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Lisa & Ken’s Newest Venture Vanderpump Dogs Officially Open For Business!

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd have already conquered the restaurant world, and now the couple is getting involved in a more rewarding business venture, a dog shelter!

On last week’s RHOBH Lisa introduced us to their latest project, Vanderpump Dogs. Following her work with the Stop Yulin Forever campaign, Lisa and Ken started their own foundation, The Vanderpump Dog Foundation. They held a successful gala a few months ago, and have gained so much exposure for such an important cause.

On Thursday Vanderpump Dogs officially opened for business and it’s a fabulous dog shelter and doggy boutique. Further more, it’s a grooming center where you can even get your dog “vanderpuffed!

On Wednesday night at the grand opening party Lisa Vanderpump opened up to E! News about her motivation for opening the shelter, and described exactly what Vanderpump Dogs has to offer. “Ken and I have been fighting for the kind of more humane treatment of dogs worldwide,” Lisa confirmed. Adding, “One of pieces of the jigsaw puzzle was really to open a rescue center but we wanted to open a rescue center that wasn’t, like, depressing and I know it’s like nothing else you’ve ever seen.”

Sadly, Lisa revealed that some of the dogs currently at VPD came from a kill shelter. “To go into some of the kill shelters, it can be very difficult and it can be very heart-wrenching and trust me, we know that more than anybody,” she said. “But with this space, we want it to have a…feel-good factor about it. All dogs are equal. It doesn’t mater whether they’re pedigree…so many of these dogs are just waiting for homes,” she explained.

Vanderpump Dogs is a chic, fabulous center, which is bright pink; this is a place like no other! “We wanted somewhere where people that united in their love for dogs could come and hang out. And you can buy doggie treats here, you can buy dog food, dog clothes, but also we will always have puppies and dogs that are available to rescue,” Lisa revealed.

Lisa pointed out that in addition to benefiting the dogs in need, Vanderpump Dogs will be a great addition to the community. “So people can come in, they get on their wifi, they can have a cup of tea and they can buy some dog food or have their dogs groomed,” she said. “It’s just a little kind of puppy lifestyle palace,” Lisa wrapped.

Lisa and Ken threw an amazing grand opening party and so many of their friends and family came out to support. Most of the VPR cast showed up, although it doesn’t appear that any of Lisa’s RHOBH co-stars were able to make it. What’s most shocking is that Lala Kent was in attendance, and she posed for pictures with her VPR enemies, the “mean girls!

Take a look at some of the party pictures below!


The AATRH team wants to wish Lisa and Ken the best of luck with Vanderpump Dogs, we’ll be sure to stop in on our next West coast visit!

Thoughts on Vanderpump Dogs? Are you surprised at how fabulous it is? Why weren’t any of the RHOBH at the premiere party? What will Lisa and Ken’s next venture be? Would you adopt a dog from Vanderpump Dogs?

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  • They have been maximizing the Bravo Platform since the minute they got on. Glad to see their making it count and giving back a bIt of good to the world. Kudos!

  • Wonderful cause Lisa and Ken. Designed in the high class Vamderpump way. Love this venture and Bly wth I lived their to help out finding these dogs homes. One thing I just couldn’t help notice is how disgusting Kristen has to dress. Come on….nobody wants to see your itty bitty titties! This is so inappropriate especially for this type of venue. This isn’t the Grammies or the Oscars. Geeze….some sleezy broads just can’t help it.

  • From the way it is described, sounds like LVP has fund a way to make a lot of money off these dogs. Wish she has limited it to the basic care and nourishing of dogs up for adoption. Indeed, she could have just endowed some of the very good dog rescue programs in So CA. Instead, she appears to be focused on selling high cost services to dog owners that no dog really needs.

    She also could have kept her name off of it and not made it a garish pink color to attract attention to herself from every person driving by.

    • I see what you are saying but I just get so happy for the pups I overlook the ” Hollywood” of it all . On other hand , at the poor SPCA, PETA- they literally have to beg cry plead . It’s sad . The main thing is that we all can be the change we want to see and help where we choose and can

        • That’s where I’m at , with most of the HWs that do any ventures, most lol but something that is compassionate filled, I back ! And people -there are many places that need help all over the US. Donate , volunteer , adopt don’t ” shop “!

    • Steve – an animal needs more then “basic care and nourishing ……” They need love, attention, clean safe surroundings. They need a Veterinarian for check ups and vaccinations. They need to be walked and socialized and played with.

      LVP (and Ken) have done so much to bring attention to animal abuse, why would LVP keep her name of this cause? This venture, in bold pink, is an advertisement/statement for people to hopefully stop, come in, and perhaps adopt a homeless pet. That’s a good thing. To add, yes LVP could have “endowed” another animal facility, but that would be the easy way out. LVP is hands on, and I applaud her and Ken for their generous and genuine care for the abused and abandoned.

      By the way, I doubt I would approve you as a candidate to adopt.

    • Steve

      you need to visit Vanderpupm dog rescue site.

      This business is raising money to buy about 85 beds for Shenzhen Animal Protection Association in China. In buying beds for the dogs, this will save the dogs lives and dog will not be eaten.

      LVP has dontated to various shelters in the world, just based on anyone, friend or foe tweeting her that help is needed.

      Shipp is right it takes $$ to give shelter/shots/food/attention/doctors/nurses to the dogs that are abandoned. And to add, it is not a “scheme” to line LVP’s pockets with gold lame, as Vicki’s from RHOC scammed cancer survivor’s.

      • No problem with the conflicting views. Those who disagree with me have valid points and none of argued in a way which is offensive. I just don’t think LVP’s motives are anywhere near as pure as some others do. To me , one of LVP’s strongest personality trait is narcissism and how she is handling this dog thing simply adds to my belief about that. Lots of ways to help dogs without making sure everyone sings your praises.

        Others disagree — which is their right.

        • @Steve-all you said YES YES- I agree- , I don’t think Pump could give a homeless man a cup of coffee without tooting her horn- I am glad for the ANIMALS she helps-, not the rich , she will hawk her merchandise to- not cool not classy- just Pump and who she really is -and yes we should be able to disagree without attacks- sadly that is not the case usually , quite sad-cause these are REALITY characters —

  • Good luck with this ! Can never have enough help and rescues for the animals . IDC who does it as long as it’s done !

  • What a beautiful venture for LVP and Ken! I adore that they use their $$ for this cause. Couldn’t be more perfect for both, watching Ken shed true tears while talking about the dog brutality was heartwarming. They both have a lot of good in their hearts.

  • This ^^^ is what makes LVP Queen of the universe! she backs up her mouth with action. LVP has always had a soft spot in her heart for animals, since season one. All LVP’s businesses have a special section for dogs, to either be – dropped off or just sit in the shade and fed and water.

    Yes, lately she has done something above just blabbing about Yulin…she spent the last two years actively going from step one to one million to address with each level of government to address China’s Yulin. This is where her verbiage in her blogs come from, cuz apparently mayor’s/ governor’s /senator’s – letters – non stop to each level.

    I have major respect for LVP, this is a lifetime achievement – to see the need and do as much as you can for those without a voice.

    • Hi Sammy. I so support this…God’s work. Thank you Lisa and Ken.

      I volunteer at a shelter in my city. It’s very rewarding work, and sometimes very sad too. People are sometimes very cruel to the helpless little creatures. It’s heartbreaking.

      I encourage anyone looking for a dog (or cat) to go to a shelter. You won’t be sorry. And for those with allergies, I guarantee you will find “hypo-allergic” dogs too. Go soon, the little (or big) fur balls are just waiting for you, and their forever home.

      • Absolutely, I find the resucer’s are major loyal to you and give love freely!! I respect that an RH is using her platform for the animals. All rh use their platforms for their own businesses and some use their platforms for their charities, but I find it hard to think of any RH that uses her platform for something that does not benefit them in any way.