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What Did The Vanderpump Rules Cast Do After The “Intense” Season 5 Reunion?!

The Vanderpump Rules crew is one dynamic group; they fight, kiss (literally) and makeup on a daily basis. Most of the cast has dated in the past, and they spend a ton of time with their exes, and their new beaus; it’s nearly impossible to keep up!

Last week they filmed the season 5 reunion, and while they all “SURvived,” it’s said that things got very ugly! Stassi appeared on WWHL Monday night and told Andy how she felt about the reunion, and even disclosed what the cast did after to “celebrate” their best season yet!

I just texted Katie [Maloney-Schwartz] and Kristen [Doute] before I came here,” Stassi revealed. Adding, “I was like, ‘Um, I don’t think I’ve actually processed what the reunion was.’ And they all were like, ‘Samesies.’

Andy made it a point to announce that the reunion was very, “intense,” and Stassi agreed! Andy was shocked at the after-party, and even said it was “unbelievable” that they all managed to go out together after; he thought they would all need some space, for a while!

We actually all went and had drinks,” Stassi confirmed. Elaborating, “First, we walked downtown some place. The rest of them went to PUMP. I had to come to New York, so I had to come home early,” she wrapped.

The dynamic of this group is bizarre; I would never want to hang out with my ex, or my boyfriends ex. All of the current “friends” have been in huge fights before and said horrible things to (and about) each other on national TV.

It’s safe to say that the SUR crew puts the FUN in dysFUNctional!

Are you surprised the VPR reunion was intense? And predictions about what happens? Are you shocked at the dynamic of the group? Who’s your favorite? Least favorite? Would you be able to go out with your co-stars after a heated reunion? Is this the best season yet?

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  • Dave why are you targeting Lala? She has done NOTHING to anyone. Yes when she drinks she can be a bit intense, but what about Tequila Katie, Idiot Kristen, Jax they have all done the same. Lala did come in with the idea that she could keep her lifestyle and have a job and that does not work here. Anyway what is the big deal with having a sugar daddy? my comment is “Your GO Girl” If Katie and Scheana would have minded their own business none of this would be happening.
    I feel those other girls are SOOOOOOO jealous of Lala because she has this lifestyle that Katie and Scheana will NEVER HAVE.
    As for taking off her top? in the water I could care less. If your ready to get out, put the top back on. It’s simple. At that point I think Lala Had some fun with that. Katie and whomever should be more self assured that their relationships are trustworthy. So dumb

  • Answer: hopped onto Twitter to talk more crap about Lala. Isn’t that basically the three mean girls’ hobby at this point?

  • When I met my husband he was in this group! It was difficult as an outsider (who was accepted) to navigate the insestuos waters! Everyone had slept with everyone! Even though some had been married once to another! It was creepy as an outsider, I realized in short order I’d have to distant him from this group to maintain a healthy relationship with him, as the women have no shame!
    His ex wife was the first to go when I cut off her “money supplier” even after child support 350 every weak! She would ask him for more and hand it over! Till he was broke! I asked what he was paying for, he said the kids! I asked why, because they spent more time with me during the week and weekends than with her or him!
    Also the women had no morals! In front of me when they visited there would be excessive hugging lip kissing! Even after I said enough we are engaged that’s not appropriate, they’d continue! They were gone! I called it the house of ill repute! Or the Fenway whore house! Lol
    I moved into a new house and he moved in with me about two months after!
    Anyway I see a lot of similarities with this group and that one
    You need a score card!!?