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Danielle Staub Spills The Tea On ‘RHONJ’ & Threatens To Expose Jacqueline Laurita’s Secrets!

She’s baccckk!

Danielle Staub is ready for her return to the Real Housewives of New Jersey, telling Hollywood Life“In my new beginnings I would love to go back [to RHONJ], but I’m just going to leave it up to Andy [Cohen, 48] and Bravo.” 

While she can’t say if she is or isn’t returning for sure, she does reveal that one Housewife has “made it clear” she wants her back.

“Me and Teresa [Giudice, 44] have a great alliance now, and I think that’s a wonderful thing for people to discover and see,” Danielle reveals.Adding that her 

Adding that she and Teresa are “on the phone constantly” and grab coffee occasionally. 

However, Danielle isn’t on good terms with her former friend and RHONJ c0-star Jacqueline Laurita, calling Jac “bat-s–t crazy!”

 “I don’t want a relationship with someone [Jacqueline] that insane,” Danielle reveals, hinting that she would end her feud with Jacqueline if she apologizes to her. 

On the other hand, Danielle says she knows Jacqueline’s secrets and isn’t afraid to expose them.

“If someone’s going to continue to attack my demeanor and my dignity, I’ll give it right back. Because there’s no reason to be talking about me and literally, you [Jacqueline] have a job because of me, partially. You should be thanking me, instead of tearing at me… If I were to be asked back, [which we don’t know], she should be a little scared. I know her history, and I’d be very happy to share it,” Danielle explains. 

As for the current cast, Danielle says she doesn’t have any problems with the remaining current RHONJ cast, but the same can’t be said for former star Caroline Manzo.

“I just really don’t like her,” Danielle dished about Caroline. “I don’t think she’s a classy person. I don’t think she’s a good person.”

But, Danielle does admit she would film with Caroline and all of the Housewives for the sake of good TV.

“I think it would make for really good TV if Caroline were in front of me, because she’s no matriarch in my book, and I’m the first person and the only person that ever stood up to her, and I’d do it again. So, there’s no one I wouldn’t film with. Bring it on.”

Danielle finishes up with saying she ultimately wants to return to RHONJ to clear her name and for all the fans who “believed” in her.

Thoughts on Danielle’s comments? Will Bravo bring back Danielle for season 8? Do you want Danielle to reveal Jacqueline’s secrets? Are you surprised Danielle would film with Caroline?

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  • OhNewJersey

    Oh man, I think if she’s back and on the same team as Tre, maybe Melissa… don’t know how that’ll go… but anyway, and Jac is back with Dolores and Siggy. Oh my, now I feel like THAT is a show to be watched!

  • Karol Smith

    I would love to hear what she has to say about Jacqueline ….

  • La erik etzwiler

    Danielle RISES!!!

  • La erik etzwiler

    Danielle RISES!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra

    Don’t bring Danielle back !!! She was trouble before what makes you think she want start the same sh-t now!! And leave Tresea and Melissa along!! They are trying to get their crap together! Kim D needs to shut her sh-t up!!

  • Tina

    Please do come back and take out the boozilla trash

  • You’re preaching to the choir Danielle girl.


    What’s this shit about Manzo I’d? She’d film with her again??? Gawd dammit they better not even think about bringing that bitch back on!??? Besides being concerned that an apology would turn her around again, if Dr does come on again, SHE BETTER SPILL THE TEA ALL OVER THE BLANKET UNDER THE SHADY TREE!! js…


      Not Dr, D… as in Danielle…

  • Chase

    Fuck yeah! Also, why would D spill her tea about the sisters if Bravo isn’t paying for it?

  • September24

    Team Danielle! She’s got Caro & Jac down pat!

  • Polly Graph

    Another day, another threat by Danielle to expose secrets. Yawn.

    • Shipp

      Polly, that’s what I’m thinking too. Spill it Danielle.

  • Michers

    Expose or go away .


      @Mich- yes if they got something to Expose- do it already- Stop the threat and make it a reality..

    • Maru the Cat

      Wonder if that can be put in the clause to her contract, she must ‘expose’ Jac this season or never, ever beg to come back on.

  • samael

    Andy was doing a “Q&A” for – who knows and he said “we are casting now for RHONJ”..geez

    • Shipp

      Hey Sammy. I think Bravo is going to bring her back. I wouldn’t mind if D can take down that bloated Booze Bag. 😀

      • samael

        that would be so cool to see…minute by minute…every episode!!


        • Shipp

          Hey Sammy, I’m in too. Popcorn, potato chips, and several adult beverages, burp. Good stuff.

          Now I’m wondering how D is going to handle MeMe. Hmmmmm…..

          • samael

            I’ve got the tequilla! all D needs to do is leave a trail of pennies for M to grab at…and each penny – one secret!