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AATRH Exclusive: Danielle Staub Responds To Jacqueline Laurita’s “Pathological Paranoid Behavior!”

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RHONJ season 8 casting is in the works, and as of now the only new name in the mix is Danielle Staub. No one wants Danielle back less than Jacqueline Laurita, and as a result Jacqueline is constantly speaking out against Danielle, even in situations that don’t involve her.

Recently we told you that Dolores Catania reiterated claims that Danielle stole her spot on season one, and she was definitely a bit shady throughout her interview. Danielle responded on Twitter and insisted that Dolores wasn’t being considered for season 1, but that she was “a nice girl” and “caught up” about her potential return!

Following this, tension is brewing and Jacqueline Laurita is fueling the fire. She can’t stop discrediting Danielle’s possible return, and is siding with Dolores; (trying) to confirm that Danielle stole her spot.

Danielle spoke to AATRH exclusively to comment on Jacqueline’s nudging; she kept it short, sweet and classy.

Jacqueline will align with whomever she can as a desperate attempt to discredit anyone who she is threatened by I guess for today … that would be me. Let her pathological paranoid behavior rest where it may . She knows it’s only a matter of time before she is fully exposed. Perhaps I am the only one who knows her ‘true lies,’” Danielle explained.

I am not sure if Jacqueline is just lying because Danielle is a huge threat to her and her future on RHONJ, or if she was shady years back. Teresa Giudice accused Dolores and Jacqueline of having issues in the past, so Dolores may have been her target back when season one was being cast.

I can honestly see Jac bringing Danielle on the show in secret, and acting innocent when Dolores got cut. Danielle and Dolores may both be naive to this situation; having no idea of their “friend” Jacqueline’s scheming.  It is discrediting her reputation further that now her games from season one are coming back to haunt her.

In typical Jersey fashion, the shade is getting real before the season even starts! The official cast is still yet to be decided, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear who’s signed on the dotted line!

Are you surprised Jacqueline is involved in the Dolores/Danielle situation? Thoughts on Danielle’s comment? Did Jac play games years back? Who is lying? Let’s Discuss!

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  • I have some tea, about Ashlee, Jacqueline’s daughter. Isn’t her name Ashlee Holm. After her dad. Because she was doing a YouTube named Tricia Paytas hair & make up for a video that this Tricia made. I thought I saw Ashley doing her make up. And then she was credited at the end. That is my tea.

  • Who cares who was 1st!The important thing is that the spaced out Jac& idiot Ashlee not come back.The viciousness of them2 is exhausting! The incessant meddling Jac does in others bizz is unsettling.She’s a dangerous person& shud not be allowed back!EVER!!I’m out. Peace!

  • I 100% believe Dina when she said Dolorous was cast first and then Dolorous backed out due to the relationship she was in at that time. Then Jac suggested Danielle. Listening to Dina on the podcast it sounds like she felt Jac went behind her back and took over when she suggested Caroline and Danielle. I think Danielle will make good TV but I don’t think she is 100% truthful.

    Did she replace Dolorous on season 1? Yes.
    Did she steal Dolorous spot? No Dolorous backed out.

    I 100% believe DINA is honest


    • omg true it’s always some bullshit tying being a special needs mom to get out of anything. sickening. as tree twirls her hair. and also the BUT WE’RE LUCEY AND ETHEL thing is so ridiculous. you were never that close.

  • Nothing surprises me with Jacqueline. She is that annoying friend who is always inserting herself into every situation then getting “so hurt” when someone says “this isn’t your concern” then she goes for the jugular trying to eviscerate said friend ., then crying about how that person is so mean to her ! This child in an overstuffed over noticed and plastic led body is certifiable!

  • I agree with a story line that doesn’t have jac in it or Danielle. New and fresh stories, please!! I’m not sure jac is even mentally stable enough to come back for this. It all sounds kinda boring. JMO, of course.

  • RHONJ needs a stronger storyline that doesn’t involve Jaq. It would be nice to see Jaq get called out but I doubt that will ever happen. Jaq is just way too weak to accept defeat and it seems like the producers know this. I’m assuming that’s why Jaq is always protected and coddled like Maru pointed out on another RHONJ thread. So, any storyline involving Jaq does not sound appealing to me.

    • Thanks CsqD. ITA with you and wish the producers on NJ understood that Jac and her daughter are not necessary. I would have preferred to see Theresa’s girls playing with the dogs or Barbies, than anything about Ashley.

      • You’re welcome, Maru! That was a great comment, BTW, if I didn’t tell you already! I’m just sick and tired of the hypocrisy Jaq and Ashley display on social media, interviews and on the show. It’s not entertaining anymore and hasn’t been for quit some time. Jaq repulses me like Richie does!

        • You’re so right, C. I find Jac & Ashley as repulsive as Richie too.

          As for Danielle, she’s no better. Unbalanced, unpredictable & broke as a joke. What she can “bring” should have been brought Season 3.

          Move the hell on already! None of them have a place in Season 8. Replace them with Robin & Cristina. Replace Ashley with Jake the Man. Guaranteed he’d have a bigger fan base than all three of those hags combined.

          • The most repulsive scene to me during season 7 was when Jaq sent a text to Siggy telling her that she and Chris made love that morning!!!! YUCKY!!! My husband watched that episode with me and was even repulsed! My husband was even more repulsed when Jaq blamed her bad mood on starting her period that morning! Ewwwww….. The way Jaq acts after verbally abusing Tre is so repulsive, too. Jaq is just a weak woman with obvious mental and emotional instability.

      • I agree. Both Jax and Ashley are too mentally unstable to continue on this show. I have started wondering what the hell is wrong with Chris Laurita? When Joe Gorga can point out the obvious and make sense….well, you know there is something wrong with the Lauritas. I see why Chris is estranged from family members. Can you imagine having to deal with Jax and Ashley?

  • At first, Danielle was trying to come back on to “EXPOSE” Melissa! But now that she’s got her head up Teresa’s hiney quarters, she done jumped ship, now she’s gonna “EXPOSE” Jacqueline! Quit being so pathetic that she’ll do & say anything to get back in this show! Dolores was right, Dina said it First, Jacqueline only confirmed what Dina said. But, you only want to call Jacqueline delusional? Dina said, when SHE was approached to the show, she thought it was going to be a nice little show about her Family. She didn’t sign up for the mess that is now happening! Sorry Danielle move on girl!

  • Delores said herself that she did not take the spot on the show in season 1 because her kids were still small and she just did not want to do it back then. She stated now that her babies are grown she feel more comfortable doing the show. Jac is a ugly liar and I really hope Danielle lays all her dirt out!

  • Well if Danielle is back 100% she needs to cough up what she blabs about on twitter for the last 4 years about

    – Teresa
    – Melissa
    – Caroline
    – JackAss

    apparently this will be yet another season of “remember when” crap

  • Look Jacqueline just confirmed what Dina said. Dina said it First, that Dolores was asked first! You’re hatred for Jacqueline is over whelming!

  • DANIELLE BACK PLEAAAASE!!! Her and Teresa <3 MAKE JERSEY HOUSEWIVES GREAT AGAIN. This could be such an epic season. I'd also like for Danielle to share what went down between her and Melissa

    • Hey! You just brought up Dorinda, hasn’t she been friendly with this cast? Why not have her film a couple months with this crew. Her and John could definitely cross over! ?

  • Original cast was assembled by Dina with (Dina,Jacqueline, Dolores,Teresa and Paige) all Dina’s GF First Paige couldn’t because she decided it wasn’t for her and was moving anyways, next Dolores decided against it because of BF at the time, but she did some background filming. Down to three Jacqueline suggest Caroline, Dina didn’t even think of that OK Bravo liked the fact Caroline had older children. Now Jacqueline suggest the crazy lady at the salon that everyone is talking about Dina I don’t know about that, will that’s meet her and judge for ourselves OK, instead Jacqueline meet’s Danielle on her own they clicked and Jacqueline say’s hey you want to be on TV. Season One RHONJ Dina,Caroline,Jacqueline,Teresa and Danielle as told by Dina on Heather McDonald’s pod cast.

  • I understand AARTH is reporting the “news” as it happens. I just wish Danielle wasn’t in the mix for a RHONJ return. She and her drama is a tired storyline, I’m not a fan. Who cares what happened season one?

    • Hey rhfan 🙂 most of the time I’m over it now with Danielle , as she has just said things since off show and never backs it up . I think if anyone can push buttons to make her come unglued , it’s Hac. So maybe now she’ll spill lol?! Piss or get off the pot Danielle .

  • I’m pretty sure I heard on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast Dina say that Dolores was supposed to be part of the first season. And that at the hair salon Jacqueline said to Danielle hey you want to be on a show? The podcast aired a few weeks ago but I’m pretty sure it was something along those lines.

  • As Danielle said on WWHL “Jacqueline put the wine down”. Can’t wait for D to come back on the show and expose Jac’s fraudulent ways!