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Eden Sassoon Stands by Her Decision to Insert Herself in Kyle & Kim Richards’ Drama

Sorry, not sorry?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie Eden Sassoon has no regrets about getting involved in Kyle and Kim Richards’ personal drama.

In fact, Eden stands by her decision to tell Lisa Vanderpump that Lisa Rinna accused Kim of being near death and Kyle of enabling Kim’s alcoholism.

“It came from a place of complete compassion and caring,” Eden tells PEOPLE. “And yet everyone sort of came at me in a different way like I’m meddling in their business.”

While Eden has faced backlash for getting involved in Kim and Kyle’s issues; she says it’s in her nature to help when she thinks it’s needed.

“I am that way in life. I want to help. I want to make a difference. I want to, sort of, ‘If you need me, I’m here,’” she explains.

Eden has been sober for four years now and is eager to help others with their addiction issues.

However, the Richards sisters clearly don’t want Eden’s help and confronted her and insisted her help was not needed.

“I think maybe you’re reading into things with a magnifying glass or something,” Kyle explained to Eden. “I don’t really know what to do with that, to be honest. I think it’s just injecting yourself into something you don’t know anything about.”

I think deep down Eden is coming from a good place, but she jumped into Kim and Kyle’s business way too quickly with or without Lisa Rinna’s input. Eden would have inserted herself into Kim’s sobriety one way or another, but I think she should have stayed out of it from day one.

Do you believe Eden is coming from a place of compassion and caring? Was Eden meddling in Kim and Kyle’s business?

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  • I like that Eden spoke up. She had lunch with LVP to clear up what LVP had accused her of at the white party…messing with Kim and Kyle. So she went to the lunch, explained her reasoning for saying anything at all…which was, her own personal experience of ignoring substance abuse, which led to the death of her sister. I think she didn’t tell anyone up to this point about Rhinna telling her Kim was close to death, because she was trying to show she is trustworthy, not revealing sources….(UNLIKE loudmouth Dorit). I think by the time she got to lunch at LVP’s, she realized that the information she was given was not factual, but speculation. I think that’s when she figured out that if she didn’t admit what Rhinna had told her, everyone, but most importantly KIM, the one who has everything to lose, would feel she was being “attacked” out of nowhere. I’d rather watch Eden being real about substance abuse with the ladies, than watch Kyle’s husband’s new branch opening, or watching the HW’s kids walking runways. Isn’t the show called REAL housewives? Aren’t we supposed to be seeing REAL issues amongst the women, not just 90% of the show promoting the husbands’ and kids’ jobs/businesses? It’s beginning to be like a magazine now….90% advertisements for the husbands jobs, kids jobs and the wives side businesses. I cannot tell you how UNINTERESTING it is to watch spoiled rich kids land modelling jobs. What a shocker, kids walking in fashion week when they have rich connected parents. BORING!!!!

  • Something is wrong with Eden and her motives for coming on the show are highly questionable . They way she’s inserted herself into the sister’s lives is bizarre . She needs to sassoon her ass right off the show. Next!

  • I’m cutting through the chase, I don’t think Eden should be on next season. It’s clear she has strong feelings and personal experience about addiction. But to be on this cast, you have to be able to meddle, be snarky and have fun! She has been so annoyed at both Kim and Kyle for not being friendly towards her. She didn’t join the Girl Scouts. She has not made any connections with any of these ladies or show us the grand lifestyle. As for the newbies, at least Dorit & PK can joke with LVP.

    • True she probably has imaginary headphones glued to her head and playing heal the world constantly lol. Lippy played her but she’s too presumptuous to her detriment.

  • Eden knows by now, as she has been sober for 4 years, that a “new sober” is just as susceptible to old/new triggers – and Eden needs to accept that she is not a “healer” she is a gossip and she needs to own this. Speaking to everyone except the “sober” one, is just plain gossiping.

    Had Eden been truly concerned, she would have gone right to Kim and Kyle and stated everything she gathered about Kim…but Eden kept her tour going. Eden is a sober gossip.

  • I think intent was coming from good place however, too new , too much , too soon. Slow down sister !
    Sidenote- her mother is striking for her age .