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Jim & Amber Marchese’s Counterclaim Against Virgin Airlines Exposed!

Jim and Amber Marchese clearly live by the motto all press is good press, and they are firing back at Virgin Airlines, again!

We recently told you that the Virgin Airlines responded to their lawsuit, with a countersuit of their own, and they exposed the dirty details of what happened on the flight! The airline and flight attendant Moriah Rosser say that Jim was berating Amber, an eventually grabbed her, choked her, and even threatened her life. Other witnesses defended Virgin Airlines and Morah, admitting that Jim seemed very drunk on the flight.

Jim previously stated that Moriah was a “fame whore,” who was “making false allegations to get attention.” Moriah defended that that was simply untrue, because she had no idea who Jim and Amber were; no surprise here, but Jim thinks he’s way more famous than he actually is!

Now Amber and Jim are responded to the airlines’ countersuit with a countersuit of their own.Defendant notified airport police that there was a domestic violence incident on the plane between Plaintiffs wherein James choked and threatened Amber, their filing stated.

It continued, “Defendant knew her statement to police was false. No charges were filed against James, because there was a lack of evidence as to any wrongdoing by either James or Amber. The police identified the only eyewitness as Defendant, who reported the alleged incident.

Moriah is standing firm on her original statement that she was, “working within her scope, and watched Jim choke Amber.

Jim and Amber are appalling in my eyes; I’m so sick of hearing about them! Jim is entitled and thinks he’s someone special. Moriah isn’t gaining fame from this, I’m sure she’s mortified to even be involved. Amber needs to have a brain of her own and find a way to make herself look better in this situation. She has a daughter that she needs to set an example for. As of now, she seems to be making excuses for her abusive husband. I don’t believe there was any “intense PDA” going on, and if there was, it was clearly too crude for public!

Jim’s name was destroyed long before this incident. If anything, he should thank Virgin Airlines, if not for this lawsuit, he and Amber would have been forgotten about months ago!

Thoughts on Jim and Amber’s countersuit? Who do you believe? Are you sick of hearing about Jim and Amber? Will they ever be on TV again? Is Amber setting a bad example for women?

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  • These two losers need to get a real life!!!!! An embarrassment to their children and their families. Attention-seeking drunks desperate for $$$$ now that their scam on RHONJ is over.

    • He must have some kind of “tea” on her as a threat hanging over head I guess ? Not worth all this especially with kids involved .

      • Do you think it might be because- he was a beast in his first divorce – and he lost – but he tweeted how brutal he was with his ex – saying” he doesn’ t fight to lose”he tweeted out the restraining order the ex has on him…that’s scary…maybe she also might not leave cuz no prenup…you’re right abuse shouldn’t be tolerated.

        • IDK. I remember see G he had domestic case with first wife but how did her so much custody with his older sons if true? Something smells fishy …

  • YES sick of them ! His performance was disgraceful ( and I’m being kind ) on Marriage Crap Camp and she is a FOOL standing by him or defending him at all so either they are both huge liars and bad actors or he is abusive and she is lacking in using her brain ??? To be that way when you have sons and a daughter is just terrible terrible terrible

      • Eww ! The rant he went on about hookers and being done with her when daughter is 18… She survived effing cancer TWICE and puts up with that ????? Just no . Where is her family? Do they not know any of this?

  • Jim thinks he’s way more famous than he actually is! Best Line Ever!! Thank you Jenna!!! LOLOLOL!!!