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AATRH Exclusive: Was Danielle Staub’s “New Beginnings Party” Filmed For RHONJ Season 8?!

The RHONJ cast is wrapping up their break before season 8 filming begins, and after checking with a few sources we’ve got some exclusive scoop to share!

RHONJ fans assumed that Danielle Staub’s “New Beginnings Party” on Saturday night would be the start of season 8 filming, however we can tell you that Bravo cameras weren’t there!

Season 8 has not started filming yet, we are still a few weeks away from shooting! Behind the scenes executives are still working on locking down the official cast, and possibly switching up a producer or two,” one RHONJ insider confirmed. Another adding, “None of the wives have even been officially sent a contract, fans are getting ahead of production. Sirens Media wants to assure season 8 is the best yet, and although it’s taking a bit longer than originally expected, they have high hopes!

Danielle was gracious enough to invite us to her event, but unfortunately we were unable to attend; we’ll definitely be at the next one! We spoke to Danielle about her motivation for the bash, and it’s great to see how happy and settled she is! Not only was this a celebration of new beginnings, and her boyfriend Marty’s birthday; but Danielle also raised money for a cause close to her heart, World Hunger.

My new beginnings, house warming and surprise 65th birthday for my honey, Marty, was a complete success. At first, it started out as Marty wanting to have a house warming and new beginnings party for me, but along the way, it turned into me wanting to throw a surprise party for Marty with his closest friends and family as well. It showed me that both of us have our hearts are in the right place, and we wanted to make sure we were both happy.  Being surrounded by our loved ones celebrating our fresh start in our new home was a dream come true. I was so happy I could tie this event in with a charity I am incredibly proud to work with, World Hunger. Most of our guests were able to contribute to donating to the cause, which made the night even more special,” Danielle explained!

Her house looks gorgeous, and a familiar RHONJ face was there to support Danielle, and celebrate how far she’s come. That’s right, Robyn Levy‘s companies Tushy Brand, and Velocity One Media sponsored the red carpet at the party. It was presumed that Teresa Giudice would be present, however she was in Atlantic City, supporting Gia (and her amazing team) at a cheerleading competition.

We can also tell you that Danielle’s name is still in the mix for season 8, and she told us she’d love to return if the opportunity presents itself! (For the record, we’re hoping she’s back!) “As far as RHONJ, there have definitely been talks, but ultimately, that decision is up to Andy and Bravo. If I get asked to come back, I would love to be a part of the franchise again,” Danielle confirmed.

Our source close to production wrapped by telling us to “sit tight;” filming will begin in “very late February or early March!

The AATRH team is sending a huge congratulations to Danielle on her new home! We’ll be sure to keep you posted on all RHONJ season 8 developments as they become available.

Is Danielle coming back to RHONJ? Did you think her party would be filmed? Are you surprised some guests were expecting the Bravo cameras? Are you excited RHONJ season 8?

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  • I know you have provided directions on how to add our pictures beside our posts, but would you do it again please?

    Thank you so much and thumbs up (TU) !!

  • Good for Danielle, gotta say, when Danielle is good, she is very very good..and when she is bad..prayers won’t help!!


  • Looks like Danielle is in a good place. Her daughter is gorgeous! If she comes back she will be calm unless provoked. And we all know Jac & Ms Marco will do anything for tv time.

  • I’m confused. Why the Tre pic on this Danielle story?

    As for D raising money for World Hunger, good for her. But, this seems more like an attn grab to quench her “thirst” for a Bravo spot.

    • Just wanted to show that Teresa was at Gia’s cheerleading competition, so no one could try to say otherwise. 🙂 thank you for the feedback & support!

      • Thanks Jenna! That makes sense 🙂 Lol.good for you stopping the “meanies” from spinning the story into something it isn’t,

      • Thanks Jenna! That makes sense 🙂

        (my other comment went into moderation, nt sure why? As I was replying)

  • I really hope she comes back, I always felt she got a bad deal, was trashed etc- Fat Manzo’s ) Although some of her actions were questionable- she was provoked- that little guy that was her friend was pretty scary, hope he is gone, also glad she has a new guy-older might be exactly what she needs.

    • I’m on the fence with her coming back . He empty threats since leaving turned me off but there’s a part of me that is so MEOW and would like to see her put JacaPoo in check

          • Are you serious? I had really hoped that Bravo and Andy would have listened to us and kicked that wacko bitch to the curb. Hmmm…gonna have to think on this. I’m not sure if I want to watch at all if Jacqoff is back. Maybe I’ll just follow along on this site. Too bad…. Hahaha, maybe I’ve just grown up too ???

            • I, too, wish Jaq and her nasty daughter were FIRED! Jaq had a chance last season to show how valuable a HW she is and she failed! The episode where Jaq invited Tre over to her house for dinner, which was heavily promoted, was the lowest rated RHONJ ever! After that episode 2 more Jaq promoted episodes followed and received very poor ratings, too. Finally, an episode that was barely promoted aired on a Monday night and it was the 3th highest rated episode of season 7, excluding the two reunion shows.

              So, IMO, Andy is not that wise of a businessman if he allows Jaq and her ugly daughter back on the show full-time. Jaq can start drama by tearing another human being down but she is too weak to accept responsibility for how evil and cruel she is! Jaq runs away, tweets nasty and mean tweets directed to her obsessive target and is just a repulsive, disgusting POS of human being!

              I guess you can tell how I much I detest Jaq! Rich Wakile makes me nauseous when he is given air time and now Jaq is just as repulsive as he is!

            • Maybe there is hope y’all . If they didn’t finish contracts yet and haven’t started filming – fingers crossed lol