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Big Ang’s Sister Accused Of Drugging Late Reality Star During Cancer Battle


Beloved Mob Wives star Big Ang died over a year ago after battling stage IV lung and brain cancer, but now a family member is making accusations that the reality star was murdered by her own sister!

Big Ang’s sister Janine Detore took to Facebook to bash their brother George Raiola for accusing her murdering their sister.

“Listen up family members & friends of George Raiola,” Janine wrote on Facebook. “You wanna go around saying I murdered my sister with 3 1/2 doses of a rice size oil… I’ve had it with you! I took care of my sister every single second and [was] happy to do it. [I] would do it again if I could.”

Janine says she was the one who took car of Big Ang during her cancer battle and not their brother.

“Where were you when my sister needed help? Nowhere,” she fired. “You didn’t do anything to help her ever! What do you really know about MY SISTER?… I’m done. They are disgusting & they sicken me!”

Janine’s rant continued as she defended herself against her brother’s outrageous claims.

“If my family & friends are interested this is what MY SISTER died from lung cancer,” she wrote. “Not 3 doses of cannabis!!!! Ok so let me make sure you understand what I’m saying. DON’T call me or my kids or my husband when you need something that door is f****** permanently closed.”

The post ended with, “My sister is gone and honestly who the f**k even needs you guys? My sister knows the truth… I’d do it again Angela if I could… Rest In Peace sis [because] they did nothing but use you… I love you. Until we meet again.”

This is the most bizarre thing ever! I adored Big Ang, and these accusations are shocking, but I highly doubt her sister killed her. Can’t we just let Big Ang rest in peace?

Do you believe Big Ang’s sister murdered her? Are Big Ang’s brother’s claims out of line?

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  • You can not die from cannabis oil. My husband took it to have some what of a life. Cancer is no joke. Unless you see it with your own eyes don’t judge. It’s a horrible way to die and I know it helped Big Ang?? Sending love to her sister and family. Death does some messed up things to people .

    • @KeepReal ,,, Cancer Sucks, I pray they get a cure someday, Pot also helps children with Autism. And appetites for Cancer, I personally don’t get it, Legalize, Tax it , he’ll save Social Security ;& pay the deficit down simple, but don’t let the drug companies control the cost JMO, sorry your hub had cancer ….

  • Anyone know if the oil is legal? How do you get it? Did a doctor give it to Big Ang? Did Janine give it? Is Janine a doctor?

    • @Guest depends on the state I think The Laws are different in each regarding pot, some legal to use for all Colorado you can smoke all ya want a few others & several are medical reasons only, Not sure , but I think the care giver can give it to the person…

  • Even if I feel she was feeding her the cannabis oil, NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM ANY DOSE OF MARUJUANA ! by the sounds of the “rice” dosage it sounds like RSO was being administered which I’ve taken that for a medical problem. Not a dam thing wrong with that.

  • I’m sorry but, not for one minute do I believe Janine did this, & why did he wait a whole year then come out with this mess? What is the purpose?

  • Why is this coming about now ? Why is she going to public with this ? I never heard one thing from anybody regarding this. I’m sad for her with losing Ang but her desire to always go to social media with things that should not be aired always bothered me . Get a lawyer not Facebook .

  • I gotta say if ANY family member of mine was dying and I could give them relief I would ( without hesitation)- I don’t believe she did- but IF she did ( Big Fr***ing Deal- ) I would dust that brother off the earth- ONE MOVE-BOOOMM your gone—

      • I don’t think so either but something is off here , to me anyway and I just don’t get her always public bashing and fighting on social media for years 🙁

  • Wow, this is harsh, the family member that stated this – def. has feelings about the sister. If the family member truly felt this, they would go to the police. wow..this is not respecting Big Ang.

  • Team Big Ang! Team Janine! Big Ang was dying no matter what. She was larger than life – she made Mob Wives a hoot to watch. Bad-mouthing a caregiver of someone who is going to die is just spiteful. Shame on him.

    • I agree September24

      how low can one go, I feel bad for Janine, having to deal with this while grieving a sister.

  • I read this also on another site, and I just want to say, after all my time on social media, I don’t think anything made me as angry as this guy George’s accusations. Anyone that followed Big Ang from Mobwives & her sister Janine, knows the beautiful trusting relationship they had. Janine would have never done anything to hasten Ang’s death, she was devastated to lose her sister and still is. Even if Angela used cannibas to ease her pain, there is still no excuse for this guy accusing Janine of this. Whatever relationship he did not seem to have with Angela, he has no right to judge Janine. Did I say i am angry ? Janine, if you read this, I want you to know Big Ang’s fans do not believe this and we know how much you love her ! This guy is lower than garbage. Stay strong Janine !

    • Not being mean but did anyone see or read this or just one sided? This man lost a sister too . I don’t get the need for taking things to social media instead of handling it like a grown up . Ang was great but I don’t even think she’d like this Facebook BS 🙁 OR the alleged accusation .

      • Hey Michers. The guy and his broken down wife Paula are sickos. They had Janine arrested for nothing a few years ago. Rats.
        They’re outcasts spreading rumors is their hobby.
        Being accused of killing someone you loved more than anyone in the world is very very hurtful. It’s been going on a while. Guess J had enough and put them on blast. They deserve worse for the things they have done and continue to do. Janine is still in mourning. Doubt she’ll ever fully get over her loss. I hope this is the end of the public feud , though I doubt it Anyone that knows anything about cannibus oil knows recent studies say it kills tumors. Wish Ang would have used it sooner. 🙁

        • I see that’s a brother , I don’t recall ever hearing any issues with him these few years since Ang became famous . Just think odd for her one sided to take to media and go public slamming someone who lost a sister as well when we don’t know the whole story ! I hated when she used to get on Twitter and talk smack – I remember when Ang finally told her to chill lol . Ugh , messy and it should not be that way after losing a loved one . If he did in fact accuse of her such travesty then I hope she can legally handle him . Thank you for the info honey XO!!! Oh and what was she arrested for ???? Sheesh !