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AATRH Exclusive: Details From The “Tense” RHOBH Season 7 Premiere Party Revealed!

RHOBH season 7 has Bravo fans everywhere excited, and although the show premiered on Tuesday night, the 90210 ladies attended their premiere party over the weekend. The housewives all looked great and added pictures from their celebration; Andy Cohen even showed up and surprised them!

I spoke to a few of our RHOBH sources and got some dirt on the season 7 premiere party; allegedly things weren’t as happy as they seemed! On Tuesday night’s WWHL Andy Cohen revealed that Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards were bickering all night, and our 90210 insiders say that wasn’t the only conflict of the night!

“The party was definitely awkward, it was a very tense environment,” our source confirmed. Adding, “All of the wives were in different parts of the room, spending time with their REAL friends and family who they invited to the celebration.”

Another insider told us that Andy’s presence had a lot of the ladies on edge; they were in major suck-up mode. “Watching some of the ladies fawn over Andy was sickening, they embarrassed themselves. A few of the housewives spent their whole night following Andy around, while others gave him his space; it was just uncomfortable and honestly a bit humiliating for them,” our source explained.

Finally, our source spilled on the awkward cast photo from the night; Dorit is distant from the cast, and she didn’t look happy to be near Erika!

Image Source: Google Images

Take a closer look, there’s a bit space between Dorit and Erika!

Image Source: Instagram

The positioning of the cast photo wasn’t a coincidence, the cast was told where they had to stand. It’s clear that Erika and Dorit are not friends; they couldn’t even stand close to each other! Overall the cast is not in a great place right now, and there is so much drama that goes down this season, alliances shift and friendships change; it’s unclear how things will play out, but as of now the ladies need their space from each other, our insider wrapped!

This season is sure to be wild, and it’s interesting that they all attended the same party, even though they aren’t in a good place! With other franchises the cast has separate premiere parties if they are feuding; the 90210 ladies sure know how to keep us wondering!

Thoughts on the tension at the RHOBH premiere party? Who do you think is feuding? Are you shocked some of the ladies are sucking up to Andy; Who do you think it was? Why do you think the ladies are placed where they are in the cast photo; can you believe Dorit and Erika couldn’t even stand close to each other? Thoughts on the season 7 premiere? Let’s discuss!

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  • What the what? The blog format changed again.

    Anyway…the Hustler that hustles. Rin Tin Tin probably had her wet nose up Andy’s, ass sniffing for a can of Alpo. 😀

  • Splitella Versace is mumu-frantic. What seems tense is Vandergator’s face as Splitella was clearly trying to upstage.

  • I d like to know who “embarrassed” themselves?

    I’m guessing Rinna
    Don’t know eden or dorit.. so poss them.

    Wondering if LVP was following, to show she’s the pet.

    Erika I doubt it, ED I doubt it, Kyle, I doubt it…

    What about y’all?
    Who do u think?

  • If they were really positioned this way, LVP must be fuming. Kyle is front and center flanked by Eileen and Rinna.

  • I am so happy BH is back, all I can say it no one will take Lisa V’s throne. The show has been a hot mess last two seasons, that is why I love it.

  • I just have to say that it makes me hahaha 🙂
    I knew once the usual scapegoats were all gone , others would claw at each other and throw others under buses they themselves drove LOL , and they did . So for that, I’m happy to have the entertainment and see that a few of my initial opinions on some were accurate .
    As for the tension- it won’t ever go away. Someone really thinks while they are a victim they are also the HBIC lol- pick a lane sweetie . I think there will always be some kind of beef because most of these ladies feel entitlement and some sense of thinking they are to be worshipped . As for kissing Andy’s ass , its probably newbies .

    • @Michers-So right on- no the tension has just begun, I don’t know what it is about LV, I cant stand the entitled uppity biatch – I would also prefer all the partys not be @ LV’s bar in a back room -show us new stuff- once again LV prob made a deal to come back- show more of her nasty azz restaurants , so she also gets her staff paid and hawks her watered down drinks and prob the dated old food LOL
      I think no matter Erika will hold her own.
      I hope LR and ED just stay outta the spotlight , cause I think Kyle and LV and the newbies should be entertaining.

    • haha – yes, I am enjoying hearing that Pump and Kyle kept fussing at each other too. We needed cameras and mics at this party!

      Pump was a biatch to Rinna at Erika’s b-day party. I may not be a fan of Rinna’s but geez lady, didn’t you have a summer break to get over your set-up of Yolanda last season? Everyone knew you were behind it and the jabs only confirmed it to me. She can’t handle being exposed, always had Ken cleaning up behind her at the restaurants.

  • I am curious about what went down between eileen and LisaR – cuz yesterday in the RHOBH story the author included (former) bff ..when discussing LisaV and eileen.

  • Lisa and Kyle were probably bickering over Dorit. Kyle has hinted multiple times that they get into it this season.