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Lisa Rinna Blasts Dorit Kemsley For Gossiping About Her Pill Bag; Plus Calls Eden Sassoon Insecure And Full Of “Half-Truths”

Lisa Rinna is taking responsibility for her actions on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after it was discovered that she was behind Eden Sassoon’s intrigue concerning Kim Richards’ sobriety.

In her Bravo blog, LR explains her relationship with Eden and how their conversation about Kim’s sobriety came to be.

However, while Rinna is all for taking responsibility for her actions she reveals she isn’t taking “responsibility for Eden and her insecurities.”

Also, Rinna also calls out Dorit Kemsley for gossiping about her pill bag and turning her into a “villain.”

See what LR had to say below! P.S. it’s super long so grab some coffee or better yet a glass of champs!

I want to start with the positive, amazing moment we are having with Delilah Belle walking in her very first fashion show for Tommy Hilfiger for New York Fashion Week. What a thrill it is to watch your child work hard and make her dreams come true. We had so much fun getting ready walking the halls, or shall I say strutting the halls getting her ready. She had never walked in a show, and this was one of the biggest shows ever. I am so beyond proud.

It was great to sit and have lunch with Camille in New York. I got the chance to share how I was feeling, and she has been there and done that, so it’s was nice to be open and honest with someone who can relate.

Now, let’s revisit Game Night.

All of the unnecessary drama that unfolded could have 100% been avoided if Kim had not inserted herself into our conversation. Everything was going great that night until Kim got involved. Our conversation had nothing to do with her. When I watch the episode back, I could see Kim’s wheels were turning. She was dying to get a word in, to find the perfect time to start trouble with me yet again, push my buttons, and to try to make me look like a crazy person for reacting to her. Kim’s intentions were to provoke and bait me. I took the bait, and we all saw what went down after that. Unfortunately, she succeeded, and I played right into her hands. She was aggressive, and yes, she was derogatory toward me and Eileen. If Kim had not done that, we would not be here right now.

Cut to the day after Game Night when I met up with Eden, who, by the way, is the only sober woman to ever call Kim out on her sh–. That was cool.

Did I know Eden? Well no, I had just met her for the first time on the show. We were not friends before. I had met her parents, of course, but I had only known her for a little while. I truly felt like we connected. I liked her, I felt like I could trust her. Boy, was I stupid.

Let us be very clear here that Eden asked me how she could help out in this situation as a sober woman. I told her I really wanted to move on and heal what had gone down between Kim and me.

For the first time in a long time, I felt genuine hope that perhaps Eden Sassoon could be some sort of beacon of peace and wisdom for both Kim and me to help heal our relationship. But as we know, hindsight is 20/20. I put way too much trust and confidence into this brand new friendship. I do recall saying prior to this that I felt I could go deep rather quickly with her. I cringe thinking how I did just that.

I honestly don’t know how it went from me opening up to Eden and trusting her to me being the bad guy so quickly. I confided in Eden about my upset, unresolved feelings from Game Night, and I felt very safe with Eden, a sober woman of four years, and I let my guard down.

If Eden had a problem with me not backing her up, dissing her, or feeling like I dumped all of this Kim stuff on her, why didn’t she just come to me and tell me that? We would have been done with it.

She never once approached me about it. Instead, Eden started this game of “telephone.” She decided to talk behind my back and didn’t bother to even tell the whole real story.

So I ask you Eden, why not tell the entire story? You only told a very small part, and a salacious part of the story at that. Why didn’t you say that you asked me how you could help and that in response I opened up to you?

The truth… I told Eden that I thought Kim was mostly sober. At the time we were in that store, eight months ago, this was my impression, based on the negative interactions we had just had the night before. Do I feel this way today? No. But I did at that time, and that was my authentic feeling based on her behavior.

I told Eden that Kyle is Kim’s enabler. This is not new information for Kyle. I don’t understand the shock of me talking about this since I have said this to Kyle more than once. She already knows this is my opinion, and I continue to support her because she is a good person and a good sister with a big heart. There had been several times in the past that I felt Kyle should have spoken up, and she didn’t. If Kyle had said to her sister at Game Night, “Kim, it’s not OK for you to talk to my friends like that in my home” we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Kyle told us last year in the Hamptons that what keeps her up at night is the thought of getting the dreaded phone call about her sister. I did not say “Kim was on the path to destruction” or “near death” the way Eden relayed it to her eager listener. What I said was, “They’re this close to Kim dying.” And again, the reason I even mentioned that to Eden in the first place is because I felt Eden could empathize with Kyle’s fear of receiving that phone call letting her know that something has happened to her sister. Those six words, “They’re this close to Kim dying,” have now been twisted into a dirty piece of gossip that implies that I think Kim is on the brink of death when what I was talking about was what Kyle shared with us all in the Hamptons last year.

So is it my bad in sharing my feelings with Eden? Yes. Could we have been done with it that very moment in the store that day, and it did not have to take on this “alternative facts” life of its own? Yes.

Eden took it and ran… Why? Maybe because Eden wasn’t getting the attention she desired from me, Kyle, or Kim. She took her “compassion,” “positivity” and “light” and told half- truths that she knew would then be promptly spread throughout the group. At the end of the day, no matter what someone says to you, you as an adult woman have the ability to either say something about it or not. Eden is responsible for the words that come out of her mouth as we all are.

I take responsibility for the part I have played in all of this.

I will not take responsibility for Eden and her insecurities.

Eden’s reality is her own. My reality is my own.

I did not force her to do or say anything.

Now it’s a f—ing mess. No bueno.

Let’s talk about Dorit.

When I took out my bag of pills, vitamins, whatever you want to call it, no one was happier than Dorit Kemsley. She was like a kid in a candy store. She fell madly in love with me in that moment and wanted whatever I may have had in there. It was fun, and it was funny. We were having a blast! We were ALL laughing and joking about it.

Doritos then took that and made it into something gossipy and so wrong. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this is coming from the same person who was ready to swan dive into my now infamous baggie of pills. How quickly we go from roller skating and laughing at my Xanax joke together to jumping on the bandwagon of let’s make Rinna the villain with a drug problem.

So, again, Dorit take a listen:

My advice to you…. don’t hustle the hustler.

I’m so grateful to Erika for wanting to have the facts instead of excitedly saying, “I definitely think Lisa Rinna could have said these things to Eden, mostly because I can picture her sort of saying those things.” Thank you, Erika!

It’s been two long months since that conversation with Eden in the store and into the lion’s den I go… I sure hope there are some Xanax smoothies on hand.


The Pablo Escobar of Beverly Hills

Thoughts on LR’s blog? Did Eden play a larger role in gossiping about Kim than she let on? Do you believe LR version of events? Was Dorit out of line for gossiping about Rinna’s pill bag?

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  • What the hell is wrong with you???
    You never take the blame for anything you talk about Kims disease
    But you have disease of the
    Threw poor Eden under the bus,thinking everyone would believe it.OH sorry
    You forgot whose mouth it came out of
    Do me a favor eat a burger put some fat on those skinny bones.

  • Wow!! So you finally remembered!!
    And with a lot of detail..
    Go eat a cheeseburger!!
    And stop lying..
    You and your side kick eleen need to go! Both of you are shit stirrers

  • She is not taking responsibility at all . she’s blaming Kim , Eden and whoever else she can . I used to be a fan of Rinna and Eileen , but not anymore . I’m over them both .

  • You know, I used to like LR a lot and didn’t really understand why so many people disliked her. I dislike Kim immensely and feel she has no business on this show anymore, AT ALL. If the drunk ass bitch had stayed off the show, none of this would have happened. Kim left a bad taste in so many people’s mouths. But, LR made those death and enabler statements, and she know she did. To see her discomfort and trying to wiggle out of it was painful to watch. She is messy and never should have said it to Eden, who(m) she didn’t know at all, despite any warm and fuzzies. I don’t get yet what Eden’s angle is, but I don’t like her. I really think she has mental issues plus unresolved feelings about her sister and her ensuing death. She’s not coming from a good place and her movies for even coming on this show, or type of show, are questionable . She’s got ulterior motives and they ain’t good. It will be interesting to see how LR handles the fallout and if she can sustain friendships in this group beside Elaine. Vandertwat is having too much fun. Doritoes and PpK are just horrible and phony people who are using their unfortunate children as part of their storyline. Why is PpK even in this pic, gross pos that he is? All, IMO….

  • Blackout Prescription Pill Addict mixing it with alcohol can’t remember saying “Kim is Near Death” or “Own it!” and “I’d rather be better than bitter” is Angry AND BITTER towards the girls because she got caught?+ By everyone? + on TELEVISION? = Betty Ford Room for 1 Hypocrite Rinna 🙁

  • Talk about people behind their backs lisa rinna? what a hipocrite she no one i mean no one talks more about people behindn their backs meaner than lisa r. she is one nasty nastyn person (i cant even call her a woman) when she dances on a table in front of men like she did what a trampy show off.

    • OMG LR, in swimwear, shakes her ass in PervK’s face (spreads her legs infront of Maricio’s face -literally) and no one says a word about it. EJ goes commando and its the end of the world!

      Gosh i can’t stand double standards!!!! Wish LR woul get fired from BH.

    • If she had done that in front of my husband, I would taken that bitch off the table and thrown her in the ocean for bait..
      Low class lying trash!!

  • Lisa…if you truly cannot remember conversations then get your brain tested for memory issues. Or, don’t mix alcohol with your pill bag.

    • I agree…there’s a teaser out online that one of the housewives comes out about her abuse of Xanax…..this is her all the way. Some people can fully functional on Xanax and not remember a damn thing. Does she not realize that everything she said is on tape???? She said every single word. Eden wasn’t running her mouth for no reason, she was defending herself on why she was worried….true she should have stayed out of it but she acted the way she did due to the falsehoods being fed to her by Rinna

  • Lisa Rinna drives me crazy the way she twists things. Eden said exactly what Lisa told her. Then she tried to play the I forgot card. Just like last year with Yolanda when she started the rumor about munchousen syndrome. Then she tried to involve others in the group by saying they had also said it. Now she is going to go after Eden. She needs to mind her own business and as she toldisa Vanderpump own it. Now she is saying Lisa us happy she is going down.
    She is the only one responsible for her

  • Oh god lisa Rinna is such a phoney. She got caught spreading her drama,won’t admit to it and wants to go home. She just needs to shut up .I hope this is her last season.


  • Sick of Lisa Diva Rinna! Vain and Vile. Sh#t Stirrer and Gossip. Loves herself. Stopped watching the show. Lisa has lost her looks. She looks like plastic android. Lips are gross! Over Her and her inflated Ego

  • Maybe I’m misreading her blog? At the beginning she said it had been 8 months since her conversation but at the end she claimed it had been 2 months…?

  • Own it Rinna…You like Xanex…Own it!!!. …Worst freakin hypocrite on the show…and no one holds her feet to the fire…she is bipolar…

  • Rinna throws everyone under the bus all the time

    She done it last year with Lisa and this year with Eden. She hits so low all the time as well I’m done with lisa Rinna however this won’t be her last season

  • But she did say those things to Eden, so what’s her point? Whatever pills that she has in that bag clearly are not working!

  • This entire Blog like Lippy is full of it. She didn’t OWN anything she blamed someone else for all of her actions.

    1. She blamed Kim for stepping in at Game Night as if she doesn’t have a right to have an opinion on a conversation that was happening publicly in front of the whole group. Kim was spot on in her statement too as Soapy and Sudsy were tag teaming Dorit like they do everyone. Kim didn’t bait her into any damn thing she hit below the belt and was nasty because that’s who she is.

    2. Then she blamed Kyle for not chastising her sister in defense of Lippy which is completely absurd. Imo Kyle was too quiet in that she didn’t check Rinna for being extremely out of line to Kim for simply having an opinion.

    3. She completely manipulated Eden based on her own issues with alcoholism and her family history. She didn’t speak to Eden to vent or in hopes of healing anything she intentionally told Eden LIES to play into her own family fears and use her to keep the Kim’s sobriety going. The fact that Lisa is willing to use continue to use Kim’s sobriety which is a real struggle in her life for a storyline despite Kim not even being a full time cast mate is despicable. Also it’s obvious she is no friend of Kyle’s because if she was she wouldn’t repeatedly tell anyone who listen she’s an ‘Enabler’ when she barely knows their family history. Not to mention she completely LIED to Kyle’s face. She conveniently downplayed that.

    4. Rinna has no room to talk about Dorit and the pill bag when she did the same thing to her at that lunch at her house. She acted like everything in their lunch convo was fine and then went back to Eileen and twisted her words to cause a problem. She took a page out of your manipulative book.

    5. Rinna did the exact same thing last season with Vanderpump and Kyle but Yolanda believed Lippy because she wanted to have a reason to claim victimization from Vanderpump. Kyle even took Rinna’s word over Vanderpump despite not being present for the convo. Bet she’s rethinking that now that she’s seen how easy it is for Rinna to lie to her face. OWN IT BABY!!!

  • Know what I love. When Kyle asked Lisa R why is Eden insinuating herself in her and her sister’s lives and Lisa R’s answer to her is because Eden has unresolved issues with her own sister’s death. Nothing about what she told Eden. If it was to help Kim like she says then why not express this to Kyle. Oh no, she hid that info and then claims she’s done taking about Kim. Of course she’s done talking otherwise she would have to admit her big part in the whole situation. Just like the Muchausen fiasco she started then denied her part in that too. Guess what honey, it’s all on TV for the world to see the real truth. You are the pot stirrer. It’s getting tiring and old watching what you will do to stay on the show to get money. Like you said, you will do anything to earn a buck and it shows. Get off the show. Go hock your clothes, then go home, fluff your wigs, eat something and mind your own business like your husband and everyone else thinks you should.

    • I have had enough of LR as well. She has no conscious of right and wrong. She cannot be that dense to realize how her actions and reactions have negatively hurt others. Then she says she “owns it” but truly doesn’t. Tired of her and the same old story but different season. She is fake and forced. Wish Bravo would replace her. Once a housewife fakes drama such as she it is time to go.

  • Rinna is a moron. Rinna saying, “They’re this close to Kim dying” and Eden retelling that as Rinna having said that Kim is close to death is not a misrepresentation of what she said. Just because Eden didn’t quote her verbatim doesn’t mean that Rinna didn’t say Kim was close to death.

  • Lisa Rinna never takes responsibility for anything. Essentially this entire blog is her blaming Kim for everything that went down and for the conversation that ensued between LR and Eden. Lisa Rinna likes to gossip and make up stories and then blame everyone around her and play the victim, even when her actions and words are caught on camera.

    • Name ONE RH that does not gossip and love gossiping and adds a little more to each time the gossip is repeated. Heck all people gossip and add a little more to the gossip.

      • Gossiping is different than completely fabricating a story and blaming everyone around you for your own actions. Saying someone is “close to death” and not entirely sober isn’t gossiping, that’s slander.

  • You would think rinna and Eden would be best friends. They both like to stick their noses where they don’t belong, gossip and them blame someone else. I didn’t read that whole novel of a blog she wrote because all I started hearing was, blah, blah, blah.

  • (1) LR is full of shit, and I hope that people are re-thinking what happened with LVP last season. This isn’t much different. LR says something and then twists it to make the other person responsible.
    (2) It’s totally disingenuous to act aghast that anyone is gossiping about anything that was filmed and will eventually air for the world to see.

    • Exactly! What she did to LVP is just like what she did to Eden. She seems to be proud of being a hustler……. LR you are a mean desperate – will do anything for a buck person. Go away!

        • you know what we wouldn’t watch the show if everyone was nice because it would be boring going forward I wonder if the criteria to be on this show you have to be phony and a bitch

    • Great points but the only little blip in the way is the fact that Kyle even argued with Pump and how she wouldn’t lie for her

      • Actually, that’s not what she said. She said she was asking Lisa not to lie, but it was about something between them, not what happened with LR because Kyle wasn’t witness to that conversation. Only the aftermath.


        • I’ll have to back and research some time because that’s not how I recall or many others who watched . Then again I don’t put too much into that frenemy ship . Oh well – guess open to own interpretation ?

  • that lippy sure has a lot to say: 1. In regards to Kim inserting herself in game night- You can’t control what and how people react but you can certainly have control of yourself and stop that sewer-lippy from yapping. 2. Lippy played Eden knowing her story about her alcoholic sister, that’s it! 3. She’s right about Doritos though.