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AATRH Exclusive: The Real Reason Jacqueline Laurita Turned Down RHONJ Season 8 Offer!

RHONJ season 8 filming began filming a few weeks ago, but after the tragic loss of Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga’s mom Antonia, things slowed down a bit. Last week was dedicated to giving Antonia a proper goodbye, and respecting the families as they took some time to mourn their mother.

While production is being mindful of Teresa and Joe’s loss, a RHONJ insider confirmed that, “production has resumed and it’s full steam ahead from here.

Jacqueline Laurita is not a part of this season, but that hasn’t stopped her from talking non-stop to any media outlet that will listen. Currently she claims that she turned down an offer because production wasn’t willing to pay what she thought she was worth. It was consistently mentioned that she was the only one who “brought it” to season 7, yet most people were horrified and concerned by the way she acted last year.

All About The Truth is here to set the record straight, and explain exactly what Jacqueline was offered, and why she turned it down! “Jacqueline was never going to be a full-time cast member for season 8, she was offered a part time role. There are many stories going around clearly planted by her, but the truth is that she wanted full-time money and the show is going in a different direction,” our source explained.

Here’s a way to break it down, and make it clear why exactly Jac’s ego was so hurt by this offer. Last season Dolores, Siggy, Robyn, and Christina all began filming as, “friends” of the housewives. As we know, from there Dolores and Siggy became full-time, while Robyn and Christina were “friends.

Kathy Wakile and her sister Rosie Pierri were confirmed as part-time right away, and had very little involvement in the season. There was never a question if they would be friends or official housewives; Bravo wasn’t interested in them in that way anymore That’s exactly the position that Jacqueline was in for season 8, and personally I see it as Bravo’s way of phasing out seasoned housewives.

When it comes to season 8 right now it’s too early to confirm if Danielle Staub and Margaret Josephs will be full-time, official housewives, or “friends.” They both have the chance to become full-time housewives; it all depends how the season plays out. Melissa, Teresa, Siggy, and Dolores are the only confirmed official housewives, so it’s assumed that at least one (or both) of the women will become full-time!

There are many rumors going around about Alisa Maria being a part of season 8, and as of now our insiders insist that she is just making appearances; that may possibly change, but as of now that’s where she stands. After some digging I found that Alisa has been on Bravo’s radar since the beginning of RHONJ, and it seems that they may be keeping her on the sidelines until they see where, or if they will need her to bring it!

A few weeks ago it was suspected that Jac would be back later in the season to do what she does best and cause drama, yet her negative leaks about the season may have ruined that chance. It looks like Alisa could take that spot; Jacqueline may have gotten too full of herself at Bravo, RHONJ will go on without her!

It’s no secret that Jacqueline and Chris could use the money, however she let her ego get in the way of her wallet; once she found out she had no chance of going full-time, she refused to participate.

Our insider wrapped by reiterating that production was “very aggressive” when it came to casting, and they are counting on season 8 to be the best yet!

Are you glad that Jacqueline isn’t a part of season 8? Do you believe Bravo didn’t offer her full-time on purpose? Will the franchise be better without her? Why is she leaking details to the media? Will Margaret be a good addition? What about Danielle? Will Bravo bring Alisa in to cause drama? Are you excited for season 8? Let’s discuss!

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  • I only watch for Teresa and her family so I’m very pleased Bravo has dumped the Whacko and the disgusting cousins. They make me sick and ruin the show.
    Great move Bravo

  • Count me out on watching any more. I think Bravo will find out they made a big mistake. Having Jacqueline, Kathy & Rosie off or part time. You will have no show worth watching. Just an ex-convict & past hooker with Teresa & Danielle. Will miss Joe & Melissa, maybe they could have their own show with their beautiful kids….but,the way it stands now….Bye bye Felicia…..

    • I agree to the above I will not watch this again exconvict getting full time money maybe if Jacqueline had done what Teresa did she would get a full time job .so another less watching the programme it will be a sooo boring listing to Teresa going on about her books she never wrote and now a yoga expert have to go to jail to get on tv

  • Jac holds on to who does what, and whom says what about another.!!Like a pack rat collecting bones. She always makes everything about her, it’s always about getting even with her! I really have never believed she really care about any one but her self.
    Everyone else makes this story what it is, exciting!!

    My heart goes out to Teresa, and Joe for their loss, my condolences to you and your entire familia.

    Ciao Bella

  • I love the original cast and I probably wont watch any more seasons.. My heart goes out to Teresa and Joe Gorga on the loss of their Mother. That being said I dont think Teresa takes any responsibility for anything she does.. Thats sad because her girls will follow most likely.. RHONJ will not be the same to me without the original cast from Seasons 3 through 5… I feel like Bravo takes advantage of Teresa Guidice basically exploits her “not so intelligent ways”… I dont mean that Teresa is stupid but they certainly like to play up some of the things she does or says.. I have compassion for her and what she went through legally and I hoped she would be a better person once she came home. I didnt see it in season 7 at all.. Just a woman who is profiting from being a convicted felon and still blaming everyone else for her actions.

  • She destroyed any chances with the rest of the cast I would rather have Her off the show then on it. She is boring and fake the way she uses her artistic son was just sad. Take care of your son he more important then fame and fortune. Stop using him as a prop. There should be a law against reality shows using kids. They didn’t ask to be on tv there parents did.

    • Frank dear, Jacquelyn ‘s son is Autistic. It’s different than artistic. He could also be artistic but his Autism is what Jac is always exploiting. ?

    • Frank dear, Jacquelyn ‘s son is Autistic. It’s different than artistic. He could also be artistic but his Autism is what Jac is always exploiting. ?

  • Team Teresa all the way we should not judge people for their mistakes in life I’m sure we all have done or gone thru something in life that we are not proud of its sad when people sit and judge Teresa for her mistakes. I’m team Teresa all the way now and always I’m glad jac if off the show Teresa made this show and continues to do do. A loyal fan of the show

    • Agree There is no show without Teresa she is the main character whatever they are paying Teresa it is not enough…

    • I don’t think most are judging Tre for her mistakes. There are simply unsettled by the fact that Tre continues on the same path, showing no remorse and blaming others for her mistakes. Had Tre come back a little more humble and not been comfortable flaunting a lavish lifestyle in the faces of the people she harmed, I think things would have been much better for her.

  • I feel Jacqueline been on since it started why she cant be full time i like her she makes the show. And i like Rosie and Kathy family their interesting i dont know why tbeir mot full time. Jacqueline deserves full time. I have been watching from the beginning a fan listen to us.

  • Long over due! I’m ecstatic that I don’t hav2 watch that insufferable psycho! She is vile& malicious! The stuff that came out of her mouth was just 2vile&hateful! She is a cold fish! No 1 will cry 4her or miss her awful mouth! Her mean spirit was palable! Adios & good riddance!! I’m out.Peace!

  • Jac said she brought the drama. What drama, calling Robyn Levy a solider is bringing drama, please I bring more drama to my daily shower. Last season we saw Teresa come home to her family. And adjust to life with Joe leaving. We saw two friends try and have a couples night in, that ended badly. Jac attacked people, played director of a play and found out that, no not everyone would follow her directions. Siggy and Dolores were put in no win positions with Teresa, Melissa, and Jac. I am sad that the Jac from season one and two was gone. And what replaced her was someone who was nasty, mean, petty, hurtful and sad. When she mocked the note Teresa sent, we should have guessed at how low she would hit. Teresa even remembered she didn’t like driving the turnpikes (freeways) and if Jac needed anything, to call her Teresa was far too nice to someone who didn’t appreciate a freaking thing. Oh well good luck Jac!

  • I like Jacqueline she was the one that I really thought that was the honest one on the show. Then, I would say Dolores and Siggy. She was done wrong.

  • I like Jacqueline, I can’t believe Bravo is rewarding Teresa for her criminal behavior, cannot stand Danielle . I liked Dina and Caroline. This show has changed so much I doubt I will ever watch it again.

    • Not thrilled at all that you guys put Theresa up on a Pedestal and get the viewers to feel sorry for her and Joe. They deserve it because of their Criminal Behavior. Only ones I feel sorry for is for her Kids and her Brother.
      Jac got to much of a Ego and should lay off Plastic Surgerys, looks bad and obviously they can’t afford it.

    • I totally agreed the original cast members, but i like Daneille, and love Saggy but miss Caroline and Dina too they all need to be on show please being tbem all back

    • I agree. I stopped watching the minute Bravo hired Teresa back. She is a felon who still (somehow?) lives in a big house and drives expensive cars, etc. I have no sympathy for her-she never has had any real consequences for her stealing. Must say I haven’t missed the show one bit. Not ever been the same as it used to be.

    • I agree. I stopped watching the minute Bravo hired Teresa back. She is a felon who still (somehow?) lives in a big house and drives expensive cars, etc. I have no sympathy for her-she never has had any real consequences for her stealing. Must say I haven’t missed the show one bit. Not ever been the same as it used to be.

  • This is great news! I hope they don’t bring her in later though. Can we please have updates on their legal issues since they escaped those on the show. I bet that’s another reason she was let go and Chris lurked around every scene to make sure it was not brought up. It was s hands off and Bravo finally said fine, you are off!

  • Big mistake. Without Jacqueline, last season would been incredibly boring. I’m sick of Teresa and Melissa both and Dolores and Siggy aren’t enough to keep me interested.

    • Agree. O I thought Teresa ran the show an and that is when it became boring. I like Jac, she is out there and it works, Rosie and Kathy are also great. This show is losing it. Try go going back to the idea of 1st season and Kathy can cook just so you know. Rosie brings the gay in of it love that. Teresa is a knuckle head just like Porsha on ATL did those two finish the 4th grade?

  • Why can’t there be one season that the NJ women just have fun. Just one season. This includes no Danielle.

  • Jaq screwed up by not kissing Tre’s azzz. Bravo is trying to rehab Tre’s image so anyone not on board has to go. Good. I think Jaq has some pretty serious mental issues that need to be attended to and being on a reality show is certainly not healthy for her. I would have liked to see Danielle bring her down though.

    • I think the fact Jacqueline is bat shit crazy is why she had to go, mary. Painful to watch and listen to. They hired her back full time knowing it would be a witch hunt as far as Teresa is concerned for drama, drama, drama. She took it to a whole other level, which backfired, rightfully so.

      She’s got her own “image” to rehab, as she’s guilty of fugazi financials, don’t forget.

      I can’t see where Teresa is responsible for this.

  • Jaq may have brought “it” but it sounds like she brought the wrong “it!” Kathy and Jaq’s Housewife personality consisted of tearing down Teresa, season after season! Did they not think that viewers would get sick and tired of the same ole song and dance? Both made a pretty penny trying to get the whole world to hate Tre so Bravo would fire her! I guess you can say they both FAILED at trying to become the Queen of RHONJ! Melissa lucked out by accepting her new role as Teresa’s SIL!

    I can’t help but think Bravo/Sirens Media purposely demoted Jaq in hopes she would quit! I read some of the pro-Jaq gossip that stated since Jaq quit the Producers are perplexed as what to do with season 8. I figured Jaq/Ashley were the source trying to save face because Jaq’s fragile ego was shattered in a million pieces. Jaq/Chris were DEMOTED and Kathy/Rich were FIRED! That’s what they get for being so predictable!

    That Ashley has a huge ego like her mom, too! I’m sure when she wrote a lengthy social media post about being upset how Bravo handled her engagement she ticked Andy and the Producers off! Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, little girl! OR, you’ll be unemployed and a has been!

    • Ha yeah, I am not sure what she brought either. What did Ash say about how production handled her engagement?

      • Ashley was disappointed that Bravo/Production left out important footage when her baby daddy proposed to her! As if she was a full-time housewife and not a “child” of a housewife. I recall the comments on blogs and social media weren’t too kind to Ashley’s rant!

        It was said that Jaq was Bravo’s Golden Child of RHONJ S7 because she “brought the drama!” Jaq let that go to her big potato head and Ashley let her mom’s temporary status go to her head, too! I’m thinking that’s why Ashley felt it was her right to publicly ridicule her mom’s Producers/Boss!

        Many housewives have publicly ridiculed a certain scene but more then likely that scene was edited to make them look bad. Ashley’s scene she was upset about made her look, well, good! Yet, she just had to complain!

        • So glad jaquline and her potatoes head family are not returning! Thank you Lord!
          I remember blowfish lips complaining she didn’t like the editing when the guy that knocked her up proposed to her. I thought girl please you’re known as the most entitled, superior to others, spoiled brat that ever lived. Trust me big lips no one noticed lol. The nerve of that little girl! The poor fool that knocked her up is probably realizing by now as he is stuck with her that maybe he should of used a condom, or he wished he had that baby with someone else, can you all imagine what a pain it must be to live with that spoiled brat!

          • IMO, Ashley used her boyfriend for a storyline! IDK if he was in agreement to the pregnancy and proposal or if he was duped? I really don’t care only that “Honest” Jaq was saying Ashley was engaged first and found out later that she was preggers! Yeah, right! I find that hard to believe! Especially Ashley wanting to wait until after her son was born to get married. Which is fine but the whole timing of the pregnancy and engagement makes me think Ashley wanted to wait to have her wedding included on RHONJ! Thank-you Bravo Andy for taking the show in a different direction with less Jaq and even lesser Ashley! I’m sure both mom and daughter will be on social media bashing Tre when S8 airs and passive-aggressive Kathy will be liking all their disses!

    • No Jaquline is not well, none of them in her family are. Jaquline not returning is such awesome news no more of phsyco tickets Jaquline, no more creepy Chris, no more degenerate Ashley! I’m so excited about the for the first time in a long time. Jaquline and her family made the show dark!

      • I totally agree with your post! Jaq repulsed me because she was so full of hate! Jaq’s type of hate is dark and evil. The way Jaq creepily giggles at herself when she looks back at one of her psychotic rages is very disturbing! Ewww….

  • I get so sick and tired of hearing that cast members need to bring ‘it’ or risk getting fired. It’s not supposed to be a scripted show, it’s meant to be about the reality of their lives, not forced crap!
    If it’s to boring to watch then perhaps the shows need to be canned!

    • Fully agree ! I cannot stand the bringing it crap ! It really bothers me in every franchise -calling some boring or whatever and like here the ” bringing it” , or the crazy .

    • Exactly,

      And while you hear that from the blogs some of that show members need to “bring it!” must be true. It so makes everything fake and while I realize if they have to have Producers and people who follow them around besides the cameras it can’t be real it just makes it worse to hear the “cast” members talking about bringing the drama. Perhaps all these “Reality” shows should go the way of the Dodo.

    • See them doing what? Failing at every business venture. Watching Ashley never grow up. Fretting that Nick isn’t sick enough for a new drug trial. I just don’t see the likeability factor in this family.

      • Tsk, tsk, September.

        You left out what we see them do most.

        Talk about Teresa.

        Silly rabbit!

    • Chris needs to work and stop inserting himself with the women, Gag Gag, a real man usually doesn’t want anything to do with women’s business or gossip, BE A MAN CHRIS , MAKE SOME MEN FRIENDS, oops you got to now , ahhhh and Jac will be on your Azz to support her lifestyle now Oh Well Be A Man you got balls right JMO

      • I thought it was a little too much sugary of Chris to insert himself with other women, you’re right my husband runs from drama lol but not Christy Chris Chris he likes to be all involved in women’s drama, the more the better. Chris loved being one of the girls lol

  • spilling more tea, Alisa Maria and Melissa had a falling out, Alisa doesn’t like or trust Melissa. Pretty much Alisa know’s them all, but mostly will be friends with Danielle. These two you don’t want to mess with. Love love love Alisa Maria can’t wait, these two bitches are going to slay but with Class and beauty…

    • Thanks Marcy! It sounds like Tre might be put in a position to choose sides. Melissa’s side or her friends? With Nonna Gorga passing, I think Tre and Joey are going to need each other. I do not trust, or even like, Melissa. She knows how much Tre needs Joey right now, with Juicy away. So, I can see her putting Tre on the spot by using words like “loyalty” and “devotion!” Melissa knows if Tre is friends with her enemies that Joey would flip on her! I’m really looking forward to Season 8 now!

    • Hi Marcy! Did you mean to say Alisa will be mostly friends with Tre? I thought Alisa was friends with her as I think she was on the checking in show? I don’t remember hearing of a Danielle/Alisa connection?

      • Rhfan- I remember that a few years back , that they knew each other ( Teresa and Her) . Someone ( guessing Jac) tried instigating and insinuating that she didn’t like Teresa ! I also didn’t know about her and Danielle being the friends , but anything is possible with these women

      • Big Connection now with Danielle both with their men have been out socially. I Believe she’s in fashion and a stylist I really have a feeling not many of Teresa real friends like MeMe…About Alisa, been on Bravo’s radar for awhile think their saving her for something special. keeping fingers crossed. Yes Teresa friend and in T Checks In..Necklace-gate..

  • I couldn’t get past “The Show is going in a different direction”. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Can I get an Alleluia!

  • Girl Bye , now be a Grandma and please take care of Nic & Daddy get a job, cause most men do that or should and stop being a wanna be cause majority of men are not interested in HW drama, go to WORK, your son needs a man not a HW , maybe brother in law needs a server anything just take care of Nic

  • Doubt that anyone would miss Jack Ass. Sux that her disgusting finances -once again – will never see the light. This weekend Jac’s sent out a instagram of her/Dullores and Asshat at a baby shower.

  • Phase them all out. The show is boring. Bring different Italians all together. No felons please

  • Wow! So many questions to ponder! The main thing is NO JACQOFF!!! Finally they have gotten rid of the pig bitch and I couldn’t be happier. She is truly delusional if she thought this show was all about her which would explain why she is so incensed that she wouldn’t be full time. WRONG! As we all know it wasn’t just last season that Jacqoff became so objectionable. Her vile behavior towards Tre has led to this for years. They’ll be smart to leave her off the show permanently. Siggy and Dullores were both uncommitted, played too safe , flip flopped continuously and we’re boring as he’ll. All the crying, tantrums, “relationship advice”, and ultimate addiction to Jacqoff sullied them in my book. Hopefully Danielle’s return will help breathe new life in the show, while being a friend to Tre should Jacqoff or her minions raise their ugly little heads. I don’t recognize the new woman , so don’t understand what they think she’ll bring to the table nor why. The only thing else I really want to say or ask us that please, NO MORE KATHY OR ROSIE either…nor ANY OF THEIR DESPERATE FAMILY.

    • Hey there Fuchess

      Jack Ass must be adding something to her morning java..cuz she used to depend on showing up on Manzo’d, if she wasn’t crapping all over #rhnj!

      Agree 100% leave Kathy and Rosie in the ditch where they belong!

  • I don’t like Jacqueline but I have to give it to her that she was the only one who brought it last season, without her antics the season would’ve been even more boring. Siggy and Dolores were just boring and two-faced. I was looking forward to Danielle taking down Jac once and for all, so this news is disappointing to me.