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AATRH Exclusive: How Did The RHONJ Kids Get Involved In NYFW & Who Walked In The 2017 Rookie USA Show?!

NYFW may be over but we are still very interested in the Bravolebrities that found themselves at the best shows in the city. There was evidence all over social media that the housewives made there mark on the historic New York scene, with some of them even directly involved in the fashion shows!

The AATRH team is especially fascinated with the Rookie USA show produced by Haddad Brands, so we did a bit of digging on what exactly brought the RHONJ kids to the runway. They were joined by other children with famous parents from the tri-state area, as their celebrity parents flooded our newsfeeds with adorable photos and videos from the show!

Haddad Brands owns the licensing to Nike, Levis, Jordan, Hurley, and Converse, and this particular show is titled Rookie USA because it’s the only NYFW show that is for kids! We recently checked in with a Haddad Brands executive who dished on the fashion show and explained exactly how exactly the RHONJ kids were brought to the runway.

The show actually started with the children of athletes, and then we started casting the kids of celebrities and reality stars,” a Haddad executive confirmed.

As for RHONJ specifically, someone in PR at Haddad suggested that decision. “Asking Melissa Gorga’s children was proposed by one of the members of our PR team, and following the success of their first show it went from there. Teresa and Milania were in the audience, and the Rookie USA show in February, 2016 was filmed for RHONJ. This show and the Bravo publicity really opened doors for us. From there it was only natural the invite Teresa’s girls to participate as well; they were a great addition to the show, the rest is history,” a Haddad executive explained.

The Rookie USA show that took place a few weeks ago was the 5th fashion show for the brands, but it’s expected that this will live on for years to come. This year there were also a few athletes that walked with their kids, marking the first time that adults walked the runway. It was a successful change that they may continue with moving forward, and we’re told that, “you may see some New Jersey housewives gracing our runway in the near future,” the executive wrapped!

In the 2017 show Antonia, Joey, and Gino Gorga walked as well as Gabriella, Audriana, and Milania Giudice. Robyn Levy’s 2-year-old son Jake was set to walk the runway with Milania, and even though we didn’t see him, he still managed to steal our hearts. Typically 2-year-olds are not cast for NYFW as the lights, crowd, and music can be overwhelming, yet this cutie will be back in the fall; be on the lookout!

There is just something about these Jersey kids that I can’t get enough of. They are adorable and famous in there own right; they are even making history at NYFW. The Gorga/Giudice kids are not only strutting their stuff on the runway, but we’ll see them once RHONJ returns this summer!

As for Jake The Man, you heard it here first; be on the lookout, he is destined to be a star!

I have so much respect for everyone involved at Haddad Brands and appreciate that they are mixing fashion, celebrities, reality TV stars, and athletes; hopefully the AATRH team can attend a future NYFW show and experience the excitement and cuteness for ourselves!

Thoughts on the RHONJ kids participating in NYFW? Were you excited to learn more about how they were cast? Are you shocked the Gorga kids were the first to be involved with the show? Would you like to see Melissa, Teresa, and Robyn walk in the show? Will any of the kids grow up to be models? Are you excited for RHONJ season 7?

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