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Vicki Gunvalson Claps Back At Tiffany Hendra’s Claims; Says She Has No Idea Who The RHOD Star Is!

Tiffany who?

It turns out that even other Real Housewives don’t know who RHOD star Tiffany Hendra is despite the fact that the Dallas franchise is heading into its second season.

In a recent interview on The Domenik National Show, Tiffany took aim at the OG of the OC Vicki Gunvalson saying, Vicki has me-itis. I know a lot of the Housewives are narcissists.”

Adding,“When she is … with her kids at dinner or whatever, it’s all about her all the time, 24/7. She’s just not a chick I’d want to hang out with at all.”

So what does Vicki think of Tiffany’s claims? Owner The Dirty reached out to Vicki and

Well, the Nik Richie who owns The Dirty knocked on Vicki’s door and asked her what she thought.

According to the site, Vicki had no idea what Tiffany said or who she was – asking, “Who the heck is she?” 

However, after a little coaxing, Vicki had a whole lot to say about Tiffany’s statements and wasted no time slamming the RHOD star.

“Bottom line she [Tiffany Hendra] is saying I’m an ‘attention seeker’ … Wrong, the answer is ‘I don’t “seek” attention’ … I attract attention! Now, who the heck is she for commenting on me?  I’ve never met her. Stupid Biatch!”

Adding,“What she or anyone sees on TV is just an edited small version of who I really am. This woman obviously doesn’t know how reality TV works. You must be opinionated or there is no TV show. Regarding Tiffany and I ever hanging out together – that’s NOT EVER going to happen.”

It looks like Tiffany burned that bridge. No offense but it seems to me that Tiffany was trying to get her name in the paper and it looks like it worked.

Thoughts on Tiffany’s claims about Vicki? Is Vicki an attention seeker? Do you think Vicki response to Tiffany was appropriate?

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  • mtrae9

    Tiffany may have been trying to get her name in the news, but she was spot on! Vicki is all me, me, me. Even her daughter mentioned that in some of her (on show) interviews!!!


    Of course, but which one was Tiffany? I don’t even remember her so I don’t think she’s a “star” quite yet. I still can’t believe they’re even bringing this show back! Is….

  • swizzle

    Vicki is a delusional narcissist. I have no idea who this other woman is, but she is 100 percent spot on. Remember her going to Brianna’s surgery and making even that all about Vicki? A narcissist will never recognize their own faults. We’ve watched Vicki for many years and I’ve followed her on social media. She’s a narcissist who continually tries to reinvent history. How I wish she’d just go away.

  • Crywolf

    So, Tiffany was commenting negatively about Vicki for attention? Enough said.

  • Michers

    Tiffany is not wrong with her Vick assessment . The woman has very much had me-itis for years .

  • lipojaq

    So is Vicky implying that what we see on TV is just a smaller narcissist than what she really is? Please help me understand…what does she mean?!

  • ScottyBman

    As bad as this sounds, I think the Cancergate storyline was at least more interesting than Charity…whatever. I watched S1 and will probably give it a chance S2, but pretty weak. I liked Potomac better and that may not be saying a whole lot.

  • samael

    I do feel bad for the RHOD cast – they are so forgettable and are trying very hard to drum up interest for their show, it has taken over a year to even decide to have a second season of RHOD…this cast is all over twitter whenever there is a Bravo show on – I’d be tweeting with a RH and suddenly Brandi? jumps in..all the cast are doing this. So I understand this interview…it is true about Vicki, but, kind of a “look at me” interview.


      @Sam- I liked the little red-head , she was a hoot, especially the POOP hat OMG- I will give it go again- something new,,,, wouldn’t that be refreshing–LOL

      • justanothermary

        She made me turn it off all together. Between Jesus juice and poop I just wanted to slap her.

      • samael

        hey HW!


        That was hilarious..I liked when she worked on her marriage on camera – I hope they are doing well. For me I found RHOD boring. that LeAnn (sp) everytime she was caught in a lie or called out, she falls on her hand made sword of being abused. I hope she doesn’t continue this and I really hope she considers herself a survivor.

        • HWLOVER

          @Sam — TGIF, I am gonna give them another watch-I wish we had a Ladies of London blog-

          • samael

            tgif for sure!! I’ve never watched Ladies of London..why not ask the site..I see alot of comments about the show and the cast..good idea bud

            • Michers

              Sam you would like it . Also HWs of Cheshire and Melbourne . Melbourne I love . IDEK if Cheshire is coming back ????

            • HWLOVER

              @Sam- like Mich said I think you might like it-Have @ Great Weekend ALLLL

          • Michers

            We were supposed to but IDK what happened ? Maybe time as it goes to HW ( priority?)

          • FUCHESS

            Yes, HWLOVER, me too!

        • Michers

          I feel like they didn’t get much advertising and publicity as other franchises . I like it I just don’t like crazy pants Leeann