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Axed? Jacqueline Laurita’s RHONJ Fate Is Up In The Air!

Kicked to the curb?

Radar Online is reporting that Jacqueline Laurita may not be returning to the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The New Jersey franchise is set to begin filming season 8 any day now, and sources reveal that “Jacqueline has not been asked back yet!”

Adding,“The speculation is that Bravo is holding off because of all of her nasty infighting last season, which has continued behind the scenes even since they wrapped. Of course, it could be that she would return later on in the series if she’s not dropped altogether. Nobody ever knows with Bravo!”

Jacqueline went to toe-to-toe with several of her RHONJ co-stars including Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga during season 7; causing their friends to fracture to an unrepairable state.

It seems that Bravo may be holding off on bringing Jacqueline back at all because Danielle Staub is returning. Perhaps Bravo knows Danielle can bring it and Jacqueline can’t. Or maybe Jacqueline is too afraid Danielle will finally expose her secrets.

I bet Jacqueline and Chris are shitting their pants considering they are drowning in legal issues and debt. I’d image they were counting on their big fat Bravo paycheck to pay off their debt.

This is all very very interesting, and there’s definitely a lot more to this story. We are working with our RHONJ sources to get to the bottom of this. So stay tuned to AATRH for ANY and ALL RHONJ dirt – we’re all about the truth and will have more on this soon.

Thoughts on this latest RHONJ rumor? Do you Jacqueline is afraid to return to RHONJ because of Danielle? Could Bravo be over Jacqueline’s antics? Would you miss Jac on RHONJ?

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  • On Twitter a once popular blogger who was once pro-Tre, anti-Mel and anti-Jaq during seasons 4-6. Now, though, the flip-flopping, unemployed lawyer is pro-Jaq and anti-Tre. Anyway, the blogger tweeted Jaq is holding out for more money!

    My guess? Bravo is wanting to cut her pay and Jaq’s fragile ego cannot understand why. Therefore, in Jaq’s arrogant mind, she is holding out for a bigger paycheck….. then is being offered to her.

    Also on twitter there is a “Bravo RH poll” and Jaq blocked them! The person who runs the twitter account tweeted that Jaq was the first housewife to block them! The poll questions range from current RH events to older events. Jaq does poorly in 99% of the polls!

  • I wonder how much Jacqueline makes as a full time housewife with any deals she has. Anybody got any idea of how much her Bravo check is & have a guess at how much she gets from side businesses?

  • Let’s give Danielle another chance and definitely retire Jacqueline once and for all. A lot of viewers are over Jacqueline’s drama.

  • Please fire that crazy big mouth witch and DO NOT bring back Danielle. Get some fresh new face! Let the tired dogs stay home and rest for about 10 years. They need that much therapy!

    • Oh my my ….I feel the same exact way…..this franchise needs new blood. Danielle’s segments are going to be a new compilation of her at different diners and empty threats of information that she has on people but will not share. She was bore before and I’m sure nothing has changed. I do feel bad for her daughters…I hope she doesn’t make them cringe like she used to when she was on before.

      • I am disappointed they are bringing Danielle back as well. There are a ton of women in Jersey and this is the best they could come up with? I wonder if Danielle’s oldest girl continued with her modeling? Such a beautiful girl.

  • Sorry guys not an agreemenr with any of you. I will take the occasional luny jaqueline over the narcistic delusional scapegoating convict anyday?

  • Do not tease me with the GREAT NEWS!!! Don’t tell me Bravo,Andy is FINALLY LISTENING to us viewing audience! Really, they just don’t want their precious Jacqoff to be embarrassed or the more likely, EXPOSED! Either way, I’ll take it! FIRE THE NASTY BITCH! Then, I’ll keep watching.

    • I know it made my day as I read the story! It’s a happy day in the neighborhood, I’m jumping with joy knowing that psychotic Frog face Jaquline isn’t returning and I don’t have to spend so much time fast forwarding through Frig-faces scenes! Thank you Andy Cohen for listening to the viewers!
      Jaquline was probably too scared to go back now that Danielle I should returning knowing Danielle knows all those secrets she told her LOL can you imagine the craziness and psychotic moments that would have happened between Frig-face and Danielle! That would mean B r avoid would have to spend the money to hire security guards because we all know Jaquline isn’t sane enough to be in society as it is, but being with Danielle Jaquline can actually physically hurt someone like she has in the past. Good atlea s t all the ladies will be safe from harm with the psycho the resident psycho that is Jaquline!

      • I hope you didn’t give bravo ant ideas about not hiring her !!! I really don’t want to see that pot stirring criminal back !!!

  • Even though Jac is a liability extra security, lawyer threats with Robyn in Vermont, and dropped Assault charges, not fulfilling her contract obligations and the list is long, Bravo will probably keep their Evil Lunatic for Drama.

  • There is a story that must come from Jac or Ash, it’s about Teresa on The Dirty today saying producers are letting Teresa cast the show and leaving Jac out. But as you read on, it says how that would be a mistake because the highest rated episode was what Jac came on causing drama blah blah blah. Jac must be worried about Danielle too since the source cries, ‘Bravo promised she would never return.’ LOL

    • The much talked about Vermont episodes did score good. Part 2 of the reunion was the highest live episode, then part #1 and then the episode where Jaq went off on Tre and Mel in Vermont. BUT, the much hyped, Jaq promoted episode, where Jaq invited Tre for dinner was the lowest rated episode out of all 7 seasons of RHONJ!

      IMO, last season sucked! Jaq was given another chance to show she had what it takes to lead the series and she couldn’t do it! Jaq and Kathy only seem capable of picking on Tre. Tre kicked them to the curb and now what do they have? Danielle could give Jaq some sort of storyline for a few episodes, maybe. As a viewer, though, I’m sick of the past getting rehashed. Especially with Jaq!

      My guess is Jaq is wanting more $ per episode. Plus she might be worried about her finances, bankruptcy and Las Vegas past bring exposed. She always boasts what an honest person she is and by now most know she’s a liar! I Ashley isn’t asked back!

        • Hi CsqD yeah right that moronic bi*ch posted a picture of her kids on Instagram pooping yes you read it right pooping! The only thing that degenerate can do is laugh and giggles about it, boy that’s one dumb bi*ch if she doesn’t understand anything on the Internet is permanent as in forever. The kid has his own right to be given dignity but the moron doesn’t think about that she just giggles. Like I said earlier Ashley has the IQ of a tick tac, noway she’s RHONJ material besides it would end the show because we all know nobody would watch, Andy knows that. I can’t believe she doesn’t know how to give her kids privacy, he has clothes on but the whole thing is going to embarres him someday. I hope the kid doesn’t take after Ashley or her mom and has more sense, it’s bad enough the poor kid took after both Ashley and her mom in the looks department very sad thing

          • On Twitter there was a source who went by “NJ Revelations” that seemed to be pro-Melissa, pro-Siggy, anti-Jaq and a little anti-Tre, too. Whoever it was tweeted that Ashley purposely got engaged and pregnant to help her mom out! The source made it seem like Ashley thinks she’s an asset to RHONJ but she’s not! I could believe that.

            Ashley starts controversy on twitter and the whines when she gets bashed for her tweet. She ALWAYS blamed Tre’s fans! Even though some Tweeters stated they disliked Tre, too! I could see Ashley bashing Tre still when season 8 airs even if she and her mom are FIRED!

            Ashley just doesn’t get that people who have natural charisma are born with it. Jaq, Melissa, Dolores and Ashley just don’t have that type of reality TV personality charisma! I will say Danielle carries some charisma but not as much as Tre does!

            P/S-Please ask around about Jaq. I know on Twitter Danielle has tweeted that Jaq was an escort, too. IDK if that is true but that is a disturbing rumor to start if it’s false! One thing about Jaq is she can sure dish it but she can’t take it! I always thought it odd she married a man who lived clear across the country! Is Jaq trying to hide something?

            • There’s no way Andy is stupid enough bring that immature little husky (Ashley) on the show, nobody would watch the show as it is the show lost viewers when Jaquhole returned. The daughter has never been liked, she always displayed so much sense of entitlement and she is so gross looking now. Ashley has the face of a blowfish she got her lips done or something because she looks deformed. She isn’t joining the show, and if she I should well there goes the show down the gutter

      • Ashley is a nobody. Bravo has no use for that degenerate. Bravo knows how the public can’t stand her, and they know the show would tank if they brought Ashley on,
        I’m so happy Frig-face Jaquline isn’t returning!
        I live in Vegas I’m going to see what I can find out about Jaquline,I’m also in the beauty business like Jaquline was we all know each other in the beauty bussines if you’ve practiced It long enough I’ve put in 30 years, anyways I know the casino she worked at. I should be able to find something out

      • CsqD – are you looking at the ratings on Wiki? That’s what I am seeing too, that episode was barely higher 1.80 million than the episode where Teresa said good-bye to Joe 1.73 million. Every NJ season, the biggest jerk, Jaq, Jimbo, Kim D etc try to brag they bring in the viewers but I don’t see it.

        • Actually, I googled “RHONJ Season 7 Ratings” and another blog site kept track of the LIVE ratings. It’s not the site with “tea” in it but the site that has “things” in the blog site name that starts with “all” also.

          Bravo uses the LIVE +3 ratings system, though. I recall the 3 episodes (the first one being the dinner at Jaq’s house) that were heavily promoted with Jaq didn’t score high. It was an episode that aired on labor day that wasn’t really promoted that pulled the RHONJ’s viewers back in that took in the most +3 viewers. Which, if you don’t know, the +3 adds in the DVR viewers for the first 3 days. The labor day, non-Jaq promoted episode, received around 1.3 million viewers DVR viewers + 1.5 million LIVE viewers that equaled 2.8 mill viewers. Jaq’s 3 previous promoted episodes ranged from 1.6 mill-2.2-2.3 mill L +3 viewers!

          I went to read “The Dirty” story and it is bashing Tre and promoting Jaq as the most interesting, drama bringing RHONJ star. The comments are pro-Jaq and anti-Tre. I bet those are the only fans Jaq has that purchased her book! What is interesting is that previous RHONJ stories and Jaq owing her attorney received 0 comments! Hmmmmm……..

          • Thanks for sharing what +3 viewers means. Great point that Bravo heavily promoted those episodes.

            Hmmm…yes, odd 😉 that people comment on her lawsuit story over there. ha

    • Frig-faces daughter is always thirsty for fame yet people can’t stand her, Andy isn’t stupid enough to bring that sausage factory on RHONJ! Plus there’s absolutely nothing that dingbat can bring with the IQ of a tick tac! Ashley is a Jerry Springer episode waiting to happen!

    • It’s Frig-faces Jaquline ‘s hand per a comment that was left utopia her. Ashley is thirsty for fame and attention lol so pathetic!

  • So thinking ahead to a (hopefully) Jac free future, why bring back Danielle? I’m not a fan of bringing back D, but I could see the storyline of D and Tre teaming up against Jac. If no Jac, what’s the plan for D? D has nothing in common with any of the ladies; she doesn’t even live close. Theres no other person for D to go after because Mel isnt worth the effort; as Peggy found out the only person worth going after is the star. TBH, I really think either Jac is coming back to be the villai or Bravo is going to recreate the D/Tre feud. I’m not a fan of either, so IMO, lol dump Jac and Danielle.

    • Oh, great points rhfan! Yes, of course, fire them both! But under all circumstances, DO NOT BRING JACQOFF BACK!!! FIRE THE BITCH C%#T !!

    • I hope and pray they don’t ever bring tire neck back on our screens but who knows. As far as Danielle goes she really doesn’t live far from them at all so I don’t see that as being a problem. I personally would like to see her back because I truly do believe she has changed drastically. Danielle has what appears to be a really nice steady GROWN UP relationship with a guy that has a job and from what I can tell seems to be quite normal as well as this looks like a real love story. Also Danielle’s daughters are doing some pretty amazing things with their lives which is anything short of admirable with all the cards they had stacked against them at one point and time in their lives. Not to mention those poor girls were so young when they were thrown into the mess that we all watched unfold so many years ago. I need to give credit where it’s due and I think Danielle has done a wonderful job of raising two beautiful smart young ladies. They are NOTHING like Ashley, they have respect, their educated and seem to be lovely. Unlike some people who are still sucking off Mommy’s teet, living in her house unwed, knocked up and now with a kid. Ashley needs to grow up and get her own place and unlike her Step Daddy she needs to get a REAL job instead of the gimmick type of employment her broke ass, thief and in dept up to their eye balls parents have. I think Danielle could be a refreshing change and I am hoping that what she is portraying as of late is actually true and she has left her old ways behind her. The only thing I was really hoping for was for her to take down Jac and her entire Family and expose them for the frauds they really are. So yes I’m a little confused how all this will play out with no Jac on board and what will the story lines be, hmmmmm. One never knows…..

  • Jackaloon needs to go. She should have been let go after she blew off the Season 3 reunion to get drunk with Kim G. She deserves to be fired for having her meltdowns and tweeting spoilers for entire seasons of RHONJ. She should be fired for bailing on the finale last season. But mostly she should be fired for not being entertaining. She is a mentally ill person and it is not fun to watch someone decompensate on reality TV. Don’t go away mad, Jackaloon. Just. Go. Away.

  • I most certainly hope she’s gone… I had hoped that she and Tre could reconcile… at one time I truly enjoyed them together… but, she is just slap crazy now… all that jealousy about Tres fame drove her insane!

  • Who is so cruel to get our hopes up like this??????
    Don’t play with my emotions lol. I want a name and direct quote stating that Jacaloon has left the RHONJ building . Please and thank you 🙂

      • I thought Season 1 Jac was my favorite person on the show at the time-look how completely she has changed, and lost her mind. My problem is I would bet that Jac thought that by putting these stories out, she would drive people to beg for her return- which is NOT going to happen. And I bet she ten thought, after she was begged to sign, that she cold get Danielle dropped before she could cause Jac and Chris and Ashlee trouble.

        I am sure Jac thought like this. Too bad none of it wil work or is correct. My strong suspicion is that the combination of her lawyer’s news and Danielle’s hiring, whether as a friend , or whatever, has led Bravo to say they are finally forced to deal wit their truths, and Chris and Jac will refuse to tolerate that. So she might truly, really, be gone. But I am with Michers-this seems impossible and too good to believe, given how long overdue it is.

        She is just like Kim Richards, and believes the audience just MUST see her-and loves her.

        I think it is far to early to be true- but will be smiling all weekend, thinking about it. My one issue is, if she is not present,
        can/will they disclose the truth of their financial lies/stealing?

  • Hahahahaha Lara. Reading fast, I initially thought you wrote – Is Jacqueline L’s fat up in the air. 😀

    I need more coffee.

  • I will believe it when I DONT GOTTA SEE IT anymore-, she is prob recovering from her latest Surgery–I would have so much more respect, if her and her do nothing , but hang with the girls lazy un-motivated man ( I use that loosely)- would get jobs and take care of their family- especially Nick- that road is not going to get easier, so how about help him through it- Dumb Wanna Be – Nuthings- (yeah I know I mis-spelled) LOL

  • It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come to this conclusion. All Jac has left in her corner is probably Delores, not even Siggy because she talks out of both sides of her mouth. If you’re friends with only one cast member and that cast member has half a pulse themselves, you don’t have very strong footing on these shows. Besides, who in their right mind wants this nut job on the show any longer?

  • Jack Ass is a better person when she has zero to do with RHONJ. Since this is a “sources” said – it’s a no go, but a fun one! I remember September24 saying how funny it would be if Jack Ass was not asked back!!