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Lisa Vanderpump Says Lisa Rinna Is ‘as Welcome as a Poo in a Swimming Pool’ on ‘RHOBH’

This season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been tame compared to past season, but the mid-season trailer proves that the best is yet to come.

“I’ve given you so much of my time, my energy, and my f**king heart, you b**ch,” newbie Eden Sassoon screams in a preview of what’s to come on RHOBH.

This scene proves that things between Eden and Lisa Rinna only get worse as the season continues.

Lisa Rinna recently opened up about the midseason trailer telling ET, “All I can say is, wow. She dropped it at me. Nobody else. It comes to me.”

Adding,“We’re in the thick of it. You’re gonna get so much drama. This is a really good season, I will say.”

Lisa Vanderpump also opened to ET up about the midseason trailer and what’s to come on RHOBH.

“That’s a little further down the road,” Lisa Vanderpump explained. “I should’ve used those words against Rinna myself. It gets complicated, and Eden had no problem, really, as a newbie, kind of really voicing her opinion. I think she kind of inserted herself a little too vociferously, should we say, initially. And then, you see, that’s explained this week these things have a habit of changing rather dramatically.”

As for Rinna’s arrival in Mexico during last week’s episode, LVP says “Nobody got up. She was as welcome as poo in a swimming pool.”

LVP also dishes on the tear-filled breakdown from Erika Girardi that’s still to come this season.

“It’s all fair on Housewives,” Lisa reveals. “You do see her, two or three times, quite emotional. I think, you know, you can come into this show and keep your defenses up, but it chips away at you, and then something will trigger it… no, I’m not telling you, because it’s a complicated scenario, and it’s like giving you the final pages of a book.”

I’m so excited for what’s to come from RHOBH because so far things have been a little dull in the 90120. I’m done talking about sobriety – give me the drama and cattiness.

Are you looking forward to what’s to come on RHOBH? Do you think the drama will intensify? What are you looking forward to the most on RHOBH?

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  • And I want to see Vandertwat as much as I’d like to see the yellow “poo” in a baby’s diaper! Bugger off Pumpy, tired of you too!

  • Lisa VanderPlump is a vile waste of flesh… greedy selfish…. she seems to get away with everything from season one…. even her houseboy friend … then Brandi…. they all know who she is and what they let her get away with … the fans are crazy for always supporting her……. She gets away with it because of her fame with the restaurants…. Lisa Rinna is being sacrificed this season because she called out VanderPlump last year… Eileen knows the truth but is more reserved since she wants to stay on the show….. Lisa Rinna goes I would def not watch anymore…. I detest VanderPlump….

  • andy and bravo should give kim a hefty bonus: she’s been used all season by all the other ladies. it’s her show this season in a lot of ways.

    • You are right! I just can’t give a thumbs up though, lest Bravo/Andy think I think Kim should stay on AND get a raise, lol! GET RID OF KIM FOREVER!

  • Let’s also be clear Lisa went the entire first season never uttering a word about Kim’s alcoholism issue. Kyle alone brought that out Lisa had no involvement season1. In fact Taylor and Kim had issues around the sobriety and Taylor said nasty things which Kyle allowed but Lisa said nothing.

    Lisa and Kim didn’t have issues until she was proclaiming sobriety publicly but getting drunk still and showing up to film. Lisa and Kim’s issues began the moment Lisa addressed Kim’s sobriety on the show which wasn’t until season 3. Vanderpump has said many times since she regrets ever getting involved but it was inauthentic to not address what was happening on film. Even since then Vanderpump has been supportive of her sobriety even when they weren’t seeing eye to eye and she warned Rinna and Eileen to not even go there or get involved in Kim’s sobriety which was the right thing to do. Think Eileen was genuinely concerned but Rinna did it for a storyline.

    Kim and Lisa are friends of friends and despite their history have a mutual respect now. I don’t think Lisa’s defense of Kim is disingenuous in fact I think all the women care on some level even Rinna but she cares about securing her spot on the show a bit more.

  • Kyle and Pump were the original ones to bring the Shit out- Damn, does this ole gal have some dementia beginning- -wow- unreal- how things can be totally interpreted diff after a few years-
    THey HAVE all used Kim and her addictions as a story over and over and over- and now new twists and turns-STILL goes back to the same worn out SAD ASS MESS -Kim’s addictions- Kim Kim KIm – all because KIm needs a paycheck and Bravo is the only one willing to use her addictions as a topic over and over and over – DAMN
    Please SEND her to rehab and put a gag order on these Biatch’s all of THEM-

    • if we are going to constantly go back to the beginning – Kim lied about being sober – season after season – and it remains the same, Kim staggered/drank/huffed during all this time, and she knew that she would be used as a storyline…Kim is responsible for shit happening.

      Kyle put up with more than I would and LVP was supportive constantly and Kim never appreciated LVP’s support. LVP ensured that Kim and Kyle work out their relationship…not like some douche bag bff that sold Kim’s stories,even after Kim asked her to stop..did “shit for brains” stop…nope..not once

      • Have to disagree as Pump was not always supportive in fact her and Kim fought a few times and Pump was nasty to her the year they went to Paris. Kyle never cared about her friends saying things to and about Kim until now on the show . Kim isn’t only one responsible for shit happening on the show . In her life , yes . Also one thing to keep in mind is that depending on viewer’s feelings , that will guide one’s perception and feelings . Not all of us will agree on this 🙂

        • To add : wasn’t Ken even nasty to Kim and about her ? He even made digs at Kyle . It’s really too much that now all the sudden, these people are all singing different tunes !

          • the difference is, LVP and Kyle and Kim have worked out each dispute…and Kim was lying her ass off constantly, Kim created major shit storms and still has not “owned” any of it. In fact Kim and LVP – awkwardly said hello to each other at the dinner when LVP congratulated Kim about becoming a grandma. Kim knows for a fact that her sobriety or non sobriety will be used because of her exploding for a year on and off camera.

            • Thanks for responding Sam . Yeah it’s awkward exactly why I’m not buying this newfound defending ; well just one reason ! Anywhoo lots of puzzle pieces here this season and I’m not liking after years of opposite . I’m sure Kim realized that however , even when she wasn’t around others , even LVP , kept having a go at Kyle about it .

              • You’re welcome Mich, I don’t find that LVP’s support is new found – I think LVP even said it herself – Kyle and I are friends and Kim and I are acquaintance’s (sp) – in an interview. For me, I would notice after each season ended, LVP would be positive and supportive of the relationship.

                also, for me, I think Kim still owes this cast an “I’m sorry” and a “thank you” for putting up with Kim’s explosions last season.

                The problem with LR and Kim, and LR and kyle – nothing gets resolved and everyone sees what is happening (viewers). Which is why Kyle would choose LVP over LR.

        • @Mich- and that is why you are one of the MOST liked posters- you are able to see opinions and accept them- and roll on- DANG we can only wish these HW’s could be that mature – Oh Well We Can Have HOPE

        • Kim was so out of control at that point though. She was attacking and name calling all of them during filming when she bothered to show up. She also delayed filming by being late every place they were scheduled to be. She was abusive toward Kyle to the point people were like cut her off. It was her worse season. All of the cast members reacted to Kim in the same way. Lisa has since been only supportive towards her and even apologized to her during the reunion that year. I don’t see how anyone dealing with a coworker whose addiction was that obvious wouldn’t have commented or discussed it.


    • I wish Bravo would ban the mention of Kim’s addiction for 1 season and just let her show up to some parties. This is such a shit stirring topic, it’s beneath these ladies, it really is.

    • When Kim was on still on the show and started delaying and attacking all of them in season 3, that is the only time Lisa ever brought up the face Kim was not sober. Kim was a coworker who was late to every filming to the point where they almost missed a flight to a trip. Who would not have discussed her at that point. Rinna hardly knows Kim and only filmed with 2 times when she attacked her sobriety 3 seasons ago. Don’t think comparing the relationship between the 2 Lisa’s to Kim is fair.

  • I think it is a hoot that LR and eden keep blaming each other and claim to be the victim. They gossiped and lied about Kim and who knows how long that would have continued if LVP hadn’t put a stop to it.