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Kyle Richards Has a New Strategy for Dealing with Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna’s Drama

Kim Richards’ name has been on everybody’s lips this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Well at least on Lisa Rinna and Eden Sassoon’s lips who have expressed concern over Kim’s sobriety multiple times.

But Kim isn’t enjoying her or her sobriety being in the spotlight.

“Kim has been really upset about the things that have been said about her with Lisa Rinna and with Eden,” Kyle reveals to  The Daily Dish. “It’s hard hearing those things. She’s already defensive because she always feels like she’s always under the microscope because of things that she’s gone through in the past and things that have happened. So when she hasn’t done anything, and she’s feeling so great and to have these things said, it’s upsetting.”

Kim even took to Twitter during last week’s episode of RHOBH to express her feelings about Rinna and Eden.

“She went off on a tangent. All her feelings come flying out of her Twitter,” Kyle explains. “Well, that’s one way to express yourself. Do you feel better now?”

This season isn’t the first time that Rinna has commented on Kim’s sobriety.
“I’ve known Lisa Rinna before the Housewives, and I like Lisa Rinna a lot. I think she’s a good person. She has had issues with my sister, as we all know. And then she feels bad because we are friends, and she’ll say, ‘I’m really sorry. I never should have said that. It won’t happen again,'” Kyle added. “And then it happens again probably because we’re on this show together and you’re supposed, to be honest about your feelings or whatever her reason may be.”
Kyle admits her decision to stay friends with Rinna is difficult and that when she discusses Kim, it tests their friendship.
“It does make it very difficult for me as her friend and Kim being my sister; it puts me in a really bad position. I don’t really understand why she said those things, but it makes it hard to get past, obviously.”
So how does Kyle deal? Well, she’s developed a new strategy to handle the drama between Kim and LR.
“They obviously don’t like one another, and every time they go to talk, it just gets worse, so I’ve gotten to the point where I’m going to say, ‘I’m going to stay out of it,’ because every time someone chimes in, it just blows up and gets worse,” Kyle explained. “I don’t want to get in the middle of it because I know it can be volatile. So I just say, ‘OK, I’m gonna let them handle this.’ I mean, they are adult women. They should be able to.”
I can’t imagine how tough it is for Kyle to be in the middle. I think she handles it very well.

Thoughts on Kyle’s interview? Does Kyle have the right idea for dealing with Kim and LR feud? Do you think Eden and Rinna will stop discussing Kim anytime soon?

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  • Don’t want to get in the middle? What type of bullshit is that? There is only one side and that is your families. Who gives a shit how many years you’ve known a Hollywood ‘Friend.’

    Lisa Rinna has made Nasty, Malicious Statements about your sister and physically threatened her on multiple occasions. To even try to claim neutrality is an insult to not only your sister, but the daily struggle she makes to maintain her sobriety, your mother who asked you to look after and your nieces and nephews who depend on her and expect you to protect them and their mother over some fly by night vindictive associate.

    Grow a backbone Kyle and shut down Rinna the same way you shut down everyone who criticizes ‘The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick.’

  • If Kim doesn’t like having her addictions talked about, then why did she agree to come back on the show? She is not a stupid woman, just a weak one. She knew exactly what she was getting in to.

    Unfortunately, we all have to put up with another season which focuses on Kim’s addictions. Boring!

    • Good point but , she’s dissected and gossiped about when not even there so why not come back and get paid? Storyline supplier since season 1.

  • Lisa Rinna has nothing going on but her willingness to gossip about the other housewives and then deny she did anything wrong. If she wasn’t talking trash about the ladies she would have no other function. She needs to grow up and stop being such a middle schooler.

  • I like Lisa R. I just wish she would not let her mouth over run her butt. I am sure Lisa R. has something more important than Kim Richards, and her drinking or not. I would stand up for my sister it I was Kyle, but after 2 seasons I would talk to my sister and say “sis look Lisa R is going to keep running her mouth so I am not going to say or react to her comments, Because that will shut her up.” And had my sister not been like Kyle’s, and Eden’s sister I could not know how Kyle feels and the only way to shut them up is not reacting to them. And LVP only took up for Kim is because she is jealous of Kyle’s friendship with Erica.

  • If LVP can stand up for your sister, you should be able to also. It doesn’t matter how much you are friends with LR, you should clearly tell her that your friendship cannot survive her hurting your sister repeatedly.

    • But LVP also tore down Kim and questioned her sobriety in the past. Let’s not pretend LVP defended Kim because she genuinely likes her. She did it because of who the source was: Lisa Rinna.

      And why should Kyle end a friendship with Lisa Rinna, who has only repeated things that is public knowledge, when Kim is still BFF’s with Brandi Granville aka the person who was desperately driving a wedge between Kyle and Kim? Riddle me that.

      • That’s only a half truth. Vanderpump had an actual relationship with Kim when they had issues she didn’t just insert herself into a storyline to exploit her sobriety like Lippy. Lisa Vanderpump also told Rinna two seasons ago when she first came on the show and they were friends not to get involved in Kim’s sobriety as she had learned that was not a good place to be but Rinna didn’t listen.

        Vanderpump like the rest of season 1 cast all knew Kim had a drinking problem but never said or even alluded to it the entire first season even after Kyle exposed it on the finale, Vanderpump refused to discuss it at the reunion and defended Kyle against Camille’s attack about her relationship with Kim.

        So tell the whole truth not just part of it. Vanderpump definitely defended Kim this season as she has before and not just because she was feuding with Rinna. However, imo that jump in should have come from Kyle anyway who sat quietly during Lisa’s attack the same way she did when they went to Europe and Yolanda and Vanderpump where the only two who tried to end the convo at the dinner table with Rinna and Kim before the glass break and neck grab reach. Though Kim did instigate that prior dinner table fight when Lisa became physically violent her natural defense reflexes should have to protect her family not cry and run away. But on this seasons dinner Kim did not attack Rinna and she still hit below the belt unprovoked just to intentionally embarrass and humiliate Kim.

        Looking at the entire show history, Vanderpump told Rinna for 3 seasons to leave Kim alone when they were friends and even now afterwards but Lisa Rinna will do anything for a check and she knows Kim sobriety is a central show storyline so being involved in it guarantees her camera time.

  • Lisa Rinna is so annoying and rags on Kim to deflect her own eating disorder and pill popping. Look at the sick looking drug addict. Lisa R. is using the sh*t out of Kim to take the shine off her sick asz. Kyle never really has her sisters back anyhow so I am not surprised she wants to stay out of it. I think Kathy and Kim have a more loyal sisterhood!

  • The whole thing is so annoying at this point . When do we get to the part where this cast of grown women showcase their lives and stop defecting and throwing daggers at others?

  • Being able to accomplish the splits at Kyle’s age makes it a whole lot easier to ride the fence. I suppose someone somewhere really give 2 sh*ts.

  • Good for Kyle and Kim, both get it! being a controlling or nagging bitch won’t work – when you don’t like who your sister is buds with. Kyle I’m sure has feelings about Kim being bff with Brandi- the skank who sells Kim’s stories – for rent $$…and then Kyle knows Kim is not impressed with Kyle’s friendship with LR.

    Only morons that are nags and control freaks want to bitch about who is friends with whom!

    • Off Topic Off Topic

      Hey Sammy. FYI – “Feud” (Davis and Crawford) starts airing on FX March 5. I’m in.

      “I’d like ta kiss ya, but I just washed my hair.” Davis. “Don’t fuck with me fella’s! This ain’t my first time at the rodeo.” Crawford.

      Gotta fly, busy day/week. No time to play.

      Aside – If I miss you tomorrow, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY… to you and yours <3

      • Hi Shipp!!

        Happy Valentine’s day tomorrow!

        and hell yeah I will be watching Fued “but ya are blanche, ya are!!”