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Melissa Gorga Reveals She Has No Business Partner For Envy; Says “This Is All ME!”

Independent woman??

Melissa Gorga re-launched her boutique Envy last weekend and turned the re-opening into sell-out event; proving her critics, here’s looking at you Kim D, wrong.

Following the abrupt and temporary closing of Envy as well as a very public split with her business partner, critics questioned Melissa’s ability to run the store on her own even hinting that the boutique was a ploy for reality TV.

However, Melissa re-grouped and re-launched Envy on her own; touting that her store and business skills are in fact the real deal.

“This is all me,” Melissa told during Envy’s re-opening party. “I am the buyer for the store, I decorated the store, and I really tried to make sure we had something for everyone.”

Envy’s re-launch was a success as shoppers cleaned out the store’s merchandise by the end of the event.

“I need to go into the city tomorrow and buy new clothes,” Melissa bragged about the sold out reopening.

Melissa was supported and surrounded by her family and closest friends including her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice and her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Dolores Catania.

See photos of the Envy re-grand opening below!

Do you believe Melissa is doing all the work at Envy? Will Envy be a success the second time around?

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  • I just don’t care for Melissa. Since she can’t bash Tre any more, her new story line is the store. Much like last year, boring.

  • Good for her. It looks like she put together nice styles and her store is a place I would enjoy shopping in. The comnenters here who are negative are being nothing but a bunch of assholes! Sorry but get over yourselves. The girl hustled and put it together after her partner attempted to humiliate her and kim tried to bash her. How about supporting working mothers who are trying to strive to better themselves and their family! Nothing but bitter hags who continue to put this woman down. I wasn’t crazy about Melissa either but I respect her hustle and support women/ mothers working to be successful just as much outside the home as she tries at home. You go Melissa don’t let these nags here bring you down.

    • But truthful assholes! Her partner didn’t attempt to “humiliate” Melissa. They were in negotiations to part ways because the business was “hemorrhaging” money. For whatever reason, Melissa wasn’t listening to Jackie, accountants or lawyers, so don’t blame Jackie for pulling out. Jackie was in it for the business & not the fame. And I’m all for supporting working mothers who basically are trying to put food on the table & a roof over their head, but it’s not like Melissa was in desperate need of that. She has a “McMansion”, she has access to food, glamorous clothing & a minimal work day. Awfully hard to feel sorry for the “working Melissa” when she was away on ski trips, spa party, Florida vacations & maybe showed up when a photo op presented itself. Respect her hustle? That’s all she knows how to do is hustle for the next “gig” that might just make her famous. I’ll save my respect for an actual hardworking woman or mother who doesn’t have access to a “glam team”. Give me a break.

    • I’d be skeptical of any “business owner” who advertises her store opening by announcing she’s going to be there for 3 hours. I’m skeptical of her saying she’s buying more stock, as the spring buying season has already past. The only stock left this late is typically bought by TJMaxx, Ross and other discounters. I hope she and the store succeed, but let’s not pretend like some of the things surrounding the store re-opening are not odd. Im all for respecting someone’s work ethic, but I call it as I see it. Rightnow I see something not totally on the up and up.

    • You nailed it Amy. Ms Marco did “hustle”! hahaha!!! Ms Marco is not in the working mother category and doesn’t speak to them at all.

  • Is the store open today? Call me cynical, but I can’t help but think that her comment about “selling out” and having to go buy more mdse is a convenient excuse for not being open regular biz hours. Of course I could be wrong; I hope she is able to keep the store going and employ a few people. I love it when small biz succeeds. TBH, I’m still giving this whole thing the side eye.

    • Most people are, rhfan.

      O/T – You mentioned you were from Colorado. Colorado Springs? I’m absolutely hooked on Homicide Hunter!
      Joe Kenda tells a helluva story.

      • Hi Luvs! Yup, that’s my home town! That show is good. I haven’t watched it as much as id like to, but I catch it when I can. I’m embarrassed to say I have like 20 eps. DVRd for a binge watching marathon 🙂

        • Enjoy the binge!
          They run marathons from time to time, so I’ve seen ’em all & then some.
          At least you can be proud of your hometown TV hero. I can only boast about the Mob Wifes.

  • I’m so confused………seems like in a talking head from last season Melissa said “Envy” was hers & she was using her very own money for the store. Now, how many months later, she is saying “Envy is all mine”. So the first store Jackie footed the “money” for everything & Melissa contributed what? Wonder if that tacky word “budget” will cross Melissa’s lips now that she is paying all the bills?

  • I looked at her website and the clothes are really cute. Good for her! The show won’t be on forever and her boutique is a job well done.

  • Ms Marco needs her SIL to be at the store to make a sale! hahaha! She isn’t independent – she needs her husband’s credit line. The jokes on her!

    • Hahahaha!
      Melissa has always been so forthcoming in the past, so I have absolutely no reason to believe this is bullshit.

      • What will Melissa do now that she doesn’t have access to the “envy” credit card to charge shoes on. She’ll have to get a different one with her name on it & pay for it. No more “free” money at her disposal. If memory serves me correctly, didn’t Melissa get arrested to “stealing” down in Florida?