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AATRH Exclusive: RHONJ Cast Spotted Filming Season 8 Together For The First Time!

Bravo fans have been shocked at how little has been leaked about RHONJ season 8, and up until yesterday, the confirmed housewives weren’t even hinting about spending time together. We exclusively told you that last Wednesday was the first official day of season 8 filming, yet details otherwise have been completely under wraps!

Wednesday night Melissa Gorga, Siggy Flicker, and Dolores Catania had dinner at Tabor Road Tavern in Morris Plains, New Jersey. We can tell you that the Bravo cameras were rolling for this girls night. “Wednesday night’s dinner with Melissa, Siggy, and Dolores was 100% filmed for RHONJ season 8,” our insider confirmed.

Both Melissa and Dolores added the same photo to social media, and even had very similar captions; the ladies made a statement that it’s, “always a good time” with this group!

We spoke to a fellow diner who saw the RHONJ crew, and gave us a little insight on the vibe between the group. “All 3 of the ladies looked great, definitely refreshed and ready for the season. This dinner seemed very friendly, the whole night you could hear laughing coming from their table,” the source revealed. Adding, “There was definitely no drama at this dinner.

The RHONJ cast is getting back into the swing of things and diving into season 8, stick with AATRH to find out the scoop behind the scenes of season 8!

Thoughts on the first filmed group outing? Are you excited Jersey is back? Who’s your favorite? Least favorite? Are you surprised Melissa, Siggy, and Dolores were together & said they “always” have a great time? Do you think season 8 will be full of drama? Let’s Discuss!

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  • I love Dolores, she is my fav. She is nice but not a pushover. She’s not insane she actually seems like a nice, normal human being.

  • Some people have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. Even their conjecture are wrong. ?

  • A case of “the show must go on”. Melissa’s mother-in-law in the final days of her life & she’s out promoting her show. Priorities my friends………not her MIL, not her FIL, not her husband or sister-in-law, but a well designed photo op. Classy.

    • No worries, Teresa will show herself crying and throwing herself down on her mothers hospital bed. She had no problem showing her own kids crying on the prison phone calls or pulling away to go to prison.

  • Finally! I’ve missed the show and glad they’re shooting at last. I’m not looking forward to Siggy or Delores as they were too wishy-washy and just plain boring. I’m just praying they’ve finally dropped Jacqoff and family.

  • Bleh. The three most boring cast members, must’ve been a big yawn. Get back to us when there’s a Danielle sighting please.

  • I’m not Surprised there was no “drama” at this dinner. Mel was alone, no backup. We all knw Mel only starts “drama” when someone is there to have her back, i.e. joe, Jac, kathy, now Tre. Mel is all about playing up whatever role bravo tells her to,

  • Oh please these women aren’t Melissa’s friends they are barely Teresa’s friends if we’re being honest. These two are Jaqueline’s soldiers, can’t even really call them her friends as friends don’t enable and justify all your bad behavior just to stay in your good graces.

    The closest thing to a friend Melissa has on this show is Teresa and they need to make sure they both understand that. Regardless of what’s gone down between them they are the only two who actually have a reason to work things out at the end of the day even after these cameras go away.

  • @Lysel- Well Said- I am a big time Tree Hugger ( LOL )- yes I am not that forgiving- I admire Teresa -letting go is the best medicine and revenge-

  • Melissa should be really really glad that Teresa wants no more drama. Her popularity has only increased (what little she had) with her making peace with her sister in law They may not always agree but one thing is for sure, she is way better off being kind and sticking by family than she is creating stupid, cruel drama. I don’t like her and think she is full of herself, but I much prefer this Melissa to the former one. Sad she had to recreate herself to be tolerated. I’m sure she’s glad she did. I hope their children never go back and watch the way their family was together…it’s like that dish you drop..and maybe you put it back together but those cracks are always there. 🙁

    • “Sad she had to recreate herself to be tolerated.” Not sure if that is a good statement or bad. Pretty much defines someone who is basically a faux, phony person. Whatever creation she has become, she still is a total dud & boring.

      • I was thinking the same exact thing when I read that part.

        Melissa will always be considered a phony and boring.

        • Same here.

          Your post was excellent, Lysel, but as Kitty & MsTorres noted, Melissa doesn’t seem to have a genuine bone in her tweaked body.

          PS – Lol @ Melissa’s face in the picture above! Almost didn’t know who it was until I saw the caption. Did she convert to Judaism or Islam? Haven’t heard her mention Jesus in quite some time.

          • Luvs 😀 I don’t trust MeMe, or MoMo. Users and abusers. I don’t forget what they did to T and her family. Disgusting. Now they want to play nice… because they don’t have a choice. Eh

            • Absolutely, Shipp.

              They’re being PAID to play nice. Otherwise, it would be business as usual.

    • Perfectly said, Lysel – I like the change in M – and it is about time – but I still don’t trust her.

      • I don’t trust, either, Samuel! I think it’s funny now that she thought once she was hired on as a RHONJ cast member she was going to get a multi-million dollar singing contract from Universal Records!

        Melissa obviously wanted what Tre had and assumed being pretty with a nice bod would oust Tre from RHONJ! She learned the hard way that charisma and a captivating personality are a must have when you’re wanting to make it big as a reality tv personality. Melissa’s personality changes each season and her presence on screen are boring!

        Joey seems to be trying way too hard when he tries to act cute and funny. I did like Joey when he defended Tre, though. I think if Melissa is still full-time it’s because Bravo wants to show more Joey and Tre being devoted siblings to each other. Melissa is just the middleman!