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AATRH Exclusive: What Role Will Danielle Staub Play In Season 8 Of RHONJ?!?!

Pay attention, please!

Multiple sources are confirming to Us Weekly that Danielle Staub has officially inked a deal to return to the Real Housewives of New Jersey for season 8.

Some sources claim Danielle will be back as a full-time Housewife for season 8, but our RHONJ insiders are telling another story.

There have been various rumors about what role Danielle will play if she returns to RHONJ.

Our RHONJ sources can confirm that Danielle will definitely return “in some capacity.”

Telling AATRH that it’s very likely that Danielle will be back but it’s unclear if she will be a friend or a full-time Housewife.

So there you have it – nothing about Danielle’s return to RHONJ has been confirmed as of yet.

I think that Bravo will be testing out Danielle as they film and if they like what they see she will get a spot as a full-time Housewife. If not she’ll mostly likely just appear as a friend of Teresa. I’m hoping she brings it and Bravo makes her full-time Housewife because we know RHONJ needs the drama.

Do you think Bravo will bring Danielle back full-time? What role would you like to see Danielle play in season 8?

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  • JUST ME 5739


    • Penilane

      No kidding we want all the juicy dirt Danielle has on frog face Jacqueline and that 5-head Memory! These two lowliv3s have made Teresa’s life he’ll now it’s payback time thanks to Daniele! Karma baby karma that’s what I have to say to Jaquline and Meho!
      I wished I had been a fly on the wall when Jaquline got the news lol I bet her dead took a few spins lol

  • Melodie Phillips

    NOW does anyone still have doubts about these shows being scripted? This just proves they place people into certain situations which is what they are doing with Danielle. It doesn’t matter what role she plays I won’t watch anyway. That show is so boring and the people on it have lost all of their appeal. I hope everyone see’s through all this garbage and realizes that the show is fading badly and this is just the last ditch by Bravo to bring the ratings up. Let’s see if it works. I still won’t watch it but Im sure you guys will talk about it.

  • samael


    Teresa Giudice – paid of agreed amount $414K – no more garnishee – no word yet about IRS

    • luvs2ride

      Details, sam. Details!
      I was out shoveling all day. 🙁

      • samael

        Hey luvs


        ours is finally melting! wow I am too happy about Teresa! TMZ has the story

      • Shipp

        Luvs 😀

    • Marcy

      @Samael Thanks Great News……Sooner than later the rest and DONE and she’ll DO IT !!!!!

      • samael

        Hi Marcy

        so cool!!

    • Shipp

      Sammy, YAY!!!

      • samael


    • jlf

      Thanks Samm great news. Her supporters knew she could and would do it. Now let’s see who else will and do the same.

      • samael

        you’re welcom jlf


        – cool pic…Jac’s barely acknowledges her debt..so she seems to not be inclined to pay it.

  • glimmer88

    So they start filming first and then decide who’s gonna have what role and then when do they sign contracts? Like mid filming or what? I’m sorry—just a little confused. I was thinking they negotiated all the crap first and then started filming. I wish someone would do a true inside video of how all the behind the scenes stuff works. It’s so interesting ! (to me anyway)

    • glimmer88

      Oh and yes I am excited to see how it’s gonna play out with Danielle coming back—–I would LOVE to see her take Jacko down and spill some major tea.

  • BobbieMorris

    I’m all for a Danielle return. Release The Crakken!!

    • Shipp

      Hahahahaha Bobbie “Release The Crakken!!!” I’m in too.

  • The two new ones from last year could be cut out no problem… Danny’s more interesting…

  • Marcy

    Myself would like to see how she has grown or whatever since leaving the show. Daughters we liked and one is on the Dean’s list in college, boyfriend ex-yankee player Yes Bring It Danielle Love me some good crazy she’s TV Gold…Man I used to hate her and like her at the same time crazy huh..

  • jlf

    No thank you

  • lipojaq

    Bring it on. Let’s see who has a bigger nut. I mean the bigger nut job.

  • September24

    Danielle coming back just paved the way for Jill on RHONY to come back! It’s time! I hope Danielle calls out Jacaholic and Ms Marco every time!

    • Stephanie

      Pls just don’t ever put JZ coming back into the universe, thanks


      @Sep- I liked Jill , she was no worse than many- I agree

      • pinkie

        I wouldn’t mind seeing Jill come back, in fact its time

  • RanRanFanFan

    I want her to tear Jacko a new one, while being friendly but cautious with Teresa


      @Ran- Yes , that would be great–

      • Chi Di

        That would be the ONLY reason Danielle could/should come back. She is/was (last we saw her ) not very stable and her compatriots were, frankly, worrisome. She knew the “innocent” Jac in her newly-married phase, when she cared about Chris’ family and their reactions to her behavior, and let Caroline try to tell her what to do. By now Jac could care less- and is buried in their financial mess, her emotional need for surgeries, and her insecurities. Jac has clearly been a cause for Chris’ spending, but their behind the scenes is less-obvious to some viewers, me, anyway. I doubt that Danielle has any insight into that today, nor am I sure what she brings here. But if it in fact sets the stage for a THOROUGH disclosure of heir financial irregularities and bankruptcies, lawsuits, personal or corporate,(t hey are all allegedly tied together, per the court’s reps), then let’s get started!!!

        I do know for fact neither of last year’s two newbies should return- they bring ZERO.

        Meanwhile, Jill Zarin should be preoccupied with Bobby’s cancer. Also, Jill completely burned every bridge she ever had to anyone at Bravo over the past five- six years, the final blow being the taping she did that night at WWHL. I sincerely hope that they find a cure for Bobby, who seemed to be a class act and gentleman, and that Jill’s ego takes a seat.