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Which Housewives Franchise Did Andy Cohen Just Confirm As Cancelled?!

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Image Source: Google Images

Recently, Andy Cohen’s latest book Superficial: More Adventures From The Andy Cohen Diaries was released, and as always he spilled the tea on all things Housewives related. He’s been on the media circuit ever since, promoting the book and elaborating on some of the things he wrote!

Last week he appeared on Live Talks L.A. and revealed that The Real Housewives of Miamididn’t work out.” He raised questions in his new book about the status of RHOM, and this is the first time he’s made it clear that the show is done; he’s teased a potential return of the show several times over the years.

I knew the first question was going to be when is Real Housewives of Miami coming back and I said, ‘Never say never,’” he stated in Superficial. Adding, “But I could see from the women’s faces that they didn’t believe me and then I kind of didn’t believe me, but I was getting nostalgic for them.

RHOM only lasted for 3 seasons (2011-2013) and starred some major Miami socialites like; Lea Black, Joanna Krupa, Lisa Hochstein, and Marysol Patton. The drama was heated and their were even physical altercations. The 3-0-5 ladies brought it, but apparently it wasn’t enough to keep producers and Bravo execs happy.

I loved RHOM and so did a lot of people I know, it was better than RHOP and RHOD combined; what is Andy thinking? Potomac and Dallas both got a second season, yet the network cancelled a show that was building a fan-base. It makes no sense to fans, and many were upset to hear Andy’s latest confession.

The cast is very open about wanting to return to Bravo, and they stay active on social media; Andy crushed their reality TV dreams. I hope Bravo is working on introducing a new city, because Dallas and Potomac just aren’t cutting it!

Thoughts on RHOM’s cancellation? Are you upset? Are you shocked that Andy finally confirmed this? What do you think about RHOP and RHOD; are they better than Miami?

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  • I really don’t care bc I won’t lose sleep over it.These shows I’m sure must have rated poorly in some poll that Bravo conducted.Miami was abt a bunch of ridiculous women that hav so much plastic surgery, fillers,etc they don’t look real! They R an extension of Disney World! Viewers don’t hear content bc they can’t get over the visual.Not that it had much content. Or it cud be that they were not worth spending an hr of my life I will never get back! Ha,Ha
    I’m out. Peace!

  • I think if they changed cast on Miami it could have been better . Krupa ruined things IMO. They way she did Lisa her BFF was dirty was awful ( should have been sued!) . She and Romain role playing and faking drama and cheating just to get married was stupid along with the dumb fighting with her sister . The. Adriana bitch slapping , wedding scandal and so on -really? I am not really too into Potomac or Dallas ; I don’t like how P last ended and Dallas needed more exposure maybe???

    • Linda I have also missed DC. With the exception of Michael Salahi who ran away to marry to marry Neil Schon from Journey. Her and her husband were scammers. They didn’t have any money yet they pulled off this fake lifestyle and ended up taking peoples money or not paying their way. IT was good for a while, but I think that season of DC could never have been better. Many people got hurt and lost their jobs and lost money due to these two sneaking into the state dinner. They didn’t care at all that people were hurt. We don’t hear anything about either of them and it’s probably a good thing.

  • I agree. RHOD and RHOD both suck and was VERY surprised they were rewarded with another season. It only goes to show us that Bravo really doesn’t appreciate or care what we think or want. Look at Jacqoff, Kathy, her husband, sister, the Manzoids… all the people we don’t like and beg them to get rid of for good! They just keep shoving them down our throats and now those 2 shows! It’s getting to be ridiculous and I’m sick of it! Frankly, I’m starting to get tired of most of the RH shows. Why do I keep watching shows that get me so upset and make me feel manipulated? Bravo doesn’t care about what I want so why SHOULD I keep watching? Hmmmm, yeah, WHY????

  • It wasn’t building a fan base; the last season’s ratings dropped below 1 million viewers for most episodes. Maybe do some fact-checking before posting?

    I’m shocked Dallas is getting a second season though, it did even worse than Miami in the ratings. RHOP ratings were actually solid though.

  • I live in the area of Potomac and I say it’s not the show, it’s who they cast to be on the show. Let me be in the casting room and they will be ratings GOLD. I know the women from this area and what to look for when you want to bring the drama! Just a poor choice in casting…

  • WHY do white women hate RHOP so much? I say this as a fellow Caucasian. I really want to know what makes it so unwatchable because only white women seem to complain about it. What’s wrong with it?

        • I never said every white woman feels that way, I said every one I’ve encountered personally who dislikes RHOP is white & female. I’d just like to know what is so awful about it. If you want to explain, go ahead. I doubt you’ll have a good response though since you can barely string together sentences on a good day.

          I’ve coincidentally only heard from my AA friends that the show is good & they have said it actually shows AA women in a better light since there’s generational wealth being shown on this series instead of ratchet ghetto stuff like what’s on RHOA.

          • You can have a seat and dont try and get combative anymore with me . Now everyone sees the ass are . You have no leg to stand on. That comment shows your mentality. You have zero credibility to EVER attack my character again or lead a bashing session for my opinions here on the shows. Bye Felicia!
            As for responding to your bullshit comment- you stated white women as in plural , generalizing them all as you were not specific and didn’t just keep it about about self. Stand by my original statement in that , your comment is absurd and in very poor taste .

            • I wonder why you are here day in and day out doing what you do if you feel so abused?
              I think that this woman is entitled to her opinion and if you don’t like her opinion do not respond to her comments. It is very simple but for some reason you feel like you are some kind of HW expert. Sad and very scary and I think it is important for the woman you replied to, to know that you clearly haven’t any real world people in your life and you are clinging to the housewives shows because you have nothing else going on in your life.

              • Oh yeah another buttinski who knows nothing of what she rants of. Listen lady you have no clue so kindly mind your own 🙂
                If you like THAT opinion , you’re scary . You have zero clue about anyone here and their lives so please save it . Don’t lecture me . Its not your job to wonder about me

      • Pointing out the strange coincidence that only Caucasian women I have encountered seem to hate RHOP isn’t racist. If you have a problem understanding what racism is, try reading something besides websites talking about Bravo tv shows. The fact that you’re mad about it instead of explaining what you don’t like about RHOP shows you’re the one with issues, darling.

      • Nope, go define racism & you will understand that my pointing out this fact is not in any way racist. It’s a fact. I have personally never encountered a non-caucasian woman who has had a problem with RHOP. I’ve never watched the series, so I am just wondering what it is people don’t like about it – specifically white women since they are the only one’s I personally see & hear openly complaining about it.

        • Potomac is only boring because the women behave in a much more civil way than the cities full of WT rich ladies screaming at each other about nothing.

          • Civil maybe but definitely no class,Katie looking desperate,slobbering all over her boyfriend with everything on show

  • In some other interview he said they had cast in places like Chicago, but didn’t have the right people because there wasn’t the drama. Dude, Andy, we don’t want fake BS drama all the time. I’d take fun, light hearted, adventurous, over the top rich, glamorous…

    I sure wish he’d stop trying to create real-life soap operas.

    • I agree swizzle. They are and have been going in wrong direction all due to one franchise going dark, drama, fights , equaling ” ratings gold” for them. I would much rather have the fun and genuine flow on a show .