy or Kim.

    • @Mich, it amazes me that Kyle nor Kim blame the fact that Kim was/is on National TV…& they are blaming anyone … this is 1st Kyle bringing it up & 2nd Kim doing the deeds , absolutely amazing…. Walk Off Kim , that’s her MO, she isn’t ever going to take responsibility EVER

    • Rinna said dumb shit. Eden repeated it. But didn’t we see an apology and everyone make up already? So why rehash the hate at the reunion? Why is Kim going nuts on Twitter? Why can’t these women just grow up?

      • Yes swizzle we did but that’s not enough for those who desire and crave spotlight , attention , faux sympathy . I really don’t like how Kyle switched up either ( now she died t like a friend requesting things ?) ,( Pump has to pick a lane?) and I cannot stand her and Kim both verbally attacking others at once .

        • Doesn’t like a friend holy Shi_ today ! My autocorrect is a slut pig on this fine Monday lol

        • But its ok for Rinna & Eileen to do it, your only saying these things about the sisters because you don’t like / hate then, it doesn’t take a Genius to work you out, if Rinna hadn’t sat on Kims chair when she went to the toilet, that’s enough to start some resentment, then when Dorit said R & D work together & Kim agreed with it as Kim had already said it last season, then Rinna starts with her charges & on & on, the ones from any housewives some I don’t like if there right i’ll always say there right, ive done it several times, your just what people call a Hater of the sisters

          • Not sure what you are even trying to say but I’m going to stop you right there . No I don’t like them ( sisters) tag teaming – it’s ugly . Doesn’t make me a damn hater like someone else insinuates around here ( hypocrisy at its finest) ! I have my own thoughts like you and everyone else, I’m not personally going in on anyone here , speaking on the show , if you don’t agree so be it . BTW- I think you meant ” they’re ” !!!!!

              • No Mary I don’t . But I ran out of patience with the personal labeling , ASSuming and I somewhat name calling generalizations . I had a moment . * If I ” hated” anyone I would type the word! That is all . LOL 😉

    • Whenever Kyle has spoke of Kim or got into a Conversation it was because she wasn’t sober, but now she has/ still is sober & Rinna’s is trying to ruin it, you CANNOT ACCUSE Kyle of any of that shit that poured out of Lipso’s mouth, she’s just evil & if she’s back next season ( I hope not ) Kim will be her storyline again some how she’ll do it all over again & we are the ones who’ll suffer

    • I had a thought- how funny would it be when , if Kim walked off, no one called her back? Just keep walking, Kim- we’d love to be done dealing with your failure to face facts and manage your own condition. You are quick to blame anyone who has a word to say about all that you have inflicted on them for years now, and then you lie, fail to admit responsibility for anything, and blame everyone else for being mean to you, you poor victim.

      I don’t mean to be tough, but I do think we have all had enough . It’s classic as she fights to be even an FOH, that Kim would decide she needed to make a scene at the reunion to improve her spot next year.

      We’ve said it for years, but I hope the reason she was only in scenes at Kyles house were that:
      1) She created a huge problem for Bravo, Kim and her attorney as her hair person was assaulted by Kingsley while preparing her for one shoot,
      2) She is either well not off pills, apparently, and
      3)She has nothing else to add :no story, nothing interesting to say except about a baby who will never be on the show. Add that to the fact that they need new women and better storylines, and Kim’s days should be long since over.

      With Atlanta going down in flames, Bravo needs to keep BH zipping along, and the KIm story has run its course.
      And that has been of her own doing. She has had multiple years and seasons to face her demons and fails to.

      • Chi that would be hilarious ( Kim walking ) and I agree ;ATL is one foot in the door to Hell it’s burning that bad lol

  • Well, facts are facts…Kim made sure she never disclosed EVER – until Sasloon arrived – not one word about going to Rehab or being sober – then the duffus signs the damned Bravo contract, cuz Kim does what Kim wants and this season Kim wanted the camera.

    So of course the bitches have to answer for their disgusting stabbing of the “3 months” sober Kim! Great, its all kims responsibility to clean this up, she created this.

    if drug smoking/aerosol huffing/wine swilling kim sign’s again, and refuses to clear up – how “sober” she is, well, each season Kim will be an awesome target/storyline for the bitches.

    • Hey Sammy, “the bitches” have no story line of their own. So of course Kim will continue to be their target, even tho she’s not even a full time HW.

      Bones Rinna has nothing ‘cept HARRY HAMLIN, HARRY HAMLIN. Dulleen who? Oh right, Bones lap dog. Buffoon is just odd. A one and done.

      Do you know how many episodes are left? I’m exhausted with these hags.

      OT – “Feud ” – Most excellent, again.

      • Hey Shipp!

        Because kim created the shitstorm of lying about sobriety…she will have to fess up and swallow the lies ..until she states one way or the other..about using again or not..her door is wide open..and of course these bitches will leap through via their individual brooms!

        I haven’t watched last nights episode explosive, the character “hedda hopper’ reminded me of the movie from either 70/80’s Malice in wonderland – movie about how hedda hopper and that other rag writer rose to fame. played by Elizabeth Tayler..”the house that fear built” best line ever

      • oops

        Shipp – tomorrow’s episode is #15 and it looks like there are 17 for this season! the struggle for drives/parties/work place stuff – I like that..wondering if Kim is high/drunk..or why Sassloon seems high..and why this season is dragging its butt…geez

  • So…fukcing, the reunion is all about DimKim!! GET RID OF KIM, ALREADY!! Face it, if the drunk bitch hadn’t done all the scandalous shit she had, no one would be talking about her! If the crazy, drunk bitch didn’t keep coming back to thus show, no one would be talking about her! I don’t even mind Kyle sticking up for her…it’s her sister and LR was wrong to make those comments…on camera. I’m beginning to suspect that any and all drama at the reunion derives from DimKim being on the show so therefore BORING AND TEDIOUS. I’m sick of talking about her, seeing or hearing about her, or discussing panty-gate any further. I mean really, what else was this season about? My bottom line? NO MORE KIM!! I swear, if they bring her back next season, I’m done with this franchise!! DONE!

    • Sorry…my autocorrect is really becoming tiresome… (Samsung S6 Edge plus…don’t recommend) js

      • @Fuchess, I agree, & my phone does same dang thing uggghhhh I also am done with Kim, remove her Azz & let Kyle take care of her….

    • I have to say Fuch that I am at that point too . I only disliked they never would stop using her for topic even when not being filmed but this is first time I am seeing total bitchy mean Kim and I don’t like it . I did agree with weirdo ( Eden ) that ” sober ” or recovering having chance to LIVE, people don’t act that way . She should be ever so HAPPY that : not in jail , still has family , got to work , daughters married , pregnant , grandchildren . No instead she wants keep the damn dumbass feud going . Done .

      • @Mich anyone else would have been put in jail, not community service,Jails what she needed not Community Service, she is a lucky gal once again, but her luck is/has ran out. UNREAL

        • I always tried to be hopeful for her to stay sober but this season , she lost some of my support . Not only did Kyle enable her but now the courts have so IDC what punishment she gets as long as she is held accountable to carry out some kind of consequence !