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AATRH Exclusive: Update On RHONJ Season 8 Casting!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 8 filming is set to begin any day now, and as we exclusively told you last week, filming is set to start before the end of February!

Not much has been revealed about the season 8 cast, other than Danielle Staub’s return to Bravo. We’ve been talking with multiple sources close to production, and were able to get some insight as to what’s really going on behind the scenes!

Right now casting is ongoing, but we will 100% begin filming the show before the end of February,” an insider confirmed.

If you read between the lines, things are very interesting. We now have 6 names in the mix, so why are producers still casting?

It’s unknown to what capacity Danielle will be back, but the AATRH team has a theory. Producers are going to see what Danielle brings to the season before they decide if she will be a full-time housewife, or just a friend!

We reached out to Danielle’s publicist for some sort of confirmation, but as expected, she could not comment at this time. Danielle has a lot of dirt on Jacqueline, and has made it clear that her intentions are to expose her for who she really is!

RHONJ has only had 6 housewives for one season (season 6), and that did not go so well. This franchise typically only has 5 wives, but if casting is still going on, it looks like they will have more. UNLESS, someone is leaving or being demoted to a “friend.

It appears very likely that there could be a cast shake-up, and we’ll see a new, fresh Jersey Girl for season 8.

Sometimes it really pays to be a RHONJ blogger in New Jersey. I was recently contacted by 2 women who have friends that are actually being tested for season 8 right now!

It turns out this is not an easy task, and they’ve been in contact and working with producers for weeks. Allegedly, they both have more meetings with production this week, and are still going through the casting process. The ladies were told that filming will definitely start in the next 2 weeks; clearly producers are cutting it close!

Right now the only current RHONJ who’s confirmed her return is Dolores, and ironically, she’s the one most assumed would be demoted to a friend. While Dolores didn’t say if she’d be full-time or part-time, it would be silly for her to make an announcement if she was just a friend.

We have heard it’s “highly unlikely” that Kathy Wakile will be back, but we can’t confirm that 100% at this time.

This leaves Teresa, Melissa, Siggy, and Jacqueline up in the air. Within the next two weeks we will definitely have more RHONJ scoop for you.

There is so much to be confirmed before filming begins. Producers are down to the wire and the pressure is on everyone involved to make season 8 the best yet!

Will all of the season 7 wives return? Who will be demoted to a friend? Will Danielle be a full-time housewife? Should producers add a new housewife? Which season 7 housewife should not return? Will Kathy be back? Are you excited for season 8? Let’s discuss!

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  • New girls are needed ASAP. Danielle ain’t it, I cringe when she comes on, she’s “uncomfortable” tv.

  • I hope Danielle keeps her promise to expose Jacko for the nut job she is. Dolores would be likeable if she wouldnt kiss Jacko’s butt. I get she does it because of Caroline but its disgusting. And I get tired of hearing her complain about her ex-husband not doing enough with the remoldeling of her house. I can’t get my ex-husband to take our kids to the doctor or help pay the doctor bill much less pay to remodel my house! What is she complaining about?!?

  • Jaq the storyline leaker who skipped out on the season finale (causing filming to run over because she’s a chicken sh!t) really needs to be let go this season! It would have been nice watching the Vermont scenes with Robyn and not know the outcome before hand. Jaq ruined the show with her impulsivity on social media by attacking her cast mates and bragging about herself! IMO, Jaq was a waste of money for Bravo.

    Instead of people tuning in to watch Jaq cry, bully and psycho out viewers stopped watching! Look at the ratings per week. I know some will say it was Tre who hurt the ratings but her haters stopped watching when her indictments hit in 2013.

    If Jaq is being coddled by Bravo and is returning this season I hope Danielle will expose her lies. Then again I’m thinking Bravo, and even Jaq, hope Danielle can make Jaq more sympathetic of a character by attacking her maybe?

    I think Jaq went too far last season and showed a side that many people find disturbing. Jaq is just not entertaining like her nemesis, Tre, is. Even some TreHaters who still watch the show admit Tre is good TV. I don’t think I read one comment from a JaqHater call her good TV because she isn’t!

    I agree about bringing the twins back but make Nicole a FOH and TeResssA full-time. No more Kathy Wakile her or gross family. They made enough money off Tre. Melissa is boring and weak but I think Bravo will keep her because they want Joe Gorga. Dolores and Siggy, hmmmm, they could have more interesting storylines if Jaq was fired. If Jaq is still on then I see them kissing her butt and making excuses for her. That would be so boring to watch!

      • Awwww….Thank-you, Polly! I love your witty comments! Jack-in-the-Botox!!! How do you come up with these hysterical phrases?

        • Oops! That was Marcy who came up with that hysterical phrase! You made me LOL when you brought up Chris Laurita’s get rich quick schemes. Especially the popcorn business venture and what person eating popcorn thought it would be nice if popcorn was smaller! I would think smaller popcorn would be a choking hazard. It’s like Kathy’s small deserts. I think they’re a ripoff! The local bakery sells freshly made cannoli’s for $3.95 BUT the cannoli’s are huge! They have to be 4-5 X’s larger then Kathys. Who wants to pay $40+ for 12 mini cannolis you have to put together that are loaded with preservatives?

    • Please not another season of Dol I respect and Ziggy but kissing Frog face Jaques. It was embarresing to watch and disgusting at the same time. And Andy Cohen no more Jaquline please spare us from her psychotic self she’s depressing not entertaining. Watching Jaquline is like watching someone who checked herself out of the mental hospital ‘s psychiatric ward just film RHONJ JAQULINE IS TOO DEPRESSING! not to mention scary. We all noticed last season Chris Lauri t a practically became one if the house wives because he wouldn’t leave that wackjob side when she was around people, that spoke volumes, don’t force Jaquline down our throats.
      And please don’t use try to to use the excuse that Wackjob jaquline has a grand kid, I don’t care to see a spawn of that degenerate Ashley!

      • there ready to start recording at the end of the month & so far Bravo havn’t asked Jac back, there saying she was to crazy & playing the sympathy cards at the same time, she may not be asked back or she could be asked back as someone’s friend

    • When she was supposed to be crying crying in her bedroom & near an nervous breakdown, when in actual fact she was down the rd at Kim Gs drinking a Litre of some sort of Spirit, really drunk telling Kim what will be going down at the reunion, Kim G finally had enough & took her home where Chris was worried sick as he didn’t know where she had been for the last 12 hours

  • Not surprised they changed the filming start date to coincide with Juicy being incarcerated on his 1 year mark. So the focus will be on Tre and her first year without him. I look forward to it. Nothing more real than this storyline!

  • I just hope no more of Teresa’s family. Messy, Dull, and Sig can go. Mainly Messy can go she is residual of the uglyness Teresa endured with her family coming on show behind her back.

  • I don’t want Jacqoff back, at all. But, if we’re forced to see her then Danielle must come back to BLOW JACQOFF OUT OF THE WATER!! If T doesn’t get support other than M, and Jacqoff comes after her yet again, I’m done. I’m sick of Andy and Bravo favoring the pig and letting her get away with her BS scot free. Dodolores better figure out the real friend, picking a side and no more not holding Jacqoff accountable for all the insanity. I love this show but I’ve had enough with Jacqoff. I will stop watching this one too. YES, TEAM TRE, AND PROUD OF IT!! Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!

  • If they’re going to bring back someone, I say bring back the Twins. They had their crazy moments, but I liked them. They don’t have the baggage with the other ladies so we won’t have to hear them rehash the same shit over and over. I think whatever probs Tre and the twins had have long been squashed as the twins and Rino have been supportive of the G’s. Rino has an actual biz, not a made by Bravo popup, that can be a backdrop for parties, meals, etc. IMO, the Twins are a better cast than Daniele with her old, rehashed bullshit that she tried to sell for years with no takers.

    • I never thought I’d say it, but I would welcome the twins all day long over Jac’s ass kissing duo.

      You made excellent points, rhfan.

    • I agree with you both and I thought it was very kind of Rino to cater Teresa’s Holiday homecoming . I too think they killed their issues . What’s done is done -, they weren’t on long enough for me to dislike as much as I do Jac being on .

  • Bring Jac back only if Danielle will expose Jac for being no better than Teresa when it pertains to her bankruptcy. Jac was lying all this time. She had a major hand in exposing Teresa to deflect from herself. All the while her husband was buying her daughter cars like candy, using the company plane for personal use… The list goes on with Jac and her criminal of a husband. I want her and her hubby in prison so I hope this is their year to be exposed. Siggy and Dolores can go! And, take Melissa along with them. Teresa’s brother Joe can stay along with the kids… Joe can be a friend of the housewives… Bring back Dani, Jac, and Tre to watch Jac go down and hopefully have a laugh at her expense. Hire two new girls making sure they dislike Jac and make for damn sure no one shops at Kim D.’s tacky asz store!

  • The only way Jackaloon should return is if her bankruptcy case is front and center. No more BS story lines where Creeper Chris is shilling crappy products. Blackwater? Really? Raw sewage is called blackwater. Who thought THAT was a good idea. Little Kernels? I don’t think anyone has ever been eating popcorn and thought, “I really wish this popcorn wasn’t so huge. If only there was a way to make it smaller”. I don’t want another season of watching Creeper stroking his jowly jawline, red-rimmed eyes darting around the room, reeking of desperation as he peddles products from his latest get-rich-quick scheme.

    The Wackiles need to be flushed like the stinking turds that they are. No more FishCrotch, her repulsive husband, her bitter old biddy of a mother, or her phoney Eddie Haskell children.

  • Which HW should not return? I vote Jack-in-the-Botox, ya it’s mean but it fits, Turn,turn,turn the crank and finally out pops something that startles you and you don’t know whether to laugh or cry….I don’t want her fired just put her on Manzos and make the Manzo’s SO HOT THAT EVERYONE WILL WATCH lmao heaven know’s she need’s the money for their debts. Guessing who might be testing the other Teresa Aprea she has been tweeting up a storm lately and I hope Not Kim D and this Jackie Beard Melissa’s ex-partner their all over SM lately and saying big things are coming… Just A Guess and I hope NOT!!!!!!

  • I think it’s a definite that Teresa is returning because it’s her show. I only hope Jacqueline returns if Danielle does. Could live without the Sig Melissa or Dolores