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Eden Sassoon Accuses Lisa Rinna Of Having “Selective Memory” & Teases The Truth “Will Come Out Soon Enough!”

While Eden Sassoon and Kim Richards didn’t join the RHOBH cast in Mexico, they were the main topic of discussion on the trip!

Last week we watched Lisa Vanderpump tell Kyle what Lisa Rinna had been saying about Kim, and finally Kyle understood why Eden had been asking so many questions about her sisters’ sobriety!

Of course, they ended the episode right when Rinna got to Mexico, so we had to wait a whole week to see how things went down. Kyle was trying to enjoy the trip and ignore Rinna as much as possible, but Erika told Lisa to go talk to Kyle so they could get to the bottom of things.

We all watched in disbelief as Rinna refused to “own it,” and claimed that she “didn’t remember” what she said! Luckily for Eden the conversation was caught on camera; however given Lisa’s past with Kim, and this group, most of the RHOBH assumed she was guilty anyway!

In this week’s Bravo Blog Eden admitted that following the talk with her mother she realized that she needed to take a step back from the RHOBH sobriety situation. She also slammed Lisa Rinna for having “selective memory,” and teased that the truth will come out soon enough!

Let’s start this blog post with the beautiful part of this episode…my mama. She is such a strong, beautiful woman, who so easily brings me back down to earth. It wasn’t always that way; we’ve worked really hard on our relationship. But now that we have such a strong friendship, I look to her for advice when I am overwhelmed, which I totally am at this moment.

I saw Kat and me in Kim and Kyle, and it was scary and emotionally overwhelming. I’m not a troublemaker, guys. I NEVER meant to insert myself into a situation that would cause drama. But I guess it took my mom explaining to me that it’s not my job to fix other people to realize that I needed to take a step back and let it be. I am powerless in this situation. My passion got the best of me. #ImMyFathersDaughter

“You, my dear, are powerless over other people’s lives. So, we can share it, but we can’t change it, OK?” –Beverly Sassoon

Something I am not powerless over is this Rinna situation? She says she “can’t remember,” so let me help her remember. And let’s set some other things straight too:

Lisa Rinna said she had a deep conversation with me, about me, and that I wanted to help her heal her relationship with Kim Richards. Yes, we did talk about me, and her, and about A LOT! But RINNA is the one who asked me to help her heal her relationship with Kim! I didn’t think it would be too hard… but then again, I didn’t realize that they couldn’t stand each other! I didn’t watch past seasons, so I didn’t see how volatile their relationship was. That was my first mistake — agreeing to help.

Rinna said she thinks this situation is bullsh– if you ask her… well no one did ask you! If anyone should think this situation is bullsh– it’s me! I mean come on; Rinna deserves a damn Oscar for the performance she just gave in Mexico.

“Everyone in this group, at one time or another, doesn’t remember…” –Erika Girardi

But it didn’t just stop at the “selective memory.” Rinna continued to cry and cry and cry and say, “I don’t want to do this. I feel like I have been stabbed in the back.” Honestly, now it’s just funny. The more she cries, the more they play back the moment when Lisa Rinna says everything she’s denying. I mean even the girls admit that she could have said something like that in one of her angry moments…well she wasn’t even mad when she said it. We were calm, shopping. She remembers. #CaughtRedHanded

Erika tried her hardest to get Rinna to “own it, own it” (LOL, Vanderpump), but it will all come out soon enough.

Note To Self: The queen, I love you! Picturing Vanderpump getting on all fours and barking like a dog, definitely something I would do. #HappyValentinesDay

 Thoughts on Eden’s blog? Does Rinna have selective memory? Were you shocked that she claimed she “couldn’t remember?” Were you glad to hear Eden admit she needs to take a step back from Kim and Kyle? Are you excited to watch Rinna and Eden go head to head next week? 

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  • It always makes me uncomfortable when hws talk about other hws’ business when they are not present, but esp when it involves their health…not cool

  • If Eden didn’t have Kim’s sobriety to talk about, what would be her story line? By the way, does she have a job or is she just living off her daddies inheritance?

  • Oh Gawd. First of all, in ALL the seasons of RHOBH, Kim HAS BEEN ENABLED by all the ladies on the cast. If anyone of them EVER drank while Kim was present, being her “friends” they were enabling her. Ignoring the problem also enables her. Not calling her out, enables her. Let’s face it, not one of them aside from Kyle has any duty to help Kim. All of the previous cast members now abide by Kyle’s rule not to talk about Kim or Kyle will be mad at them, which is very immature, and catering to immature behavior. Eden, is a lot more in touch with honesty than any of the women, including Kyle. Eden brought concern to the table, not out of malicious gossip, but from the POV of a sister who enabled her sister, which resulted in AVOIDABLE death. Anyone with half a heart would want to share their story in hopes it prevents more tragedy. In real life, we need more women like Eden, and less like Kyle. Money can’t bring back the dead. Honesty about substance abuse can prevent death. All these rich people not getting help, families feeling shamed, “don’t talk about it” all….because of image and reputation. It’s all out of your control when you’re dead. Eden was told that Kim was near death, so yeah, she spoke up in a sea of quiet women who are all claiming to be friends with Kim, asking why are you all ignoring the signs? I really can’t believe people on here blame Eden for getting involved after what Rhinna told her. I’d rather have a friend like Eden than a bunch of ignorant ladies who will watch me drink myself to death. As for Rhinna… could tell she remembered. She made a big mistake saying to her man how she’s “not going to take that”, as if Eden was maliciously trying to screw her over. In actuality, she spread the “gossip”, she blamed it on Eden, and now she’s trying to paint Eden as a person who is trying to attack HER. (First Kim, now me?) Ha! Lisa R, you don’t remember your lines????? She owes Eden a HUGE apology, and I hope she gives it on camera and in private. Props to Erika for trying to get Rhinna to face the truth, and to just own it and go from there. Erika is the only one who seemed to see the situation for what is was….I think probably because living with a lawyer, you begin to understand that FACTS matter, not hearsay. Eden and Erika, keep being real….we see it and we appreciate it!!!! ?

  • Eden was just trying to help a friend in a situation that she was familiar with. The problem was that she had not looked at previous years of the show to know Rinna and Kim’s history. I agree that Rinna should get an Emmy award for her performance (lol). She truly over acted in that scene, when everybody knew she was lying, then she resorted to her Kandi Burress impersonation by crying all over the place. I can’t stand Rinna and I hope she gets what’s coming to her.

  • I’m sorry for loss of her sister but it seems she hasn’t grieved properly maybe ? She needs to rewind, start over and CHILL to get anywhere on this cast which , probz ain’t gonna happen . Sorry Lippy screwed ya but should have not been overly concerned, overly dramatic …

    • Just as much as Rinna used her sister’s death in prior seasons to become the expert on all the “addict” #KIM

      • That’s what pisses me off the most….They claim they are doing all of this out of concern, but if you know so much about addiction you should know that spreading rumors, lying & being nasty doesn’t help the person !!!!!

  • Eden’s mom is honest and realistic – I like that because there are times Eden needs a reality check. Eden has to remember she is not a “healer” and she never presented herself a supporter or friend of Kim. She inserted herself immediately as a gossip and liar.

    If Eden had gone to Kim immediately, and said “there is strength in numbers” well that would be awesome, and LR would have to lie her face off to other people.

    Thanks to Vanderfabulous, shutting down Eden’s tour, all this crap about Kim stopped and was finally addressed! Eden is such a coward on twitter – both Kyle and Kim are shutting down Eden’s lies and hate directed at them.

    • Sammy, absolutely Eden could have gone to Kim, OFF CAMERA. But not necessarily should have. Eden didn’t know any of the back story (she said) ‘cept the barking bull shit she got from Rin Tin Tin.

      I can hardly wait for the bitch fight. Looks like Eden is going to rip Rinny apart. Well one can hope 😉

      • Yup yup and yup!! and Vanderfabulous deserves a damn parade – she shut the shitters down. All LVP has had to do- is sit back and kick ass! Eden is a coward – her belief in herself is a joke “I would be grateful if someone like me was trying to help me” the hell does gossiping about Kim – help kim?


        • In Eden’s defense, I don’t think she said anything behind someone’s back that she hasn’t felt comfortable saying to their face.

          • Hi RHOAmbler

            For me, and I know that Eden was (being a good friend to LR by doing this) when Eden got on her knees when speaking with Kyle and Kim, she had that opportunity to explain that LR gave eden information about Kim and Kyle.

            By not sharing this, she became a gossip. Eden never immediately approached Kim or Kyle about LR lies…Eden could have brought out what LR said, when LR/Kyle and Eden got together for lunch, and Eden never said a peep.

            So regardless of whether LR is there or not, Eden did gossip and kept secrets.