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Lisa Rinna Admits Watching RHOBH Season 7 Play Back Has Been “Embarrassing & Frustrating!”

Lisa Rinna has had a lot of drama during her three years on Bravo, but Tuesday night’s RHOBH  may have been her toughest yet. Lisa was under fire for claiming that Kim Richards was “mostly sober” and close to death.” And even more, for calling her friend Kyle an enabler!

Rinna had no idea that Eden had gone to Lisa Vanderpump and spilled on what the two had been talking about, so when she arrived in Mexico it was quite a shock. Rinna didn’t confirm or deny Eden’s accusations, but she did claim to, “not remember” what had been said.

In this week’s Bravo Blog Lisa admitted that watching RHOBH play out on Bravo has been, “embarrassing and frustrating.” She also tried to defend what she told Eden by referencing several off-camera conversations, and insisted that her intentions were pure when it came to talking about Kim’s sobriety!

Hello from the Lion’s Den.

Do you have any idea what I would give to go back to the night before this to watch Delilah walk in the Tommy Hilfiger show? What a range of emotions I experienced in those 24+ hours with very little sleep. Wow. All I can say is thank God for Harry Hamlin. He knows how to put me at ease, and I wanted nothing more than to be home with him and my girls, the people I love and trust more than anything.

Let’s just get right to the point, shall we? When Erika gave me the heads up that I needed to talk to Kyle because Eden had said something that was now circulating around our group, I knew I needed to speak with Kyle at that moment. Kyle has been a good friend of mine for many years, and it was important to clear the air. If I had something to hide, I wouldn’t have been the one to initiate the conversation. I’m grateful to Erika for giving me the heads up and not repeating to me what happened the night before. She refuses to play this game of telephone, and I so respect that about her. 

There are a couple of points I want to remind you of. First is the fact that I had no idea that any of this had gone on and that these girls were lying in wait for me. This is now two months after Game Night, and since then I have had a handful of conversations with Eden regarding her issues with Kyle and Kim. With the exception of the conversation we had while shopping, they have all consisted of me warning Eden that she needs to let the issue go. At the end of our conversation in the store, I told her that third time’s a charm, and I am done. Moving on. Which is precisely what I did from that moment forward. I compartmentalized the conversation and put it to bed.

The second point is my exact words to Eden in that conversation were “They’re this close to Kim dying.” Meaning, I was referencing what Kyle shared with all of us in the Hamptons about Kyle’s fear of losing her sister. In no way was I saying Kim was on a path to destruction, nor was I implying that Kim was on the brink of death. But unfortunately, this is how my message was relayed to Eden’s attentive audience shortly before we all left for Mexico.

Clearly, I need to add more Ginko Biloba to my pill bag, because I could benefit from it’s memory-helping benefits. It’s embarrassing and frustrating to watch all of this play back, because I truly did not remember the conversation I was accused of having. Instead, the intention of what I said regarding Kim was all twisted after going through so many people, and I simply wasn’t going to own up to something that I couldn’t remember.

The bottom line is this, I wish I had never said what I did to Eden, regardless of my intent, because it’s obvious that we have two very different realities of the situation. For that, I hold myself responsible and like we see Erika say about me in her interview, “I betcha she’ll get around to owning it.” And I betcha Erika is right. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to shake off this incredibly frustrating night, pull myself together, honor my inner Erika Jayne, hop up on the table and dance to “Painkillr.” I mean, isn’t that what everyone does? 

Until next week.


Thoughts on Rinna’s blog? Are you surprised she’s embarrassed? Did these off-camera conversations with Eden ever happen? Did Rinna finally own it? Do you believe she had good intentions when talking about Kim?


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  • She is a liar with a selective memory. This creep needs to be fired because she is an embarrassment to the show and everyone who watches it.

  • This woman has changed three different times. She changes each season like changing underwear. She comes in as this put together, well thinking human who has no time for drama. Then she slithers into the second season having decided to take one situation that SHE claims happened “off camera” and use it to take down Queen LVP. Big mistake. HUGE. Then she comes back this season being EXACTLY what she tried to claim LVP was last season which proves that this is how her freakish, conniving mind works. And that conversation with her and Eileen the Puppet Queen had on the boat about how happy LVP was made me want to jump thru the television and push both of those broads overboard. They are both two peas in a pod. Eileen’s only issue with Lisa is that she made a joke that she didn’t have the sense of humor to get. That’s sick. Be grown! Get back to life. All that talk about manipulation and she can’t see that her bestie is manipulating her. I cannot stand these two. And, just to put it out there, I wish Kyle would just grab her big girl panties for once and go all in on something. She gave LVP hell when she partnered against her with Brandi. But she can’t tell Lipsa Whinner to go straight to hell in a handbasket and mean it?????

  • All need to apologize to LVP. They all jump in with Lisa R. lie and turned their backs on her. Brandy and Yolanda should be first. Lisa R. Own it

  • All she ever seems to do is stir the pot with lies. And then denies it all. I really don’t understand why she’s on the show as she’s so disliked and is such a has been with her unattractive duck lips. Surely the network can find a much better replacement.

  • yes lisar you are a pitiful wanna be who is on the fringes of hollywood and knocking and knocking trying to get in, but actually you are a tired old has been trying to make herself important by saying and acting outrageous. harry must be so proud of you dancing on a table top for men. or maybe he’s as tired old and unimportamt as you.

    • “Erica Jayne” is an entertainer………Lisa Rinna looked pathetic, raunchy & desperate for attention.

  • Nope! sorry Rinna. You’ve played this attack, lie , deny ,deflect , cry outrage, confess, Cry remorse, pledge you’re “owning it!” Then go right back and do it again and again game too many times for us to buy a word of it! You’re Nasty… and not in a good or strong or determined way.. just in a sad pathetic needy way! You’ve lost every shred of credibility. Unless it’s on tape, I wouldn’t trust you with the time of day! I’m happy for your daughter but if you really want to help her succeed you might just want to keep your distance from her job! You’re not exactly a positive force right now! Your desperation is pretty smelly right now!

  • Typical Rinna bullshit. Try to blow it off by acting like it’s no big deal because there’s so much more to be grateful for in life than to dwell on negatives. Throw in that fake laugh that is her go-to, phony, ‘I’m-such-a-ditz act and she’s out the door.

    She and Davidson are constant reminders of what a bad idea it was to cross two genres. These two are ‘actresses’ playing themselves in a so-called reality arena. Even they don’t know where “they’ start or their ‘character’ begins and ends. Unless, of course, you’re like Rinna and you have no character to begin with.

    • Helen, every thing you said and more. Bitch would “rather be better than bitter.” Crock of crap. The hustler that hustles, and always knows where the cameras are. So “own it”, “OWN IT”!!

      Sudsy Dulleen, always looking for resolution that never comes. Yup, that’s the soap opera world she’s lived in for 30 some years…never any resolution. She’s caught in that character, and can’t differentiate.

      • Taking bets on how many times Lisa Rinna jumps up from her seat at the reunion & walks off waving her hands in righteous indignation. God help us in that chooses a dress that actually fits those tired old bones of hers.

  • Rinna needs to tell this lie to somebody who’ll believe her. She is trying to put a spin on her words when we all saw and heard it. She must be from the Donald Trump school of spinning lies!

  • So is Rinna “embarrassed, frustrated” because she was too dumb to remember that ALL conversations in the presence of cameras are filmed? What happened to “owning it”? I’m looking forward to the Reunion. I just hope they show the multiple Rinna-Bitch clips and make her explain them.

    • rhfan, yes. Soapy, the Z list actor, knows exactly where the cameras are at all times. She plays to the cameras. She knows exactly what she is doing. And it ain’t pretty.

      Someone said the reunion was sometime soon, which sounds kind of early to me.

  • How can she spin what she said into something good? She is caught and now wants to try to deflect it onto Eden. Lisa Rinna is caught.

  • LR = POS

    Kim and Kyle have been shooting back at LR on twitter – and shut down the “I don’t remember” crap. LR attacked the most vulnerable storyline — KimR’s sobriety. LR was specific “Kim is close to death” and “Kim is sometimes sober” and “Kyle is an enabler”

    is this Lr blaming editing? good luck with that! All the cast called her out on her selective memory…blast now – sorry later

    • Sammy, how can this dolt Rinna not remember? She’s full of shit and got caught dirty. Didn’t know what to say? No, didn’t know how to cover her lying ass at that moment, but walk away and fake cry. Now she’s going to try and spin spin spin. Oy.

      • Maybe she can get Kelly Ann to spin it for her? Pathetic. The only people who believe her lies are those who aren’t watching , can’t understand basic knowledge or don’t care about truth! The rest of us know a lie no matter how fast or how long you keep it spinning!

  • Embarrassing because for 3 seasons you’ve been a bold face liar and now you’ve finally got caught. Frsustrating because since your character has now been exposed as questionable all your past actions that may have been deemed by some viewers as genuine have now been called in to question.

    She keeps talking about the bs context of her saying ‘this close to death’ which is complete crap because a) that wasn’t context she gave Eden when she said so she can’t be penalized for your failure to provide context to your statement, b) that alleged context took place over a year and a half ago and your statement was made in the present as if you knew to that be true currently, c) the time also seems convenient as your statement was made when you were mad at her, d) based on your previous blog it seems you were mad at Kyle too for not shutting Kim down at game night which is why you purposely called her an enable to hurt her out of revenge.

    There’s no way we could trust she remember verbatim her off convo camera with Lisa last season months later but can’t remember this convo from 7 weeks prior and the numerous statements she made. She also proved to be covering it up as she lied to Kyle’s face when they went shopping about not knowing where Eden was coming from at all with no disclosure of any convo yet she says here they had multiple convos she portrayed to Kyle that Eden was projecting out of thin air based on her own family which was not the case. Yes she was obsessing over the lies she was intentionally told by Rinna based on projecting over her family but it started with Rinna.

    Also Erika Jayne can’t save you from the viewers and either can Eileen because they are doing a Trump administration spin and focusing on the intent of Vanderpump in telling the info and not the fact that the info is TRUE. Of course this is their opportunity to again just blame Lisa Vanderpump but unfortunately for you the viewers can see your guilty as charged regardless of who reported what you said. OWN IT BABY! OWN IT!

  • I love how she’s trying to spin “They’re this close to Kim dying” into something else. No Rinna. You said mean things and then conveniently “forgot” the conversation and had a full on meltdown when you got caught.

    • When LR got confronted from Kyle you could see her eyes looking off to the side. Trying to act like she couldn’t remember – yeah right. She was panicking and wondering what exactly Eden had shared and how to cover her butt. Sooooo obvious. And the crying. Good grief – soap star acting. I am sure she was upset – because she got caught. She wasn’t upset the next morning. All chipper – talking trash about LVP and dancing on a table. Yeah – she is so devastated. Hmmmm
      After 3 seasons of her perpetual causing harmful opinions then blaming others – I no longer believe her nor trust her opinions or word. She has lost all credibility. If she is back next year it will be interesting to see if she is invited to events or personal lunches. Of course except Eileen. She is running out of targets.

      • Texas Thoughts – yes, yes, and one more yes. Rinny caught. Deer in the headlights eyes. Then she doesn’t remember. Well, we do. It was filmed and shown, unlike the bull shit she said about LVP last reunion. So escape exit stage left to fake cry “I want to go home”. She should go home and stay there. Miserable human being, leave that knife in your back, you deserve it.

  • Wait, she isn’t blaming bad editing or will that be the next excuse. All she had to do is own up to it and move on, or better yet should have kept her fat mouth shut.
    Funny how when Dorit used the same excuse of not remembering she got called out for it….she will never learn.