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Eileen Davidson Blames Kim Richards For Provoking Lisa Rinna’s “Inaccurate & Extreme” Sobriety Comments!

Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna are more than just co-stars, they are BFF’s, and they defend each other no matter what. That’s been especially true this season, and Eileen’s had Rinna’s back throughout the major backlash she’s faced after her harsh and exaggerated comments about Kim Richards’ sobriety.


In this week’s Bravo Blog Eileen accused Kim of provoking Lisa Rinna to talk about her sobriety when she went after their friendship at game night. While she did admit that Rinna’s comments were “inaccurate and extreme,” she attempted to convince us that Rinna wouldn’t have said anything if Kim hadn’t started their feud again!

I finally made it to Mexico! Too bad I was sick from the moment I got there. This left me incapacitated and not at all helpful while all hell broke loose. 

Pardon the understatement of the year, but this is a very complicated situation! Watching the show the last couple weeks, Lisa Rinna’s comments about Kim Richards to Eden have been played many times. So much has been said about it. But, here’s the context I think we’re missing.
Believe me, the last thing I ever wanted to do was talk about Kim Richards. But she made that impossible when she inserted herself into a situation she knew nothing about at Game Night.
Kim would never have been a topic of conversation if she hadn’t aggressively gone after Lisa R. and me and how she viewed our friendship. This is an issue that goes back to comments Kim made in Amsterdam. It has never been resolved, and Lisa R. reacted emotionally because of it.
The only thing that helped diffuse the tension between Kim and Lisa R. was Eden Sassoon, who none of us knew very well. She stepped in, as a sober woman, and provided wisdom and clarity.
The very next day, emotions still fresh, Lisa R. confided in Eden, asking her how she might finally find peace with Kim. That is the only reason she had that conversation. Lisa R.’s comments about Kim were inaccurate and extreme. That’s not up for debate. But her intent wasn’t malicious, no matter how it may look, or no matter how it’s being portrayed now.
In Mexico, when confronted, I know Lisa R.’s reaction was genuine. She was very upset. That, and her subsequent talks with and Harry, really showed that she absolutely did not believe she’d said those things. I think she didn’t remember because they weren’t said with any venom or gossip. Of course by the time it got back through the “game of telephone,” as I’ve said before and Erika pointed out, it was twisted into something ugly.
I’ve known Lisa R. well for many years. We all know she’s off the cuff and sometimes says things without thinking. That’s why we love her. But she’s not a malicious person. And I stand by that assessment even now.
This is not to take away from how upsetting this must be for Kim and Kyle Richards. I agree with Kyle that this kind of talk can set a fragile person back. I also think what Lisa R. said is nothing as damaging as Eden going around saying horrible things about Kim and Kyle both, and comparing Kim and Kyle, to their faces and behind their backs, to her and her sister who passed away from alcohol. In these situations, I think the intent is key. What was Eden’s intent saying, “You don’t want my help down the stairs? Fine, I’ll let you crawl!” about Kim? Whatever it was, it was not coming from a place of wisdom or concern.

On the boat, I think Lisa R. took a page from my book of, “I’m just gonna keep dancing.” And then took it to an entirely different level! Sometimes the best way out of a tricky situation is just to dance your ass off.

I don’t agree with Eileen that Kim provoked Lisa; this is a clear case of deflection and I can’t even fathom that she believes Kim is at fault. Lisa would have found a way to bring up Kim’s sobriety once Kim signed on for season 7!

 Thoughts on Eileen’s blog? Do you agree that Kim provoked Lisa? Are you glad Eileen admitted that Lisa’s comments were exaggerated? Is Eileen trying to blame Eden for Lisa’s part in the sobriety drama?

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  • I actually like Eileen most of the time but she is so incredibly wrong. Rinna has been gunning for Kim for a long time. How long was Rinna with her husband before he got sober. Rinna is the biggest enabler and making Kim look bad makes her feel better. She is a malicious person.

  • Eileen is a snooze fest and a Lisa Rinner brown snoozer!! Why they brought either of them back boggles my mind. However, I love Dorit and P.K., they are a breathe of fresh air. As always, I adore Vanderpump and Ken, and Kyle and Mauricio but Erica, her never there husband and her entourage are a mystery to me. Some episodes I think, “yes, she is an asset to the show and I look forward to more.” Then, sometimes I just want to fast forward over her and get to the real housewives.
    Moreover, please let this be Eileen & Lisa R.’s last season!!!!

    • I agree. I can’t stand Rinna & her BS stories ! She tells everyone just ‘OWN IT’ and then she pulls the ‘ oh I don’t remember ‘ BS !! She claims she worries about Kim’s sobriety & then she try’s to sabotage it !!!!

  • Every time I see Kim being portrayed as a victim in all this, I think back to another game night when she and Kyle hid Brandy’s crutches and were very mean girls. As the season progressed they managed to turn it around that they were the victims of Brandy’s. Like Brandy or not, in that one instance, Kim and Kyle were the aggressors, Brandy was their victim.

    I see a repeat pattern here.

    • Partner in crime along with the other “Snoop Sister”. The two of them (Lisa Rinna) have worn out their welcome on this show. Seems no one else can voice an opinion of another unless it comes from big lips or tight lips. Here is how I look at the whole situation……..Lisa Rinna not only physically attacked Kim Richards, but then went on to send threatening texts saying she would “F*ck her up”. Why anyone would want to be in her presence is beyond me, yet LR keeps interjecting her nonsense time and time again. Kim seems healthy & happy, yet it is Lisa Rinna who carries around a baggie full of pills including Xanax. So who really has the problem? Lisa, let’s talk about those assorted pills that you seem to need to get through a day. Dare I say “addiction”? Eileen, just go sit in a corner & try not to get lost in the wallpaper.

    • I think she brings an element of class. I don’t find her boring at all. We are so used to the women on these programs acting like fools, that when someone normal joins the cast and isn’t screaming and cussing like a sailor, a lot of us find that boring. I find her refreshing. 🙂

  • Eline whatever her name she is truly in love with rhinna and her lipz…. Its so so obvious… And again what she do??oh y&tiredR…she is no Erica Kane

  • Why was Eden cast? Eileen let us know that none of them knew her very well. Why did production do this?? Clearly there was an agenda. Eden will never spill the real beans. Gah! I don’t like the path they went this season.

  • Even though LR said it, unfortunately albeit, Kim’s behavior remains on everyone’s mind. If she is so sensitive about it, SHE SHOULD KEEP HER DRUNK ASS OFF THE SHOW! I don’t want to see anymore of Kim! Fix yourself, get well, be happy, stop drinking and KEEP OFF THE SHOW! Eden is strange and her reasons for even being on the show are questionable BUT she’s seen , knows, or read about Kim’s drunk antics or watched previous seasons to feel she knew enough about her to interject herself in her business. Tired of even talking about Kim.

  • What Lisa Rinna said about Kim Richards is pretty accurate as of now! She is still early in her sobriety and her risk is great! She’s pretty spot on about Kyle when it comes to her sister, Her conversation was not malicious it was a private conversation that she was pushed into. Eden seems to be a bit pushy and in a Sobriety you never push yourself on someone the way she did Kim! Anonymity is the number 1 rule! To be so open in front of everyone is a no no! Then to go behind someone’s back and create Drama with gossip she created is even worse! But Lisa Vanderpump is loving it!

    • Let’s get real. Anonymity doesn’t apply when it’s playing out on a reality tv show. No one pushed Rinna into that conversation. It doesn’t matter whether what she said was right or wrong she was wrong not to own it!

      • Who knows how many conversations are filmed between all the women. Most I’m sure are on the cutting floor. She may very well have forgotten, who knows.

  • This is where Eileen loses all CREDIBILITY.
    1.) Kim sharing her opinion on a public conversation that the whole group was present for is not attacking you and Rinna. If you didn’t want anyone else to weigh in on it then it should have happened in private. The fact that this was even uttered as a justification is ridiculous.

    2.) You contradict yourself by stating Rinna said those things to Eden in retaliation which in and of itself is a MALICIOUS ACTION but you expect us to believe it was for help from Eden at the same time. The two ideas are mutually exclusive and both can’t be truth.

    3.) You don’t know Eden yet you can make assertions as to her intent but because you know Rinna that means you are an expert on hers? Hypocrite Much. The same goes for the assertions you so carelessly make about Vanderpump’s intentions in all things despite not knowing her well either.

    4.) The fact that Eileen can crucify Eden and not the instigator whom sparked her inquiry is reprehensible and where she loses any credibility.

    5.) Blaming the passers of the FACTUAL information while discrediting or spinning the information given is an exact page out of the Donald Trump playbook. Alternative Facts much.

    6.) We can clearly see that your intent is to defend the indefensible, and place all blame on Eden, Vanderpump and Kim. How original. Soapy & Sudsy will be the demise of each other. Talk about a leverage alliance versus friendship guess Kyle and Vanderpump aren’t the only ones who have one.

    • Does Eileen say Rinna said those things in retaliation (#2)? I reread it but must be missing it. Eileen says, “Lisa R.’s comments about Kim were inaccurate and extreme. That’s not up for debate.” So she at least makes that clear. I see Eileen as separate from Rinna and think she could be on the cast without Rinna, but not the other way around. Eileen is pretty even keeled whereas Rinna goes a little coo coo.

      • I think so also Maru . People keep holding ED responsible for Lips but ” no one is Kims keeper “, ” Kyle isn’t responsible for LV” , etc and so on ! I can’t with double standard! Keep asking what ED brings but honestly I want to know who the HELL is bringing anything ??? To be real , if that’s a question , it’s Erika if anyone !

  • I don’t agree with Eileen and actually was very confused with everything she said because it didn’t make sense. That being said, I don’t think what Lisa R said was totally uncalled for. Reason being, Kim has flat out lied in the past when it comes to her sobriety. So it is totally possible that she’s still doing drugs or alcohol even if at a small level. I also would not be surprised if that came out in the media again at some point. So that coupled with the fact that Lisa R just rolls off the cuff saying what she thinks makes more sense to me than Eileen’s explanation or that Lisa R simply forgot.

  • What is ED drinking? There is no way Kim made LR say anything. LR has had it in for Kim and everybody and their mommas know that. ED is an idiot who is obviously taking classes from Trump about how to put spins on lies! (the new norm) and neither is fooling anybody!

  • LR and ED- just SHUT the HELL up- , you are in about as a no win situation as CancerGate-
    LymeGate-PantyGate-ApologyGate- just take a breath and walk the Fu** away –

  • To answer your question – I don’t believe Kim “provoked” Rinna/Eileen (they’re the same person right?). As usual Rinny was mouthing off, and Kim stated her opinion (which she’s entitled too). Rin Tin Tin went all rabid (as usual – lets talk about your arrest), Kim was controlled. Then Eden had to jump in (about something she didn’t know anything about – cept thru Rinny) and proceeded to use buzz words like – “sober woman/women” and “attack”, trying to school Kim. Completely uncalled for from Eden, a “sober woman”, and none of her business.

    Yes, Eileen’s blog is all deflection. This woman obviously doesn’t know the difference from the real world, and the soap opera world. Right, “dance your ass off” Rinna. Shake your skinny ass in front of the husbands, and spread your legs to married men. Disgusting.

    • I was laughing so hard at skinny Rinny’s attempt to copy Erika Jayne’s video. Did she think she was sexy, waving her bony ass in the air like a cat in heat? Wasn’t it just last year that she she said the level of sexiness in Erika’s video made her uncomfortable? Now, she is on all fours in front of peeking PK the perverted pussy peeper, giving him an eyeful. GROSS!

      • Hey Polly 😀 lololol, I knooooow. Meoooooow!! I needed a pain killer watching that disgusting display. Don’t forget that the wannabe Showgirl also did the air splits in Mo’s face. I hope she had her parts waxed – remembering last year’s waxing on her filthy shag rug. Ugh.

    • Yes, Shipp, she looked disgusting performing that “dance” especially in front, at eye level, of the husbands faces. Tacky, tacky. But see, I think Edens did “know ” about Kim from watching previous shows, and from gossip she’s heard and read. Now being on the show, she felt entitled, as a sober woman, groan, and free to interject herself into the conversation, uninvited…js

  • How can her intentions not be malicious? Saying someone is mostly sober and close to death is supposed to come from a place of love? Lol give me a break.

    • Exactly . Lippy is crazy , yet this issue with her and Kim had never been fully addressed and handled and finished by just her and Kim. Everyone else has used this , abused this , inserted selves and threw gas on it . I think everyone else should not have , or continue to , speak on it .

  • Yawleen, so this dipshit makes all kinds of excuses for LR to lie and say disgusting things about Kim – and Yawnleen flips out if anyone asks about her whoredom. Yawnleen is an enabler and a liar

    • Sammy 😀 Yes Dulleen is an enabler and a liar. How she can justify her remarks and Rinnys behavior is beyond me.

      • Shipp!

        I just thought of something this morning, the reason I gave kudos to LR and she had cred.regarding addiction/alcoholic disease..LR explained that her hubby was an alcoholic and she lost 2 family members to addiction — this is the only reason I had respect for her – I still believe LR’s big yap – saved Kim.

        What I wonder is, how would LR feel if Kim said this shit about Harry or LR’s 2 family members? Disappointment is an understatement as to how I feel about LR’s disgusting remarks about Kim – equally disgusting that Yawnleen is trying to explain this away!

        • Yup Sammy. That’s when Skinny came across as relatively sane < key words. But, I don't believe she "saved Kim". She just added gasoline to that already blazing fire, with the constant comments. Rin Tin Tin found the bone and wouldn't drop it. Can you say storyline? 😉

          Oh lord save us all…if Kim had followed thru on lets talk about the husband (which Kim didn't). If you re-watch, Kim actually didn't say anything about Harry Hamactor. Rinna over reacted, er, I mean over acted…so dramatic. Eh, crazy bitch is hiding something about HARRY HAMLIN, HARRY HAMLIN (lolol, thanks Polly).

          • For me, I know it is being dramatic, but any day of sobriety for Kim is one day more when LR outted Kim, it forced Kim …to once again approach sobriety…of course after being arrested twice.

            Maybe LR doesn’t want to blab about Harry the Pimp…everyone already read that stuff years ago, when she started on RHOBH…OR maybe during HH was an active alcoholic he created a six pac of harry’s!