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Tiffany Hendra Fires Back At Vicki Gunvalson; Plus Claims She Isn’t A Racist!

Housewives at war?

Real Housewives of Dallas star Tiffany Hendra has found herself in a war with OG of the OC Vicki Gunvalson after her comments rubbed the veteran Housewife the wrong way.

If you don’t know, Tiffany said “Vicki has me-itis,” and that “it’s all about her all the time, 24/7.”

Vicki didn’t take Tiffany’s comments well and called out the RHOD star saying, “Who the heck is she? Bottom line she [Tiffany Hendra] is saying I’m an ‘attention seeker’ … Wrong, the answer is ‘I don’t “seek” attention’ … I attract attention! Now, who the heck is she for commenting on me?  I’ve never met her. Stupid Biatch!”

Now Tiffany is firing back at Vicki’s response telling The Dirty, “I don’t really care. I mean seriously, I don’t.”

Adding, After 11 yrs of this game she should know she’s going to have people who adore her and people that don’t. I mean hell, I learned that in just one year [on RHOD].”

Tiffany also found herself being labeled a racist based on comments she made in a recent interview.

In an interview, Tiffany talked about illegal immigrants saying In Texas- what I will say that I do know about is that women are being raped here in Texas and these women in random places from these immigrants. So that is what scares me. That is what scares me.”

“No, they [the Mexican immigrants] are,” Tiffany said when asked if in Texas, illegal immigrants are the cause of most of the crime.  

“They’re coming in and that’s what’s happening,” Tiffany added. “Just with stealing, rape, and the drug problem.”

These comments caused an uproar on social media and many called Tiffany out for being racist.

Tiffany denies being racist saying, “Of course I’m not racist. I’m mixed ethnicity and was pretty much raised color blind in a very racially diverse area of Houston with Mexican Americans, Asians and African Americans. All my BFF’s growing up were Hispanic! My first serious boyfriend was Hispanic.”

“Ugh so stupid how it’s being twisted,” she continued. “I did not point out Mexicans … I stated ANY illegal immigrant who is bringing corruption into our country! My hubby and father are immigrants who came over and went through due process and [were] vetted legally. I’m all for people coming to our country if they are vetted, abide by our legal system, etc”.

 Adding,“I am VERY passionate about this because Texas is a leading state in sex slavery! I mentored an underage girl who was a sex slavery victim by an illegal immigrant drug dealer. She was raped numerous times and he beat her and kicked her face in with a steel toed boot, breaking her occipital bone, putting her in ICU. Thank God he was deported! Girls are being lured into this by Americans and Illegals. It just needs to be stopped and I will continue during my voice and platform to bring awareness.”

Thoughts on Tiffany’s comments? Sound off below!

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  • She doesn’t see color yet she talks about how she lived among various minorities and her first boyfriend is latin??? Way to show color-blindness.

  • People often use the word “illegal immigrants” as code for Hispanic. I don’t see people all up in arms over the “illegals” from Eastern Europe. As a Boricua who gets asked to “go home” or “go back where i came from” it means a lot. PS Boricua are Puerto Ricans and WE ARE FROM HERE. WE ARE HOME MF.

  • My post should have said that I went to school with Tiffany. Her father is Asian, If I remember correctly, he’s Japanese.

  • I went to school and grew up in the same area as Tiffany. She is FAR from a racist, she is speaking truthfully.

  • I haven’t a clue who this dolt, what’s her face, is. Nor do I care about her half assed opinions. Eh.

  • Does anybody even give a damn? Most people probably don’t even know who TIffany is. Perhaps she is trying to make herself interesting enough for Bravo to ask her back to filming RHOD.

  • I am a 5th generation Mexican-American on my father’s side and I don’t have a problem with what she said. “Illegal Alien” is not a race. Strictly speaking, “Mexican”, is not even a race. It’s an ethnicity. Illegal immigration is a HUGE problem in this country and people should be able to talk about the negative consequences of illegal immigration without being labeled “racist”. JMO

    • Polly, “…people should be able to talk about the negative consequences of illegal immigration without being labeled “racist”. ”

      I absolutely agree. Some people seem to forget the word ILLEGAL.

  • When RH go for “attention” they know they are going to get good and bad attention – and the RH is fine with it – so far within a small time frame this is Tiffany’s second interview on the same subject. if you google her name Tiffany Hendra – her complete interview pops up.

    Because I never paid attention too much to RHOD, the most I remember is that Tiffany did some porn, she denied it and people posted it. Yesterday on twitter she spoke as if she was the rape victim not sure if she is or not. Using RH for your platform is awesome, but using generalities as “all illegal mexican immigrants are ___________________”

    Well that is dangerous, and as Nelson Mandella stated “no one is born hating, it is taught, and can learn to love” (paraphrased of course)

    Racist comments come from ignorant humans and for me – Tiffany just outted herself.

  • Any form of “I don’t see color” is straight out of the “I’m a racist but don’t realize it” playbook. It’s important to absolutely see color and ethnicity because seeing our differences is how we learn to understand and respect them.