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Cedric Martinez Claims The RHOBH Pushed Russell Armstrong To Commit Suicide!

Cedric Martinez is spilling, even more, tea about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and it might just be the juiciest revelation ever.

During his appearance on Kate Casey’s Reality Life podcast, Cedric opened up about his former co-star, and apparently good friend Russell Armstrong, who he claims was used on RHOBH just like he was.

In the interview, Cedric claims he was good friends with Russell “off the show” and that he has “secret” lunches with Russell and Taylor after his issues with Lisa Vanderpump arose.

“The week before he hung himself he came to me, we were in Santa Monica, and he said, ‘Cedric – I don’t know what I’m gonna do – they’re coming after me like they came after you.’ But I did not hear [understand] what he was saying… He was scared,” Cedric claims.

Cedric went on to say that no one EVER saw Russell be abusive toward Taylor and that they all judged him based off what Taylor claimed.

“In front of me, he never touched Taylor. No one saw that’s all what she said. Maybe he was not a perfect husband. Maybe he had his demons – we all do,” Cedric explains. “Of all the things I’ve seen on the show, what they’ve done to Russell – all the women pushing him under the bus to the point that he had no other option to hang himself – that for me is something that I could never forgive!”

Woah, these are some major claims Cedric is making. Perhaps they are true, maybe they are not and honestly we will never know since Russell isn’t here to defend or explain himself. The whole situation with Russell is still heartbreaking and upsetting on so many levels.

Thoughts on Cedric’s claims? Do you believe the Beverly Hills Housewives went after Russell?

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  • Horrid. Cedric knows Russell has a child who will be hurt by his reckless, dispicable self-promotion. Cedric is milking the last of his relationship w LVP. He is a fame whore. And a low-life.

  • IDK but Russell was made to look pretty bad on that show. But, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors! Though Cedric could be lying. He lied about everything else, so he could be lying about this too!

  • Cedric is an idiot
    Russell was almost bankrupt and owing a lot of money when he killed himself. I belueve his business partner did the same sad act to himself. What did 6 housewives do to Russell on that show to warrant this stupid version from cedric? Its a real thirsty Thursday!!

  • Its Thirsty Thursday !
    All jokes aside what happened with Russell was just awful, RIP .
    I don’t think it was one thing that pushed him. I think it was a culmination of several factors and something potentially harmful with his job? Very sad for him to do that and for . his daughter . Shanna/ Taylor grifter didn’t help any matters

    • @Mich- suicide is horrible- , and your right its a culmination ( I copy folks big words LOL),
      I had a girlfriend ( she has passed) and her 20 year old son jumped off a high way over pass, He had a full paid scholarship @ Art Inst in Colo, he was extremely talented-I was there the day he was born and BOOM -he was gone- he had a nice girlfriend- didn’t understand- still don’t- but we never know whats in anothers mind/hearts-
      I mIss Him everyday- My girlfriend basically drank herself to death afterwards- she never came back from it.
      What is really scary now- is there has been 3/4 filmed live on facebook-heart breaking-Ok enough DEBBIE DOWNER- HW GOSSIP TIME LOL

  • I don’t know- and it is a sin to speak ill of the dead-I will say that the lifestyle they were projecting was prob a lot of pressure- and then the public flogging over abuse- who knows-
    Taylor will meet her maker one day- and all will be answered for.