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How Does Siggy Flicker Feel About Danielle Staub’s Potential RHONJ Return?!

Siggy Flicker was a great fit with the RHONJ cast, and with season 8 filming just a few weeks away, she’s gearing up for a big Bravo return! In a fresh new interview with FemaleFirst.Com, Siggy opened up about her emotional first season on the show, and fills us in on what she’s been up to. Even more, she tells us how she really feels about Danielle Staub’s rumored RHONJ return!

It was exhausting. Definitely worth it but I couldn’t get out of bed for 30 days! I’m one of those people who feels other people’s pain and when you can’t help them it’s really difficult,” Siggy admitted.

She continued, “There was a lot of friendships broken up in the season and I really wanted to help people to move forward and to bring the pack together. It was heart-breaking. Teresa [Giudice] and Jacqueline [Laurita] have been friends for 18 years and they’ve shared a lot of precious moments. They’ve had babies at the same time and were really close so it was heart-breaking to see that relationship fall. It was also hard because I was just getting to know them for the first time. When I met Teresa we fell in love and had a bond but that had caused a bit of friction whereas I just wanted everyone to get along and move forward,” she confessed!

We broke the news that Siggy and Jacqueline had fallen out, but the holidays have a way of bringing people back together, which soon happened with them. As of now, her relationships with the cast are strong! “I’m close with all of them. I just got off the phone with Jacqueline, I talk to Melissa daily and Dolores and I are best friends. I would have to say Dolores and I speak the most. The Jersey Bond I think is very different to the other Housewives franchises. We all have a very common bond which is that we are all about family first and are obsessed with our husbands, ex-husbands and our children. It’s really hard to do a show when you’ve got children and husbands because when you don’t have to answer to a man, it’s a lot easier. It’s all about our families and we’re so obsessed that we call each other whenever something is happening with our families. Teresa, Dolores [Catania] and I went to Florida and we are already planning our next trip, unfortunately Melissa [Gorga] wasn’t able to make it. I just want all the best for everyone and the season was hard on everyone,” Siggy explained.

She played coy on next season, but we’re glad to hear if offered, Siggy will most likely be back. At one point we know she was on the fence, but this Bravo break has been exactly what she needed! “Contracts are coming up so you’ll have to ask me again in February,” she teased.

Siggy is a relationship expert, but I’m not sure if even she can bring Danielle Staub and Jacqueline Laurita back together. The Danielle we know is honest and doesn’t hold back. She’s been burned by Jacqueline and is out to expose her and her minion daughter Ashlee for what they really are.

Siggy is okay with Danielle coming back, and she is ready to embrace anyone new to the cast! “It doesn’t matter to me as I would welcome everyone. Bring it on! It’s never any of the other housewives who make the decision on who to bring in, so I’m always happy for anyone to join,” she revealed.

I have a very good feeling Siggy will be back for season 8; it’s clear from social media she’s a fan favorite. However, I’m not sure where her relationship with Jacqueline will go following a few months of filming. It looks like she and Melissa have gotten a lot closer, and we’ll definitely find out more about that on RHONJ!

I’m glad to hear Siggy’s positive response about Danielle’s return, and I do believe she will be welcoming to anyone on the show!

Thoughts on Siggy’s interview? Are you surprised she’s close with everyone in the cast? Are you hoping she comes back for season 8? Will she get along with Danielle? Will her friendship with Jacqueline last?

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  • A wet noodle has more backbone then siggy. Why would she be asked back?! And, 30 days in bed over other people’s problems?! I can’t imagine the emotional stress she would be under if something real bad happens, like…. Chipping a nail or something.

  • Her boundaries sound very weak and unhealthy. I don’t get her bragging she spent 30 days in bed recovering, she is the Queen of the Humble Brag. I am intuitive too, I can feel physical, emotional pain, and have learned how not to take in other people’s stuff. From a psychological or spiritual path, both agree you cannot live someone else’s life or make their decisions. Why doesn’t she get this? I don’t want her on the show, what a joke.

    • That’s great – Queen of Humble Brag !
      I went back and forth with her but when she showed how biased and unequal she was when there was conflict, I washed my hands of her . The Twitter war about whatever blogger and Whackie sealed deal as she caved right back into the bs

    • I like that title, Queen of Humble Brag, too! IMO, they are the worst type of braggarts! Siggy seems to need a relationship expert/therapist to help her deal with her “issues!” I bet when Siggy sees one of “her” couples out she can’t help but remind them how she saved their relationship! She just strikes me as one of the types who need a constant pat on the back or they’ll have a melt down!

      IF bully Jaq is still on the show I bet she is secretly plotting when/where she will turn on Siggy for publicly turning on her. Even though they both supposedly made up Jaq is too immature and weak to forgive anybody! Even if Jaq is FIRED I predict she will turn on Siggy on social media!

      I did LOL reading Siggy’s remark: “‘Bring it on! It’s never any of the other housewives who make the decision on who to bring in, so I’m always happy for anyone to join,’ she revealed.” Didn’t boastful, arrogant Jaq say she cast the show during the seasons she was on? Yeah, Jaq will definitely have it out for Siggy hired or fired!

  • Siggy is a self-centered, navel-gazing twit who makes everything about herself under the guise of being empathetic. Her self-proclaimed status as a “relationship expert” is laughable. I’m no relationship expert and I don’t play one on TV, but even I know that my teenaged son would be mortified if I announced to a room full of people that he “came out of my biscuit”.

    • Polly, hahahahaha, the old “bun in the oven.”

      What the what…she had to spend 30 day is bed? If so, she needs to find another job. And NOT a so called “relationship expert” on a reality show.

      • 30 days in bed, what a self-indulgent drama queen! She needs to quit whining about how all of the drama impacts her so gravely. She jumps in the middle of a shit storm then complains about getting covered in shit.