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Lisa Rinna Dishes On Lying To Kyle Richards About Her Conversations With Eden Sassoon!

Coming clean?

On Tuesday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards questioned Lisa Rinna about Eden Sassoon’s behavior concerning her sister Kim Richards’ sobriety.

Lisa, who never mentioned her involvement in the Eden/Kim drama, soon found herself in hot water when Kyle found out about Eden and Rinna’s conversation that Kim was “near death.” 

Now Rinna is finally confessing why she was so tight-lipped about her conversations with Eden.

“That was 2 months prior & I made a commitment to not talk about Kim & focus on peace w/her. That convo was far off my radar,” Lisa explained on Twitter.

While Kyle was clearly pissed about Rinna’s comments, Rinna promised to keep her mouth shut about Kim going forward.

To reiterate her pledge, LR posted a bit-emoji of herself with her lips zipped shit; asking Kyle “Is this better?” 

I adore Lisa Rinna, but I’m not sure I’m buying her claim. I have a sneaky suspicion that Rinna was hoping her conversation with Eden would fly under the radar.

Do you believe Rinna’s explanation?  Do you think LR would have ever told Kyle about her conversation with Eden? Will LR keep her mouth shut about Kim going forward?

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  • you have deleted all my comments saying the are the same.. they are on the subject like every ones else. You do that with with all of mine. They are all pretty close when we are on the same show. Be fair.

  • Lisa Rinna is a lying mean gossipers. She even lied to her husband on the phone. Now that he has seen her himself gossiping to Eden how proud is he if her? What example is she setting god her daughters when they see her in action. Besides all that she Us such a stuck up name dropper, she makes sure everyone knows who her husband is by mentioning him, always, by his FULL name. She and Eileen both are instigators and need to be fired….Eileen boooooring boor!

  • She’s a lying ass Mf’er yet we were supposed to take her at her word for an off camera convo she had with Vanderpump alone and spread to the group to deflect from initiating the Munchausen talk last year which Eileen, Erika and Yolanda backed her at her word and Kyle doubted her own friend over it.

    Meanwhile now her memory is shaky about something she said 2 months ago on camera and then repeated. OWN IT BABY! OWN IT!!

  • Lisa Rinna wants the focus on anyone but her. Why isn’t she talking about Harry’s alcohol problem and his sobriety and her use of Xanax? Look who’s calling the kettle black Rinna. Mind your own business

  • We all saw Lisa say those things to poor Eden! She said them! Of Course, Eden was scared for Kim. Lisa is a big damn liar. She needs to own the crap that comes out of her GIANT mouth!

  • I love Lisa and I think she was shocked with Eden Sasoon’s remarks she did not want to talk about it you could see that written all over face. Lisa is a sweetheart and never wants to hurt anyone. I hope Kyle just leaves her alone.

    • Really??? Sweethearts don’t lie when confronted with the things they’ve said, plus they don’t go around running their mouths about things that are not their business. Now here’s Rinna’s chance to for her “own it”, but she back pedals with some lousy excuse.

      • We all heard her say it. Just because Eileen and Harry says I’ve never heard her it makes it all right for Renna. This is just sick. She needs to be told it was wrong. Not protected!

    • You love Lisa??? Mean lying self-indulgent snob with zero talent. Now wants to exploit he daughter through modeling simply because of Yolanda’s daughters’ success. Bravo should dtop her, she brings nothing to the show

  • how can anyone make so light about accusing someone of being “near-death”? it’s a horrible thing to do to someone trying to recover and trying to keep sober. lippy is horrible!

  • I agree w nikki B.Lisa rhinnas nothing but trouble, she the type that whatever comes out of her mouth is a lie.When she gets caught shes plays the innocent.

  • It would be really refreshing to get this fake lip beyotch off the show. Rinna has no story line so she keeps harping on Kim which is out and played out! Everyone sees it. And please do not bring that funny and scary at the same time faced Eden back either or Dorit. All of them can go! Kick Rocks! Get the f*cking boot! None of them are a good fit. Whomever has been doing the casting has not hit the jackpot since Erica J. Love Erica!

    • @Nikki B- I agree Erika is the best-a few more with her attitude would be great–
      As far as the CROWN- hell have a party like Caroline F did on Ladies Of London- and you get a crown , you get a crown- YOU ALL GET A CROWN LOL

    • I agree with you. I think Lisa R is smart. By taking about Kim keeps her own stuff off the show yet she involves herself elsewhere to be relavent. Last year Yolanda was her story line. She out smarting all of you, including Andy Cohen!

  • THis isn’t in real -time-, this crap was and is a long time ago- Burn the biatch at the stake, and then everybody can shut it up.. and get a new topic, rather than KIM- its OLD -worn out- and re-used now-how many times–BORE SNOOZE

    • Lisa R and Eileen both beat a dead horse. A subject will be long over and they both keep bringing it up to have something to talk about. They both need to get a life and a new storyline.

      • That dead horse carcass of a storyline is nothing but bleached bones by now, so picked clean that vultures won’t even go near it. Someone please bury that dead horse in a grave next to Rinna’s career and Eileen’s integrity.

      • Eileen is the one who beats a dead horse concerning what Dorit did. That’s probably why Renna and her are so close.

    • Then start something. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Half my comments don’t get on because there pretty much deleted.

  • Rinna always has her nose in others business– all on TV for the world to hear..then denies what she says. She is trouble and 2 faced..why does she laugh at every thing she says…she is a FAKE FAKE and such a liar. I wish they’d get rid of her–she might be worse than Brandy. I bet her daughters would love to crawl in a hole when they listen to her big foul mouth.

    • Her laughing at her own comments is ridiculous. Check out Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Cedric the Entertainer. Cedric was dogging comics that do the ‘pre laugh’ which is always a sign what they are about to say is not funny. ITA!

      • When she does that she is stalling and can’t think of what to do. I wish she knew what she looked like on Andy’s show. Embarrassing. She was laughing. Face red. Ugh. She really needs to watch that one

    • Every time Renna gets caught she either sweeps it under the rug or starts yelling and laughing. I really can’t stand her or Eileen

      • They are both so uptight! Love Eileen on the soap but in real life seems boring! Lisa R. Is just an old timer & is on the line. Not old, just been around since she was a babe!

  • Uh uh honey … Explanation ? I didnt hear one ! One thing though that sticks out is that Lippy isn’t only friend of Kyle’s that has spoken ill of Kim so why now are people bothered??? Shoot – people on the blog have said disparaging remarks about her , her potentially going to jail , whatever . How and why did Kim become such a focal point of the show ? I don’t like what Lippy has said and done about Kim at all since joining show but I also don’t like that others waited so long to be concerned about it . Fake ? Faux outrage? Who knows ?

  • Regardles of LR claims – the reality is – LR has been caught in a number of lies! “Kim is near death” “Kim is sometimes sober” and “kyle is an enabler”…LR, is using Kim’s presence as an opportunity to put KimR sobriety into question and that is below dirty!

    • Kyle in a sense is an enabler of Lisa Rinna. Gives her so many passes or is it just to keep ratings going?

      • Kyle is not Rinna’s keeper. The woman keeps lying to Kyle and she finds out six months later the level of Rinna’s deception. This might be the year Kyle takes a stand. After reading Rinna’s blog it is always someone else’s fault. Starting with Kyle invited her sister to her home for Game Night. Maybe the solution would be not to invite Rinna.

        • No one should be anyone’s keeper but there hasn’t been any consistency keeping it real and / or taking a stand either way . Hard to tell seasons later after all the hogwash , what’s fake or who really is authentic in defending or trying to do right at this stage

          • Eileen and Harry are Rennas enabler. They say we have never heard her say that. And what was with Dorits running to rescue Renna

        • Exactly zoesmom

          Rinna keeps lying to kyle ” I’m over talking about Kim” (I wonder if LR made that comment in return for not being charged for uttering threats?) Remember at the time of filming LR states that LR and Kim are on good terms..(she tweeted that when Kyle went after LR on twitter) so face to face LR is nice – but during taping – LR backstabs.

          How could Kyle predict the future of what LR will lie about…let alone being expected to act like she owns Kim?

      • Hi Kitty Foyle

        In order for Kyle to be an enabler to Kim, she would have to know for a fact that Kim is drinking/huffing/smoking weed again. An enabler is someone who allows (almost meaning Kyle driving Kim to her dealer) the addict/alcoholic ways to attain drug/drink and watch KimR do so.

        Kyle stated three years ago “enough, if this you don’t want me to stick up for you I won’t” saying to KimR cuz Kyle was giving Kim shit..once more..for NOT bothering to sick up for Kyle. KimR stated “I can look after myself”

        At that point, regardless of Kim’s status of active or sober, Kyle stopped and made her children and husband her family.

        • Man! Wow! No one should judge Kim or Kyle! They are sisters & have deep love for one another like blessed sisters do. Saying that I would not allow people to talk about my Sister. These people are crazy to have so much $ & put their stuff out there. Love them both but I think Kyle should go do her thing & stop allowing them all to use Kim as a storyline. What Kim chooses to do is her business. She will see the consequences both ways depending on her choice like all of us. All of them have trouble going poop some mornings just like us all. Oh, except LR as she figured it all out!