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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Teresa Giudice’s Mother Antonia Gorga Passes Away At 66

It is with a heavy heart and extreme sadness that AllAboutTRH confirms Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice’s mother Antonia Gorga has passed away at 66 years old. Antonia made several appearances through the years on the Real Housewives of New Jersey and was known for having an extremely close relationship with her daughter Teresa.

Antonia has been in the hospital since mid- December with children Teresa and Joe by her side every step of the way. The siblings have been laying low when it comes to gatherings as they have been spending majority of their time with their mother at the hospital.

This past October Antonia was in good spirits celebrating her birthday with the Giudice’s. Teresa and her oldest daughter Gia posted about the celebration on their Instagram page.

celebrating nonnas 66th birthday love u?

A post shared by Gia Giudice (@_giagiudice) on

happy birthday nonna i love u as much as i love your cooking???

A post shared by Gia Giudice (@_giagiudice) on

Happy 66th Birthday ????Audriana in it now #7grandchildrens #bestnonna #nonnalove

A post shared by Teresa Giudice (@teresagiudice) on

Happy Birthday Mama adore you and Papa ????#bestparents #daughterslove

A post shared by Teresa Giudice (@teresagiudice) on

Back in December while Antonia was in the hospital Teresa posted a photo expressing her love for her mother.

Mommy I love you so much ?? #daughtersloveforhermom

A post shared by Teresa Giudice (@teresagiudice) on

She is survived by her two children Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga, as well as husband Giacinto Gorga.

Our sincere condolences go out to the Giudices and Gorga’s. May she rest in peace.

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  • @AARTH is it possible to please remove the Antoinette comments and the replies to them? This thread should be about paying respect and condolences, not giving attn to awful people. Thanks!

  • I feel for Tre……she had such a good relationship with her mother, her mother in turn did everything for her and her kiddies.
    she will be going through a terrible time, so please be kind to her.

  • That’s so sad and such a shock. A clearly lovely mother, grandmother and wife taken too soon. Condolences to Mrs Gorga’s family. May she rest in peace.

  • I’m a bit disappointed that the article did not acknowledge Joe Gorga and his family as much as it did Teresa and hers. A son’s loss for his mother is just as heartbreaking as a daughters. Would have been nice if both children & their families were acknowledged evenly on the loss of THEIR mother and grandmother.

  • Teresa will probably film her reaction to this much as she filmed her girls crying while talking to her in prison or seeing their dad drive away to go to the slammer. Anything for a free spray tan. Her poor mother was probably exhausted from raising Teresa’s bratty kids while she hustled for money to get her next pair of Valentinos. Namaste

    • Hope that saying something really ugly about the death of Teresa’s mother made you feel better. What a shitty post.

      • Good answer. I was hoping no one would get ugly at this time of sorrow……
        so much for hope !

    • Karma is always a real bitch. Wonder if the day you die, people will leave unattractive & callous comments about your relatives, if you even have any that claim you.

      • LOL. I’m not on a reality show. BTW, you aren’t either. These people are not your family. Get a life Trehugger

    • A – you are a truly a disturbed person and a real fuc*er whose comments deserve no reply, but sometimes ignoring you than telling you hurts one’s soul (mine) for letting you have a pass. You are a totally disgusting person and have no redeeming qualities.
      My heart breaks for all of Teresa’s family and Juicy, who cannot be there in another of her darkest times – God be with them all!

  • My heart breaks for her! I’m glad she is home now as her father, daughters and Joey & Melissa will heal her. I’m happy they have a strong faith to have hope for the future. Prayers for each one if them

  • Beyond sad…The Greatest Love of all, is your Mother’s Love……Rest In Peace, Mrs. Gorga…Many Prayers to Teresa and Family….


      • And you’re “comforting” yourself as you imagine it. Like you do every night since you found out he was going to jail.

        You posted about it for months. Obsessed much, sicko?

        • Who’s hostile? Lol. Joe is probably loving it. You make it sound like its bad. He was married to an ape.

          • Ray Charles could see you’re a hostile bitter and just miserable person. You must live a very pathetic existence and a poor excuse of a person if you would spout this kind of crap in a situation like this. SHAME ON YOU Antionette. I can’t help but feel bad for you because it’s so obvious someone must have done irreparable damage to you that has made you such a ugly and hateful creep. That or you were just born a rotten sociopath and there was no help for you.

  • My heart is so sad for her and the family. Be strong and basketball in the love of each other.

  • This is the worst news possible for Teresa and her girls. My prayers and condolences go out to the entire family

  • Wow thisis going to be a huge loss to Theresa, especially without Joe. Sending blessings to her and her family

  • Awwwww, sooooo sorry Teresa and entire Guidice family for your loss.
    I know you are crushed at the moment but this too shall pass….my LOVE to you all

  • This family is such a wreck. Teresa and her fellow felon husband put their parents through hell. I’m sure this hastened her death. She and her silly purses and gaudy house crushed this family by putting them in debt and ultimately in the slammer. Hope it was worth it.

    • @Antoinette Question by any chance are you related to Richie Wakile? Word for word sounds like something that would come out of his mouth and here I thought he was the only sick person to blog such a abdominal statement besides Jim Marchese…

    • Wow. I’m sure your family is perfect. But to kick someone when they are truly at their lowest makes you a judgmental douche.

      • Um. no. I don’t commit mortgage fraud and put my kids and parents through hell for a handbag. and spray tan. :).

        • You don’t even know her cause of death, but go ahead & blame her daughter. Makes perfect sense.

          I’ll go ahead & repeat what I said to you in the Jacqueline thread. You are a sick fuck, River. A sick, twisted fuck.

        • Where’s your goat? Guess you beat it to death with this same old tired rhetoric that you’ve been spouting for months. “Ain’t you tired?” Should be & God bless. Please don’t kiss any young children as they might just expire from your touch.

          • You know what they say Kitty , Satan never sleeps so sadly no ,IT ain’t tired. Just when you think you have seen it all , this one can even be so vile when someone passes 🙁

    • I just can’t say how sick this disrespect makes me. What kind of human kicks at a family that lost their cherished loved one? This is so sick.

    • Having just lost my dad last month this post offends me on so many levels! Only a truly monsterous lowlife hate filled sickoohant would post something like this about someone who has just suffered perhaps the most terrible loss a person can suffer! luckily this person for whom h
      You harbor such vile thought is far better, kinder, loving and successful than you will ever be! I feel sorry for you!

    • Hey Antoinette you fucking loser bitch see you next tuesday bitch, go fuck yourself you miserable bitch. You are a DISGUSTING EXCUSE for a human being. KARMA BITCH. I hope you and yours go straight to hell. GOT IT ASSLEE AND DRUNK JAC_ you suck.

      • ??? Lol. Relax already or get a life. Her dad will be next as he is already sick and the stress his daughter has put him through will also do him in. Of course she can’t lean on her husband because he is in the slammer. Karma. 🙂

        • Is that what you would like someone to say to you concerning the death of your parents or husband or kids? Really?

        • Karma truly is a bitch. Wait for it you old troll. LOL……..honey, we all have a life, it’s you we are concerned about – LOL.

          • I’m not concerned, Kitty.
            Let karma “comfort” this heartless asshole when the time comes.

            • Kitty, Luvs, I’m not concerned for that one. There’s a Karma truck out there somewhere, with “Antoinette” name written on it.

              • Lmao. Sorry but it already ran over Teresa, then backed up and ran her over again. I hope her shoes are ok though. 🙂

            • The really twisted part is that she truly loves getting attention for her disturbed mindset .

        • It’s sad that you have so little compassion and act like such a monster towards people. You must have been kicked around pretty good in life to be filled with so much hate. I hope you will stop and have a good cry some day and apologize to the people you keep hurting. You must be a real pill to be around.

    • Another one of your worthless & heartless opinions. Go take a good long hard look in a mirror – if you have any that haven’t already cracked into a million pieces. Hard for you to swallow that there are people who despite their feelings have compassion towards another persons loss. Wonder what people would say if you died? That you were an ugly person inside and out without the benefit of family or friends.

    • Ugly Person…you can’t be sure of anything. God has a plan for all of us. It was God’s plan to take Mrs. Gorga home now, and no ones fault.

      Perhaps the plan for you is to get run over by a truck…tomorrow.

  • Condolences to the family. Losing your parents is one of the toughest things to go through

  • Shocked and heartbroken for this family. My deepest condolences to the entire family. RIP Mrs Gorga

  • So young. Rest in paradise Mrs. G. God please shine your healing light onto Teresa & Joe and their families.

  • Oh my, how awful! My heartfelt prayers and thoughts are with the family during this time. May she RIP.

  • This is terrible news, with her father in I’ll health also, this is a huge blow. There is nothing so hard as to lose your mom. May God Bless your soul Antonia and Rest in peace. Prayers for the entire family.

  • What terrible news.

    Rest in peace, Nonna Gorga. Thoughts and prayers to the family. They must be devestated.

  • Condolenses and prayers sent to the Giudice famly. I know they will surround Joe and Teresa and the children with love. This is so shocking.

  • This is so sad. That poor family, they have been through so much this last 2 years. I wish them all well.

  • Oh no poor Teresa, she displayed so much love for her parents. Teresa is so lucky to have the awesome parents she has. My heart and prayers go out to Teresa and her family.

  • Such heartbreaking news. Always enjoyed watching Tre with her parents. She seemed like a wonderful lady. Thoughts, love and prayers to the whole family.

  • Tre, I am so sorry for your loss. Your Mom was so great on the show. She will be missed. Loved her.

  • My heart goes out to the entire family. Mrs. Gorga was a beautiful wife, mother and grandmother. This is so heartbreaking 66 is so young. My prayers are with the family

  • My thoughts and prayers go out to the Gorga/Giudice families. God bless. RIP Antonia “Nonna” Gorga.

  • I am just crushed to hear this. Be the strong rock you are for your family T but find time for yourself too. I am so sorry. RIP sweet lady Mrs Gorga.

  • So Sorry for All the family, losing your Mom is the hardest thing EVER, it’s never the same in your life, Rest In Peace . STAY STRONG ……MY heart aches for you all.

  • Oh no! Extremely sad and so unexpected . My heart aches for the Giudice and Gorga families. RIP

  • HOW SAD! My heart goes out to Giacinto, Tre, Joey and her Grandchildren! They were her life and she was theirs. I can hear her say in her heavy Italian accent, “Family is
    everything!” RIP Antonia Giudice. Your absence will be felt by many!

  • My deepest condolences to the Gorga family and to all those who loved her. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord and may perpetual light shine upon her.
    Amen ??

  • No Words Shocking and Heartbreaking …Teresa and Joe my sincere sympathies in this difficult time Prayers being sent to you, Joe and All the La Famiglia God Bless Senor Gorga signing off with tears…

  • Oh my! RIP Antonia! I’m so glad though that before she passed Joe and Teresa were getting along. My heart aches for their family. Praying for them!